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ChainSafe Procures Grant from web3 to Create Polkadot Runtime

According to a Medium blog post on January 29, US-based DLT firm, ChainSafe, unveiled that it had acquired a grant from the web3 Foundation (W3F). The grant would allow the startup to build a runtime environment for the Polkadot network by using the Golang programming language. The Polkadot runtime environment (PRE) would alleviate the difficulties that programmers face by providing reusable features. These include a networking layer, a consensus layer, and a Wasm interpreter. W3F stated that developing multiple implementations would make PRE fully decentralized, enhance knowledge dispersion, and make the network more resilient. (VK)

14 days ago

Was Bitcoin Really Manipulated?

The following is being published on The Block with permission from the author, Alex Krüger. You can follow Alex on Medium. TL;DR In their paper “Is Bitcoin Really Un-Tethered?”, academics John Griffin and Amin Shams investigated whether tethers (USDT) are used to manipulate the prices of bitcoin. The paper concluded bitcoin purchases with USDT are often timed following market downturns, and that such patterns are most consistent with USDT used to manipulate prices. However, observing bitcoin purchases with USDT following market downturns is not extraordinary and is no proof of market manipulation. Such purchases could be explained by demand from market participants, either for buying the dip or for arbitraging spreads across exchanges. Some of the paper’s claims seem unwarranted. Introduction In their paper “Is Bitcoin Really Un-Tethered?”, academics John Griffin and Amin Shams investigated whether tethers (USDT) are used to manipulate the prices of bitcoin. The paper found that “purchases with USDT are timed following market downturns and result in sizable increases in Bitcoin prices”. It also concluded that such patterns “cannot be explained by investor demand proxies but are most consistent with the supply-based hypothesis where USDT is used to provide price support and manipulate cryptocurrency prices”. I found that the paper jumped to unwarranted conclusions, showed a lack of understanding of financial markets, and made misleading statements. Common sense should always supersede what the data may be indicating — don’t blindly follow the data (see here and here). It is important to note that this paper is posted on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN), which allows researchers to “get credit for their ideas before peer reviewed publication.” Therefore, to my knowledge the posted version of this paper has not yet undergone peer review either. Tethers used to purchase Bitcoin when returns are negative The paper claims “that Tether is used to purchase Bitcoin when returns are negative, but we do not find considerable Tether flows following price increases”. However, such pattern does not indicate market manipulation, as the paper sustains. Source: Griffin & Shams (2018) There is nothing extraordinary in witnessing purchases of BTC with USDT following market downturns. Just as there is nothing extraordinary in witnessing purchases of Amazon stock with USD following a crash. Particularly more so during a bull market. This is basic common sense. It is also not extraordinary to find that such purchases, when large, result in sizable increases in Bitcoin prices. The paper seems to confuse speculation with manipulation and ignores the validity of buying retracements as a trading strategy. Furthermore, as I showed in this article, bitcoin price crashes are often followed by USDT trading at a premium to USD, which results in BTCUSD in spot exchanges trading higher than BTCUSDT in tether exchanges. This is likely caused by traders rushing out of bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) into USDT en masse. When the price of USDTUSD deviates considerably from $1, arbitrageurs are incentivized to bring it back in-sync. I covered arbitrage mechanics in depth in this article. Therefore, it would not have been extraordinary to witness large USDT flows from Bitfinex to tether exchanges to purchase BTC. Note that the data discussed in the Griffin and Shams paper were obtained before Nov/28/2018, at which time Bitfinex ceased to act as the de facto issuer of USDT. Arbitrage example (assuming pre Nov 2018 conditions): USDTUSDT increases to 1.03 across exchanges. Consequently the discount between BTCUSD in Bitfinex and BTCUSDT in Poloniex widens to 3% in favor of BTCUSD. A trader would sell BTC and buy USD in Bitfinex, withdraw the USD from Bitfinex as USDT (converted by Bitfinex at 1:1), transfer the USDT to Poloniex, purchase BTC with USDT, transfer the BTC to Bitfinex, sell BTC, and generate 3% in gross revenue. Tethers used to stabilize prices It is true that the paper’s results are consistent with USDT issuers pushing out USDT to stabilize the price of bitcoin. However, results are also consistent with USDT users buying USDT to transfer to other exchanges stabilize the price of bitcoin. Large market participants providing price support happens in all markets, and does not necessarily mean there is market manipulation. Tethers’ flow not sensitive to the spread The paper does uncover one worrisome pattern. USDT flows should be strongly related to changes in the USDTUSD exchange rate, or to the spread across fiat and tether exchanges, which is similar. However, the paper results show USDT flows are “highly sensitive to the BTCUSD pair but bears little relation to the USDTUSD pair. In fact, the flow is not sensitive to the first and second lags of USDTUSD. It does become marginally significant at higher lags, but the magnitude is con

