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@observing_42 @InfoCrypt2 @CryptoXpress @TpaySoldiers If you...

@observing_42 @InfoCrypt2 @CryptoXpress @TpaySoldiers If you want ultimate privacy, use the TPAY Tor Network deskto…

11 days ago

XRP Retains the Second Spot In Crypto Amid Continuous Exchanges’ Support

XRP’s capture of 2nd spot from Ethereum is soon going to be the longest reign as it trades at $0.3462, 90% down from its all-time high (ATH). Meanwhile, a number of exchanges are adding support for XRP. XRP Ruling the 2nd Spot XRP is in red in tandem with Bitcoin and the majority of the crypto market. Current, at $0.3462, it is registering losses of 7.69 percent in the USD market. In the BTC market, it is in the red by 0.59 percent. XRP is 90 percent down from its peak at $3.84. XRP 1-year price chart, Source: Coinmarketcap Despite being in the red market, XRP captured the 2nd place from Ethereum on November 15. Now, it’s been 13 days since XRP has been second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap at about $14 billion. It’s soon going to be the longest time XRP has been at this spot. Last time, this title was 14 days long in January end. Also, XRP dominance is surging, reaching close to 13 percent a few days back. However, ETH records more daily trading volume at over $2.2 billion in comparison to XRP which is about $800 million as per Coinmarketcap. Source: Coinmarketcap Exchange Support For the last few weeks, XRP has been getting constant support from exchanges, wallets, and platforms. LocalCoin is one such exchange that announced, “New Listing! We are thrilled to announce @Ripple $XRP is now available on #LocalCoinSwap as an official trading pair! This makes us the only platform online where #Ripple can be exchanged P2P!” Another addition is by eFIN, a decentralized trading platform which is powered by TokenPay and developed by BlocksizeDevs that will include XRP when it launches on December 19th. It “features a proprietary liquidity system that means it will be the FIRST decentralized trading platform to actually have volume.” It would also reportedly solve custody problem with user controlled wallets and the privacy problem with Tor. Furthermore, DX exchange will be adding five main coins viz. Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Additionally, Vertpig, a platform that allows buy, sell, and swap of cryptos is adding XRP in the coming days. It is also integrating EUR and GBP to trade these cryptos. The post XRP Retains the Second Spot In Crypto Amid Continuous Exchanges’ Support appeared first on Coingape.

14 days ago

In the latest video, TokenPay CEO @DerekCapo discusses the p...

In the latest video, TokenPay CEO @DerekCapo discusses the partnership talks with #Bitcoin Romania. This deal would…

2 months ago

Monero [XMR]s lead developer states TokenPay are “snake oil salesmen”

Recently, Twitter witnessed a feud involving the lead developer of Monero, Riccardo Spagni, who goes by the name Fluffy Pony on Twitter, and TokenPay, a cryptocurrency payment platform. According to the posts, Riccardo was invited for an open debate by TokenPay to address the allegations made by him which stated that TokenPay was a centralized platform ...

2 months ago

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