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1inch Announces a Significant Upgrade: Swaps and Limit Orders Now Up to 16% Cheaper

By March 1, 2024 No Comments

At 1inch, we are constantly working on improving our technology in a bid to make our products more efficient and user-friendly. 

Far from resting on the laurels, we are excited to announce improvements to the 1inch Swap and the limit order functionality. As a result of these upgrades, 1inch users and integrators can enjoy more efficient swaps and limit orders than ever before, saving up to 16% on transaction costs! 

“At 1inch, we believe in relentlessly pushing the boundaries of the DeFi world. Our latest upgrade shows our true commitment to innovation, efficiency and user empowerment. We’re not just optimizing transactions, we’re pioneering a future where every swap and order is a step towards a more accessible and user-friendly DeFi ecosystem,” says Sergej Kunz, co-founder of 1inch. “We have the most optimized swap router and limit orders in the market,” he adds. “Our performance is at least 10% better than our closest competitor.”

Now, let’s dive into the specifics of the main improvements.

Optimized swap router

The 1inch swap router has long been known for its incredible optimizations, ranking as the most optimized router on the market. In the new version we have pushed it even further and managed to reduce gas usage in most common routes by up to 16%, particularly using the Uniswap v2/v3 and Curve protocols.

Unified order structure

The upgraded 1inch Limit Order Protocol is a completely redesigned version where traditional limit orders and high performance RFQ orders are merged into one protocol. This new structure is not only lightweight but also highly extensible for the 1inch Fusion and RFQ. Upgraded limit orders are now 14% more gas-efficient and RFQ-like orders are 3% more gas-efficient. To learn more about the technology and features of the 1inch Limit Order Protocol check out the source code on GitHub or the documentation.

Full permit2 support

The updated protocols fully support the permit2 feature. This functionality allows users to engage in trades without the need for token approval if they have previously traded the same token in other DeFi projects. In addition to streamlining the trading process by eliminating redundant approval steps, this feature enhances security by reducing the number of approvals users must grant, thereby limiting potential attack vectors.

And that’s not all: we’ll be rolling out the 1inch Fusion’s upgrade very soon. Don’t let these incredible improvements pass you by! Whether you’re looking to execute swaps or limit orders in the most efficient way, or to integrate the most optimized solutions in the market, 1inch has got you covered. 

Dive into the future of crypto: use 1inch!