a month ago

DexAge - Amplifying Crypto Trading Opportunities

There are approximately 1,568 different cryptocurrencies available in the digital market today. And to facilitate the trading of these cryptocurrencies, there are around 200 exchanges across the globe. Some of the leading exchanges including Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Bitfinex, etc, handle crypto trade volume worth USD 1 Billion every day. While the growth of the cryptocurrency landscape is exponential, it still fails to garner traders and investors with reliable growth opportunities. This is because, a majority of cryptocurrency exchanges operate on a centralized structure, which leads to challenges including lack of transparency, high precariousness, data abuse, security issues, high transaction fees, etc. These setbacks impact the trading efficiency and keep traders from harnessing optimum potentials out of this profitable domain. DexAge - A Peer-to-Peer Solution DexAge is a unique decentralized exchange solution that aims to eliminate the aforementioned setbacks and make crypto trading more user-centric. To accomplish the same, the platform has integrated decentralized peer-to-peer transaction system of blockchain technology. By capitalizing blockchain technology, DexAge plans to develop a permissionless, trustless, and decentralized P2P trading and lending system that offers maximum security and efficiency in the crypto-trading process. A unique aspect of this ecosystem is that it will be driven by users, traders, and investors through a social web. Core Components of DexAge P2P Crypto to Crypto Exchange DexAge platform facilitates P2P crypto to crypto exchanges that enable users to retain full control over their trading activities within the system. Additionally, all the transactions are executed via smart contract, thereby ensuring security and transparency. Moreover, the crypto assets obtained by users are stored in permissionless wallets that aren’t controlled by platform instead handled the users. The role of DexAge in a crypto-exchange process is limited to confirming the availability of sufficient funds in each party’s account, ascertaining the credibility of the transaction, and balancing the trade request from the order book. P2P Fiat-Crypto Exchange It allows users from around the world to exchange their crypto assets into fiat money, thereby increasing the DXG (native token of the platform). Users can post their advertisements along with exchange rates and payment methods on the DexAge. Users can either directly meet up with the concerned party and pay in cash or trade through online banking. Additionally, the crypto assets can be directly sent from the personal wallet of the users. P2P Crypto Lending The P2P crypto loan services enable users to retain their crypto assets in case they predict the value of a particular cryptocurrency might appreciate in the future. DexAge allows users to stake their crypto assets as collateral and obtain a loan of the same value to strengthen investment portfolio. The P2P DAPP Based on Social Web To further encourage the core concept of a user-centric structure, DexAge plans to develop a P2P mobile chat application wherein users will be able to perform exchange activities as well as communicate with other users in real-time. The application envisions to offer the following services to its users: Crypto to crypto exchanges P2P Lending DXG chat Escrow trading DexAge Token Sale DexAge token (DXG) is an ERC 20 Ethereum based token. The platform has circulated a total of 5 Billion AXG token and set the soft cap value at USD 5 Million. The platform has also secured a token listing agreement with Latoken The minimum purchase value is USD 100 and the platform presently accepts BTC, ETH, LTC cryptocurrencies for payment. The token sale started from November 30th, 2018 and will last till February 28th, 2019 and users can acquire the token from The tokens are distributed in the following way: 45% - Crowdsale 15% - Team 15% - Reserved 10% - Pre Sale 10% - Airdrop and Bounties 5% - Core Investors Moreover, the fund collected from the token sale will be allocated in the following way: 40% - Marketing, branding, and education 40% - Platform development 20% - Contingency Plan DexAge - A Versatile Crypto-Trading Platform DexAge has developed a decentralized, trustless, permissionless exchange platform to eliminate the current challenges of centralized exchanges and optimize the profit-earning opportunities of traders and investors alike. Furthermore, the ecosystem is controlled by its users, traders, and investors, which strengthens the flexibility of the trading process and enhances the overall user experience. For more information visit Email : Facebook : Twitter : Telegram : Linkedin : Youtube : The post D

a month ago

Interview: Alex Mashinsky on the Celsius Network, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the blockchain’s killer app

It has been a phenomenal year for VoIP pioneer and Celsius Network mastermind Alex Mashinsky: he’s successfully launched a blockchain project which has a clear plan, is compliant, and has a well-defined use case, he’s participated some of the most important debates in the industry, and he has grown his business and influence even in the middle of a destructive bear market. Under these considerations, it made a lot of sense to invite the Ukrainian entrepreneur to a discussion about the most important developments and phenomena in the ever-bourgeoning blockchain industry. During this exclusive Crypto Insider interview, he spoke about some of the most notable events he’s witnessed in 2018, as well as his vision for Celsius. Attached you will find the first part of the interview in both video and written form. The second part contains a more in-depth analysis of the Celsius Network app, with practical examples given during a process where Vlad deposits some coins into the ecosystem. Full transcript: Vlad Costea: Hello and welcome to another Crypto Insider interview! I am Vlad and today I’m speaking with Alex Mashinsky, who is the creator of the Celsius Network as well as an innovator in the field of TCP/IP. Hello, Mr. Mashinsky! Alex Mashinsky: Hi, Vlad. Thanks for having us. Vlad Costea: So it’s VOIP not TCP/IP, right? Alex Mashinsky: It’s VOIP, but it uses TCP/IP so yes, it’s part of the protocol. Vlad Costea: Okay. So... I have so many questions to ask you right now, I’m not sure what I should begin with. But let’s talk about the way I found out about you and your activity. And it was during the Milken Institute debate, which I found fascinating. You debated a representative of the US reserve. I think his name was Macintosh. Alex Mashinsky: Yes, there were um... there was the founder of Abra which is a wallet company. Yeah, and Nouriel Roubini and we had a representative from the Federal Reserve. [1:16] Vlad Costea: Okay, so I noticed during the debate that you’re basically the first crypto socialist I ever discovered. You talk about the policy - you talk about all these issues with the world wealth and you talk about where this redistribution trick through crypto currencies and that to me was an eye opener. Alex Mashinsky: Well, so I was born in the Ukraine - so, born in communism. Grew up in socialism in Israel. Spent 30 years in the United states. I tried all three systems, you know economic systems that we have. And each one of them has its own set of problems. Obviously, communism does not work for most people, but the system has tried to create equality for everybody. Socialism is basically saying we have to have a safety net for everybody, right? So we’re going to catch anyone who is falling through the system - you know, has medical problems or anything like that. And capitalism is a system that’s very good for the 1% but not so good for the 99%. So really, humanity is struggling to come up with an inclusive system that could be acting in the best interest of the 7 1/2 billion people that are living on this planet. And I view the blockchain powered by crypto currencies as the 4th system. So it’s not that I’m a crypto socialist, it’s more that I think we can take the best ideas from the other 3 systems and create something that is for the people by the people vs people like me that got to immigrate to the US and do several start ups and be successful get to enjoy all the benefits, but most people on the planet don’t have access to these opportunities. [3:20] Vlad Costea: Do you find any ideological common ground with Nick Szabo who talks about social scalability? Alex Mashinsky: Nick is a good friend. He’s based here in New York, as well. I think he is a purist - meaning he believes that Bitcoin is the solution for everything. And, my views - I agree with him at the high level on the ideas but I think that the killer app or the blockchain that is going to enable everything that I just talked about has not yet been invented. Vlad Costea: Oh, ok. But it was much more about the idea that there are nearly 8 billion people living on this planet and the resources are very limited. He believes that blockchain and Bitcoin are going to enable a fairer and smarter distribution of resources. Alex Mashinsky: Well, fairer and smarter distribution is definitely the right thing. That, I would not say that we have limited resources. Just to give an idea we, in the US, we throw away a 1/3 of all the food we produce every year. Just throw it away because of expiration date because it wasn’t consumed on time, or because it was not eaten completely or whatever. The modern waste that the West generates, especially the US, is just colossal. We can feed the entire planet with just the waste the US is produces. [5:04] Vlad Costea: I’ve watched you debate Nouriel Roubini, who is maybe the most vocal critic of cryptocurrencies and I’ve seen you take on him during the Milken Institute debate and later during the Blockchain

2 months ago

KIBIS: Multifaceted Kiosk Service to Empower Consumers

The blockchain technology provides a multitude of fascinating opportunities for any business to service the under served financial consumers of the world. KIBIS is an example of a company using blockchain for this purpose. KIBIS is developing a multifaceted Kiosk service to empower consumers all over the world who lack access to bank accounts and proper payment infrastructure, while simultaneously providing additional services such as local & International Mobile Recharging, TV cable subscription services, the ability to make donations, pay for utility bills, airline tickets, gift cards and even online games. The project is underpinned by a unique token - KIBIS coin, which is used to support their blockchain network and facilitate transactions on KIBIS kiosk. KIBIS is located in a dozen countries around the world and has an incredibly ambitious goal to raise a hard cap of $400 million for their ICO (launching December 24th). Services Payments KIBIS has developed and plans to deploy over 2,000 self-service kiosks to improve the way people make and receive payments. The self-service kiosks ensure millions of people can conduct their businesses 24 hours a day at their convenience. Along with the traditional transactions such as utility bills and mobile services, new services will be introduced into the self-service kiosk industry. KIBIS also offers an e-wallet, which can be topped up at the self-service kiosk using cash but will also be compatible with cryptocurrency. Advertising The frequent use of services on the Kiosk makes it an ideal place for companies to advertise. Three types of ads can be administered: Banner advertising in self-service kiosks. Associated factors of the banner ads include: Banners weight, which sets the priority of displaying on kiosks. Banner ad associated with service provider (agent) transaction on the kiosk Specifying a service by clicking on a banner. Loading a banner image directly in the system’s back office with further automatic delivery. Capability of loading an image to change banner by clicking. SMS: text advertisements on receipts, which are printed after payment is made. Features include: Standardized text of SMS message, in which payment parameters, i.e., amount, service, number of payment may be used. Priority of sending messages. Some messages to be sent, both total number for an advertising module and limit number for sending daily. Determining the time of module activity, e.g., sending messages from 08:00 to 21:00 only, or the capability to post messages on weekdays only. Specifying a service provider the messages are to be sent through. Video advertisements to be replayed on second monitors: Screens will offer static, part and full-motion Digital signage displays are advantageous compared to static signs because they can display varying multimedia content such as images, animations, video, and audio. Content can be changed in real-time, which in principle allows for full context and audience adaptation Mining KIBIS is partnered with a mining company to deploy mining equipment in self-payment KIOSKs in the following countries: UAE, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Funds raised from the ICO will help install up to 18,000 new Kiosks across the world, these machines will all be fitted with mining infrastructure. KIBIS is opting for a multi-algorithm mining platform; mining the most profitable coins on any given period. This will maximize return on investment. KIBIS Coin KIBIS coin is a utility token which is created on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing KIBIS to leverage the Blockchains smart contract capabilities. KIBIS tokens’ main purpose is to facilitate transactions between consumers on the KIBIS kiosks with public and private organizations. KIBIS ICO Details Public pre-sale date: December 10th, 2018 The soft cap is $40,000,000. A minimum contribution of $200 is required. Coins can only be purchased with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether or Bitcoin Cash. The ICO will last for 45 days or earlier if the hard cap of $400 million is attained. Unsold coins from the public availability will be burnt, in turn helping to increase the intrinsic value of the circulating supply. Maximum Coin Supply: 2,520,000,000 Public Sale Coin Quantity: 700,000,000 Reward Coins: 1,400,000,000 Hard Cap: $400,000,000 Soft Cap: $40,000,000 Token Price: $0.50 (pre-ICO) $0.60 (public ICO) Target amount: $100,000,000 (pre-ICO) $300,000,000 (public ICO) Token Distributions: 200,000,000 (pre-ICO) 500,000,000 (public ICO) Management Team Merdan Gurbanov Previous experience: Managing Partner - PRIVILEGE GROUP Co-Founder - Innovative Blockchain Solutions Business Management Consultant - The World Organization for Education, Science and Development Vitaliy Snagovskiy Previous experience: General Manager - Mango Point Payment Services LLC General Manager - Mobile Wallet FZ LLC Roadmap Stage 1: Expected Completion: Q3 2018 R

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Finance Expo with an Exclusive Touch

CoinSpeaker Finance Expo with an Exclusive Touch The Finance World Expo agenda covers all the existing and arising topics in the financial market, focusing on innovative solutions that outperform traditional ways. A big part of the expo is dedicated to Blockchain technology and crypto assets, these topics will be widely discussed at the Round Panel. The content will be daring, informed and sometimes even enlighting. FWE strives to bring you C-level executives, founders, and advisors from leading companies in the industry, as well as promising startups and supporting institutions. The agenda is handpicked and designed to cover a variety of critical topics relevant to banking, payments, asset management, exchanges, the Blockchain, governance, cybersecurity, taxation and many more. The flow of communication and the atmosphere of networking is a very crucial part of any financial event. Therefore, our hosting venue is a breathtaking theatre with a spacious conference hall, expo space, huge terrace with a fantastic view on lake Zug and unique ambiance with gourmet and beverages support from an excellent in-house restaurant. Over 1000 participants will have the opportunity to meet and listen to leading professionals of the Financial Community. According to our tradition, the conference will include the awarding of participants, as well as online voting for the best projects. Pre Registration and networking* - 5th of March
 2019 Pre Registration and networking starts at 6 PM. *If you do not wish to wait in a long queue, you can come the day before. Conference day: 6th - 7th of March 2019 Congress starts at 10 AM to 8 PM. Registration begins from 9 AM. Tickets are on sale now, with the Early Bird prices. Don’t miss out on an excellent opportunity! Venue Address: Theater Casino Zug, Artherstrasse 2-4, 6300 Zug, Switzerland Finance Expo with an Exclusive Touch

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Cardano (ADA) Releases Limited Offer of Pre Paid Cards in South Korea & Finish Integration With Metaps+

Cardano (ADA) have come up with a unique selling point of a prepaid ADA debit card for people in South Korea. These prepaid ADA debit cards will be sold for a week from November 27th to December 4th. A tie up with Metaps Plus which is a South Korean mobile payment platform had made a pre-loaded debit cards a reality. The cards will have two amounts loaded in them, which are 100 and 1,000 ADA. Even though the amount stored of these cards its not high enough, there are a lot of people interested in those as the pre-booking is done. Metaps Plus was presented as a potential partner for Cardano in May 2018. With more than 1 billion application downloads across South Korea, they are one of the best partners for Cardano (ADA) Their integration was supposed to be live in November and according to Emurgo - its live. Technical integration of ADA on Metaps+ platform is finished! It was a lot of hard work from folks at EMURGO & Metaps on technicality and coordinating regulations. We're very excited to have this come online. More news soon!🎉#Cardano #EMURGO $ADA #ADAmetapscard @seungyeonkim — EMURGO/Cardano venture builder/ADA (@emurgo_io) November 27, 2018 This is a partnership that could push Cardano(ADA) as a payment option to more than 40,000 stores and could heavily increase the adoption. Zerocrypted Opinion Cardano is the 10th best Cryptocurrency according to CoinMarketCap. At the time of writing, ADA has a market cap of $897,694,512 with a price of $0.034624. Cardano’s step into a pre-loaded debit card is a push into mass adoption, as it will allow a regular user to spend ADA at their favorite stores easily. Many people around the world find Cryptocurrencies new and not easy to understand and thus a prepaid card brings in traditional financial methods which help them adopt ADA. With the low minimum value of the cards, South Koreans will want to own them as a collector’s item given Cryptocurrency’s emergence in society. Or, some of them will use those to give it someone as a gift. Moreover, the partnership with Metaps+ will offer Cardano (ADA) a lot of exposure on the South Korean market, one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world. Image Source - Flickr The post Cardano (ADA) Releases Limited Offer of Pre Paid Cards in South Korea & Finish Integration With Metaps+ appeared first on Zerocrypted - Your Daily Cryptocurrency News, Guides And More.

3 months ago

Cryptocurrency Price Analysis for the week November 12 to November 18

Key Highlights: Bitcoin Cash Fork Chaos that brought the markets down, XRP is now ahead of Ethereum at second place by market cap, Opposite view from the regulators as IMF says Govts Should Set Up Own Cryptocurrencies while the European Commercial Bank calls Cryptos an Evil Swamp, Finally, a Crypto Exchange-Traded Product will go live on Swiss Stock Exchange Next Week, OKCoin Launches In Latin America Among major news this week, Bitcoin Cash, the project that forked away from the Bitcoin blockchain in August 2017, “hard forked” (split) into two different coins: “Bitcoin Cash ABC” (BCH ABC) and “Bitcoin Cash SV” (BCH SV). In the aftermath of the fork, the Bitcoin Cash ABC chain has more accumulated proof of work, and its native currency, BCH ABC, was trading higher on (futures) exchanges. Most Bitcoin Cash ABC proponents, therefore, felt victorious — though many Bitcoin Cash SV proponents have not yet conceded defeat. Although, just before the fork, the cryptos finally broke their stability, only to plunge down 10%. Nearly all major currencies took the beating but did see some mild recovery post the fork. This BCH fork led downpour in the crypto market and subdued prices over past few months, resulted in Ethereum losing its second spot to XRP. Ethereum’s value plummeted 38.6 percent in the past three months, dropping its market cap to $18.1 billion. XRP’s value rose 61.1 percent in that same period, pushing its market cap to $20.5 billion. Among regulators, IMF head Christine Lagarde said, Governments should consider offering their own cryptocurrencies to prevent the systems becoming havens for fraudsters and money launderers. According to The Guardian report, Lagarde said that central banks had to work quickly to establish digital cash for burgeoning networks of private financial transactions or risk their mushrooming into trading networks that were inherently unstable. While IMF had a positive view, European Central Bank (ECB) executive board member Benoit Coeure has stated that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are the evil spawn of the 2008 financial crisis, reported Bloomberg. He further added that was an extremely clever idea, but not very clever idea is a good idea. Speaking at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Coeure seconded the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) chief Agustin Carstens’ idea that Bitcoin is a “combination of a bubble, a Ponzi scheme, and an environmental disaster” and said, “Few remember that Satoshi embedded the genesis block with a Times headline from January 2009 about U.K. banks’ bailout. In more ways than one, Bitcoin is the evil spawn of the financial crisis.” Finally, An exchange-traded product tracking an index of five leading cryptocurrencies reportedly will start trading on Switzerland’s Six stock exchange next week. The product will be available to both retail and institutional investors. The Financial Times reported on Friday that Switzerland’s Six exchange has given a green light to a cryptocurrency exchange-traded product (ETP). The news outlet elaborated:”The Amun Crypto ETP, which will start trading next week on the Six exchange in Zurich, has been designed to track an index based on the movements of five leading cryptocurrencies” Among international expansions, US-based OKCoin recently announced the launch of its licensed exchange platform in Latin America by offering fiat-to-crypto trading between the Argentine peso and several major cryptocurrencies. The exchange offers cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ripple, Cardano, Stellar, Zcash and 0x. The exchange plans to open an office in Buenos Aires and build up a team to support its business throughout Latin America. Chart Source: Bitcoin (BTC): Bitcoin finally broke its stability as the pre BCH fork meltdown took the coin down by 10% breaking the USD 600 support. The prices hit the high point of USD 6,434.21 and the lowest point of USD 5,358.38 during the week. The exchanges that were more active, in volumes, with BTC across various pairs this week were, BitMex (15.24%), CoinBene (3.85%) and Binance (2.48) Among prominent voices, prominent crypto analyst Tom Lee, who once targeted Bitcoin to reach $25000 by end 2018 is lowering his prediction to $15000 Ethereum (ETH) Ether prices took a beating and lost its long-standing second place to XRP. Ethereum on the top, this week was at USD 212.62 and were at lows of USD 170.19 breaching the USD 200 mark by distance. The markets that were more active, in volumes, with ETH across various pairs this week were OEX (4.90%), BitForex (3.83%) and LBank (3.80%) Among news surrounding Ethereum, Mike McDonald, creator of MKR Tools, revealed that 1,000,000 ETH - roughly 1% of the total supply of Ether - are locked in a MakerDAO’s smart contract. Ripple (XRP) XRP moves to second place as Ethereum takes a beating. On the top, this week the prices of XRP were at USD 0.525536 and towards the bottom, it qu

3 months ago

XLM Price Surges Despite Hard Fork Scam Concerns

In the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, things are looking a bit bleak once again. Weekends are hardly known for positive trading momentum, and this time around is not all that different. The Stellar price is on the rise a bit, although the value may struggle a bit to reach $0.3 again. Some recent ecosystem developments also have people on edge, for obvious reasons. Stellar Price Momentum Looks Intriguing It is always difficult to determine where the markets are headed over the weekend. In the case of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, that situation is no different whatsoever. There are some interesting trends shaping up, whereas most of the top markets are in a bit of a slump. Stellar is one notable exception in this regard, as its momentum is at least somewhat positive. In the past 24 hours, the value of XLM has risen by 4% in both USD and BTC value. That in itself is pretty interesting to keep an eye on, as XLM does some things most other altcoins or assets are not capable of as of right now. Even so, there is very little trading volume for XLM, which does not necessarily instill much confidence whatsoever. As such, this uptrend can easily fall apart in the coming hours. When looking across social media, XLM does not appear to be the talk of the town despite this current uptrend. That is always a bit surprising, mainly because currencies which rise in value are often quite hot topics on Twitter. In the case of XLM, Coindorado claims it is a good buy simply because it is not a coin being actively “shilled” on social media. An interesting sentiment first and foremost. Buy coins no one is shilling on twitter .... Made my biggest profits with #XLM and #TRX without anyone tweeting about it. Fall 2017 #bitcoin #btc #crypto #iota #sc #kin #nebl #maid #link #xvg #xrp — Coindorado (@coindorado) November 11, 2018 There are those who genuinely express concerns over the Stellar Activity “fork” allegedly created by the Stellar team itself. This is, according to XRP GoldFish, a blatant attempt to evade scrutiny by the SEC while trying to get listed on the Coinbase exchange. This hard fork of XLM has raised a lot of concerns so far, although it may not even be a legitimate product in the first place. So #xlm wants to get on @coinbase (so it can pre pump then dump). But @StellarOrg and @JedMcCaleb know @SEC_News see it as a security. What to do? Make a hard fork (Stellar Activity #xla) as well as giving away $125m worth of xlm (coz nobody wants to buy it)#fail #scam — XRP Goldfish (@xrpGoldfish) November 11, 2018 Speaking of Stellar Activity, a lot of people genuinely believe this is a scam first and foremost. It is certainly possible that is the case, and users are advised to take the necessary precautions at all times. Any solution asking to import private keys needs to be avoided unless it is an official wallet developed by the coin’s developers or other reputable companies. Beware of Stellar new Scam going around via /r/Stellar #xlm #stellar — Stellar Reddit (@RedditStellar) November 11, 2018 Based on the current market circumstances, it would appear the XLM price rise may remain in place throughout most of today. Considering how the other markets are struggling, speculators might be intent on keeping this particular trend going for a while. Without sufficient trading volume, however, there will not be any major changes for the foreseeable future. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post XLM Price Surges Despite Hard Fork Scam Concerns appeared first on NullTX.

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Bitcoin (BTC): The Significance Of “10” And “2018”, Rise Of The Phoenix

Bitcoin (BTC) began a new cycle on its birthday. If you look at the BTC/USD 4H chart above, you can see for yourself how Bitcoin (BTC) completed its correction on 31st October, 2018 and began a new cycle. This is not the first time Bitcoin (BTC) has completed a correction in this manner. In 2014, Bitcoin (BTC) completed its correction cycle the same way, by first breaking above the triangle and then correction above it. We will analyze that in detail by comparing the two charts later in this analysis. Let us first understand the significance of two numbers, “10” and “2018”. Was it a coincidence that Bitcoin (BTC) just completed its correction on 31/10/2018? To answer that question, we will first have to see where the numbers “10” and “2018” actually came from. Source: Economist; 01/9/88, Vol. 306, pp 9-10 In September 1988, the Economist featured a cover photo on its magazine with the title, “Get ready for a world currency”. The article in the magazine on this subject had the title, “One world, one money”. You can read the full article here. The cover photo features a phoenix rising from burning dollar bills. The phoenix is wearing a coin shaped pendant with the numbers “10” and “2018” on it. This was in 1988, way before the financial crisis of 2008. On October 31, 2008 Bitcoin (BTC) was officially born. Coming back to the numbers, “10” and “2018”, let us examine what they could mean. “2018” clearly means the year “2018” so no doubts there. “10” could generally mean the month of October but when put together with 2018, it could also mean the “10th Birthday” of Bitcoin (BTC) which falls on 31/10/2018. So, what really is the significance of all this? Those who follow history, politics and economics for long know how closely related all three are on a macro scale. There is so much more besides the charts that an average person may not be able to figure out. However, if you look at the charts in the context of history, politics and economics, everything lines up. Throughout history, most of these events have been pre planned by a small but powerful minority. However, with Bitcoin (BTC) things are different. It is supposed to be decentralized. So, when Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the whitepaper, he/she/they sent it to certain private mailboxes. With something like Bitcoin (BTC) messaging/signaling has to be done in this way because apparently there is no organized way for controlling certain events on a macro scale. Considering that we are on the brink of an unprecedented financial crisis, it is only reasonable to assume that the article published in the Economist in 1988 with the numbers “10” and “2018” is trying to make a point that this might be the time we actually see “one world, one money” come to fruition. The signaling through the words “10” and “2018” is of immense significance. If we get an ETF or institutional adoption through Baakt by the end of the year, it would explain why 2018 was supposed to be an important year. Before we conclude this discussion, I’d like to draw your attention to the above BTC/USD daily chart for 2015. You can clearly see how the price did the exact same thing it is doing now. It pierced through the downtrend resistance and left the triangle, then corrected above it before beginning a new cycle. I’ll leave it to you to closely compare the charts in this analysis to see for yourself how closely they resemble one another. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1538128067916-0'); }); The post Bitcoin (BTC): The Significance Of “10” And “2018”, Rise Of The Phoenix appeared first on Crypto Daily™.

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Cryptaur is now a ‘Top E-Commerce Project’

The recently launched blockchain supported platform, Cryptaur was recently featured as a top e-commerce project in articles from top crypto publications like CCN, Coin Report, Global Coin and more A Great Leap The tremendous effort of Cyprus based blockchain company Cryptaur has been recognised by leading crypto publications, as they were recently regarded as one of the shining light in the crypto industry in recent articles and publications. The remarkable feat was achieved less than a year after the launch of the group’s initial coin offering of the Cryptaur utility token (CPT). Cryptaur witnessed a successful pre -ICO and four-part ICO funding stage. The number of token sold by the group during this period amounts to 8.5 billion for a total of $60,000. Cryptaur is an engaged crypto community with 90,000 active CPT wallet users. The CPT token is now being traded worldwide through a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, which includes HitBTC, LATOKEN, and Orderbook, and will trade on additional top exchanges in the foreseeable future. With the availability of over a hundred ICO, Cryptaur is way above its other competitors after surpassing them in the total number of funds raised from investors; this is due to a well-conceived ecosystem that addresses many of the costly economic challenges currently being encountered in the market. The Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Cryptaur Dmitry Buriak stated: ‘’We are pleased with the article, which demonstrates what we’ve always believed: that Cryptaur is set to eliminate the middleman from a wide range of everyday transactions, increasing economic efficiency for everyone involved’’. The articles highlight the importance of Cryptaur, especially in the retail marketplace, branding the company as a distinguished project in the marketplace, in its exact words, CNN stated that Cryptaur is ’’the best blockchain e-commerce project we’ve seen that truly levels the playing field, offering an environment in which products and services are vetted by community consensus’’ As part of its target for 2018, Cryptaur successfully launched credits cards by Fintech United Group in June and also launched the automatic Know Your Customer (KYC) at Fintech United Group in August. Cryptaur was founded in 2017 in Cyprus; the company helps to increase efficiency by removing middlemen from a wide range of social and financial transactions. The decentralized ecosystem supports peer-to-peer transactions, online gaming and so much more. To find out more visit- To download Cryptaur the wallet- Find cryptaur on Facebook- Follow cryptaur on twitter- Official telegram channel- Cryptaur telegram chat- Follow on Instagram- Cryptaur Team Linkedin- Cryptaur medium- Cryptaur youtube- Join the cryptaur Reddit- Media contact Contact name - Anastasia Vestfal Contact Email- The post Cryptaur is now a ‘Top E-Commerce Project’ appeared first on ZyCrypto.

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WBTC - An Effort to Bring Bitcoin to Ethereum

Imagine a digital coin which will have the best features of the top two cryptocurrencies in the world today - Bitcoin and Ethereum. Kyber Network, Republic Protocol and Bitgo are doing precisely that with an announcement of a joint project which will be called Wrapped Bitcoin also known as is WBTC. WBTC will involve the strengths of the two significant cryptocurrencies. It will take a direct backing of the mind-blowing price of Bitcoin and will launch on Etheruem’s Blockchain platform which is known for its dApps and smart contracts. Initial liquidity will be pre minted by Kyber Protocol and Republic Protocol using existing Bitcoin so that users can use Atomic Swaps to exchange BTC to WBTC. BitGo will act as the primary custodian in charge of holding the BTC reserves. BitGo has an official status to operate as a regulated custody for institutional investors thanks to the South Dakota Division of Banking. Zerocrypted Opinion Through WBTC, Bitcoin and Ethereum will both benefit. Bitcoin will extend the use cases, by expanding into decentralized applications. Ethereum will be able to use Bitcoin seamlessly which will help many of the decentralized applications. WBTC is already seen to be an instantaneous hit with decentralized exchanges and financial projects such as MakerDAO, Dharma, Airswap, IDEX, Compound, DDEX, Hydro Protocol, Set Protocol, and Prycto all committing to supporting it. It is not the first time an effort has been taken to bring together Bitcoin and Ethreum. QTUM runs the Ethereum Virtual Machine on the Bitcoin network, and Rootstock is a project working on mirroring Ethereum’s smart contract featuring onto the Bitcoin network. So far both have not been as prosperous, and so it remains a doubt if WBTC will create the much-needed positivity in the cryptocurrency market. Ethereum, in general, has been facing a lot of slack behind its Blockchain for dApps given its scalability issues. Hence Bitcoin being implemented into the Ethereum Blockchain may not be the best of ideas. Image Source - Pexels The post WBTC - An Effort to Bring Bitcoin to Ethereum appeared first on Zerocrypted - Your Daily Cryptocurrency News, Guides And More.

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Ran NeuNer Reveals Details of Possible Coinbase IPO

Rumors surrounding Coinbase launching an IPO have been swirling since it became one of the largest crypto exchanges in the US. These rumors were fanned further by the South African crypto investor, CNBC host and founder of OnChain Capital Ran NeuNer. He wrote on his Twitter account what appeared to be information on a Coinbase IPO. The crypto community was ablaze with anticipation over the tweet even though no specific details were made available by NeuNer. What Did NeuNer Say? On Wednesday, October 24, Ran NeuNer tweeted from his account @CryptoManRan, writing: “CNBC Cryptotrader exposes details of the Coinbase IPO raise tomorrow on a Cryptotrader exclusive.” The tweet also contained two images that revealed some details about the IPO. In the first image, he notes that Coinbase now has 25 million accounts. Note that Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said that the exchange was adding 50,000 new users per day during the peak of 2017’s crypto bull phase. About 600,000 accounts are actively trading on the platform, a figure that Tribe Capital also reported last month. Of the 25 million accounts on the exchange, 7 million have actively enabled the “fiat to crypto” option. CNBC Cryptotrader exposes details of the Coinbase IPO raise tomorrow on a Cryptotrader exclusive. — Ran NeuNer (@cryptomanran) October 25, 2018 Coinbase Revenue Figures Take a Plunge The second image describes the exchange’s revenues. In the last quarter of 2018, i.e., Q3 2018, the exchange received $90 million in revenue. During the last quarter of 2017, when the crypto Bull Run was ongoing, the exchange pulled in over $450 million in revenue. Close to 80 percent of the company’s revenue comes from its consumer platform while 15 percent comes from their institutional arm. The exchange is busy building on its institutional services at the moment. The last 5 percent comes from unnamed businesses. While some users appreciated what NeuNer said and went gaga over his claims, several others remained skeptical of his “big reveal.” One of them was The Block’s head analyst Larry Cermak who called out NeuNer in his tweet which read: “The fact that this tweet only got 35 retweets is a testament of people finally waking up to @cryptomanran being a fraud. If he had any credibility whatsoever, leaking Coinbase’s financials and intention to IPO would go viral. Giving bad financial advice eventually catches up bro.” Neuner’s Big Reveal Following up his Twitter comments, NeuNer spoke about the crypto markets in detail during his show Cryptotrader. He said that Coinbase is raising about $500 million at the valuation of $8 billion. The company will raise the money in two rounds, one in preferred equity and one in common stock. NeuNer said that a person close to the company had leaked the details, but it is someone who does not work at Coinbase. Adam Draper, one of the original investors in Coinbase spoke on his show: “There is definitely demand to get out, but I would much rather buy more. I truly believe that Coinbase will be the largest company on the planet. I think it is going to be one of the first ten companies to be a trillion dollar valuation.” CNBC CRYPTO TRADER EXCLUSIVE: Coinbase Pre IPO Raise details.We look at the numbers that make up the $8bn valuation. We also ask @stevewoz why he is excited about Crypto. Global Equities Crash Ahead in November - Good for Crypto? — Ran NeuNer (@cryptomanran) October 26, 2018 In the US, Coinbase claims to capture over 80% of the fiat to crypto transactions and 75% of the crypto to crypto transactions. According to Draper, Brian Armstrong’s ideas for Coinbase could fundamentally change how the world works. He even thinks that Coinbase could be undervalued. Ran NeuNer Reveals Details of Possible Coinbase IPO was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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The 4th Edition of Well-Known Crypto and Blockchain World Expo is Finally Here!

This Summit will take place in the financial heart of Europe: 
London, UK. The hosting venue is one of the biggest movie halls of London, the Cineworld, O2 Arena
Over a 1200 participants will have the opportunity to meet and listen with the representatives of some top world’s organizations connected deeply with Crypto Currency and Blockchain. The London Summit will be attended by the full gamut of the crypto currency sector, from the biggest exchanges to brokers, investors, payments providers, fin-tech, miners, traders, ICO participants, blockchain developers, and crypto maniacs. According to our tradition, the conference will include the awarding of participants. Each summit has new nominations, depending on our sponsors and their area of work. In addition to that, we have a “Round Table Discussion” where we invite leaders of the industry to join us for a debate on significant topics. London Summit will have two main topics for the panel: “Security Token” and “OTC trading”, both topics are widely discussed in the current world of digital assets. Pre Registration and networking - 6th of December. If you do not like to wait in a long queue, you can come the day before. Pre Registration and networking starts at 6PM. Conference day - 7th of December. Congress starts at 10 AM to 7 PM. Registration from 9 AM. Tickets are on sale now, with the Early Bird prices. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to explore the world’s knowledge of Crypto Currency. Our Website: Facebook Page: Facebook Event: Links to the previous events: Berlin - March 2018: - 1300 Visitors, 59 Speakers, 49 Exhibitors. Warsaw - December 2017: - 1400 Visitors, 35 Speakers, 27 Exhibitors. The post The 4th Edition of Well-Known Crypto and Blockchain World Expo is Finally Here! appeared first on CoinSpeaker.

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6 Easy Ways to Earn Money as a Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

The cryptocurrency industry has attracted a lot of people over the years. More often than not, enthusiasts are looking for ways to make money in one way or another. The following six methods can provide some relief in this regard, although one’s mileage may vary in terms of money earned over time. #6 Sola The Sola platform aims to position itself as a next-generation social network. The concept is relatively simple, as it provides all of the functionality one would expect. It is an interesting way to make money, as users get free SOL tokens for registering. Additionally, inviting friends, posting cards, installing the app, and participating in challenges can all generate revenue accordingly. #5 Revain Reviews are an integral part of the internet in more ways than one. In the cryptocurrency industry, there are also dedicated review platforms, such as Revain. It is a platform which effectively pays users to submit reviews regarding specific cryptocurrency services, projects, and so forth. A bit of a niche market, for the time being, although there is some money to be made when putting in a bit of effort. #4 Presearch Although this service is not exactly generating a lot of buzz, their concept is not unfeasible by any means. This decentralized search engine seems to reward users with the native PRE token. Even though the project is still in beta right now, there is always room for more search engines not controlled by data-hungry technology giants. #3 Trybe EOS enthusiasts will be familiar with Trybe, as this blogging platform is based on the native network’s technology. Users can earn native TRYBE tokens for activities pertaining to blogging. This includes creating quality content - which is vetted prior to publishing - as well as rating posts, logging in regularly, and so forth. It remains to be seen how popular Trybe will become, but it is an option to keep in mind. #2 ONO Another EOS-based project, ONO aims to become a social network which can rival the greats. It rewards users with ONOT tokens for daily activities on the platform, ensuring users continue to post, share, and check out content on this social media platform. As is always the case, it remains to be seen if and how ONO can compete with the bigger social media players. #1 Dmunity In the cryptocurrency world, earning money is not exactly difficult these days. Dmunity tries to combine the best of Reddit with a news feed what seems to offer a clean user experience at all times. Users are rewarded for contributing to the platform and voting on posts. It is a pretty interesting system which draws similarities to Steemit in a way, though the latter option is still more popular at this time. The post 6 Easy Ways to Earn Money as a Cryptocurrency Enthusiast appeared first on NullTX.

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PR: Blockchain Healthcare Company NHCT Announces Pre Token Sale Starting Oct 1st, 2018

Bitcoin Press Release:, an upcoming blockchain-powered ecosystem of Total Health, with offices in the Cayman Islands and India has announced its presale starting October 1, 2018. The presale comes with an attractive 35% bonus as an early bird offer. 1st of October 2018, Cayman Islands - NHCT (NanoHealthCareToken) aims to raise $9 millionhard cap ... The post PR: Blockchain Healthcare Company NHCT Announces Pre Token Sale Starting Oct 1st, 2018 appeared first on

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CyberMiles testnet is coming online on 30 March—100 times faster than Ethereum

CyberMiles testnet is coming online—100 times faster than Ethereum Note Date and time : March 30 at 11:45 AM (GMT+8)! **What cybermiles is** CyberMiles is a new next-generation blockchain network optimized for marketplace and business applications. With its design, the platform aims to speed up the process of decentralizing the online market. It will work closely with the already well-established platform of 5miles to achieve its aims. In fact, the latter will be the first platform to use CyberMiles’ new blockchain technology. This is no small feat as 5miles has 12 million users, and has $3 billion in annual transactions. ICO starts on 21 Nov 2017 and within 44 Minutes all tokens were sold out but cybermiles team find that many people make contribution for more than 100 ETH. They return their ETH and allow other people to contribute. In less than 24 hours all tokens were sold out and they raise 84,146.5727 ETH 84,146.5727 ETH were raised in pre sale + ICO For more detail you can visit their website and stay tuned on 30 march for live conference to go through Testnet. ...

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Humble suggestions from someone who manages software development projects for a living at a fortune 500 company.

First, I'd like to say this project is a worthy one which is why I'm all in on it. Hearing Justin talk about how this project is Satoshi's vision of a usable yet private currency is what this is all about, and why this project is infinitely important to me. But to make this project the raving success i know it can be, there are some things that would go a long way to preventing the spread of FUD and promoting a positive community development process. Take a week off development to do get the following organized. Top 5 suggestions, in no particular order: - Update your road map **COMPLETED!** - [This has to be done and soon.]( Take the old one off the site and revamp your expectations, build in development, management, marketing, QA, and release time as all part of development. - Create a sprint schedule NFPR (Not For Public Release) **UNKNOWN STATUS** - I'm pretty sure this has already been done, but if not it needs to be done immediately. I understand projects like this require team members to be out at their day jobs, that's why using a SCRUM method here would be the most beneficial. Without a sprint schedule development gets off track too quickly and realistic expectations can't be met. - Have a dedicated QA team **UNKNOWN STATUS** - If the Dev team can't bring on a QA (quality assurance) team. They should create a trusted community QA team and give them releases based on each sprint. - this will engage the community and create a positive environment - Marketing **HAS** to coordinate with development and vice versa **COMPLETED!** - Marketing must have the following ready to go live during releases: - Marketing materials - Pre written release articles (medium, web blog, etc) - this wasn't done now the first article that comes up when searching verge is a baseless [FUD article]( - website documentation (install instructions, release notes, known issues, etc) - Coordinated Twitter campaign spreading all of this including dev accounts - Have a dedicated project manager **UNKNOWN STATUS** - This will allow the devs to be devs - This will allow all of the above to done without stressing out the devs - This will allow the team to have a coordinated development schedule I'll volunteer whatever time I have to getting this started should the developers decide to take my suggestions. I will note if this is already all in the works I apologize for stepping on toes. Lastly, Thanks to all the devs for their hard work and dedication to the project and creating a vision for the crypto future. *Note: I'll be going to a party soon so i wont be around to check replies for a few hours.* -- **edit: WoW! Thank you all for all the positive comments and thank you to generous person who gifted me reddit gold! This is a great community and I only wanted to contribute what i could. I hope all those involved see what an engaged community we have, what can be leveraged from it, and how much we really care about this project and its future. Thank you specifically Sunerok I know you've been busting your a@# with updates over the last week including today and the community really appreciates it, myself included. Again, thank all of you!** -- edit2: a couple people have DM'd me about wanting to tip me for the post. This is really not necessary but I'm not one to turn down free verge haha DA1cPafNagrMnuWe29jzCwwxj561RoEUmD -- edit3: i've updated this thread with the changes made by the verge team since the time of this post. ...

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