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Solidified Becomes Smart Contract Auditor for Polymath

The partnership brings the Polymath platform one step closer to being a reliable marketplace for tokenized assets.

5 hours ago

Cryptocurrency Market Update: A New Brave Browser Boosts BAT

FOMO Moments Another flat Saturday as markets are stagnant; Only BAT and DGTX heading higher. The weekend has brought no joy to crypto markets which have remained immobile for the past few days. The slow downward slide seems to have halted just below $210 billion market capitalization where things remain for another day. Bitcoin is at the exact same place it was on Friday, $6,480 and there is no sign of a breakout just yet. A similar story is being played out in the Ethereum camp during Asian trading this morning. ETH is immobile again today at around $204. Alcoins are nearly all in the green but gains are so small they are hardly worth mentioning. The biggest movement in the top ten is Stellar which has inched up 2.2% to $0.244 this morning. The rest are static with small upwards movement of around one percent on the day. The top twenty is a little more mixed with more red creeping in. Zcash is also up 2.2% trading at $120 right now but the rest have moved less than a percentage point in either direction. Interest in altcoins is at rock bottom this month. Today’s big pump is BAT which has jumped 16% to $0.240 on the day. A new Brave browser release with BAT integrated for tipping websites was launched a couple of days ago which is driving momentum now. Trade volume has quadrupled from $6 to $24 million, over 60% of which is on Binance. New Brave desktop browser available for download at https://t.co/4wVWi8TElt. This latest milestone on our way to 1.0 is Chromium-based, has 22% faster load time than our previous Muon-based version, & unveils Brave Rewards beta (previously Brave Payments). https://t.co/Zppx5mUZzN pic.twitter.com/RZ5tLm9QDr — Brave Software (@brave) October 18, 2018 Basic Attention Token has made 33% since this time last Saturday and is also up over 50% on the month. Digitex Futures is also in pump mode, adding 15% to its price levels over the past 24 hours and Aeternity is looking strong with a 10% gain. Getting the red end of the digital stick is Polymath, as yesterday’s pump predictably dumps today. POLY has dropped 11% of its previous gains in this tired pattern of ups and downs. Komodo is also shedding some today with a 7% decline. Total crypto market capitalization has not moved since Friday morning and is still at $208 billion. The daily lows are getting shallower though so it could get back over $210 billion during Euro and US trading today. Since last weekend markets have climbed 3.5% but they are still very flat. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Cryptocurrency Market Update: A New Brave Browser Boosts BAT appeared first on NewsBTC.

20 hours ago

Polymath Soars As STO Excitement Over tZero Peaks

Polymath (POLY) tokens surged as much as 20% in value during Thursday’s trading as markets reacted to the news tZero has issued its security tokens to investors. In a price surge reminiscent of the December bull-run, POLY is currently trading at $0.22. The tokens peaked at around 14:00 BST when the market cap surpassed $70m: just shy of $0.25 per individual coin. The price declined in the past four hours. The POLY market cap stood at $64m at press time, $6m below where it had been earlier that same day. Polymath first started to rise last night, when coins spiked from $0.20 to over $0.24 within an hour. Although the price quickly corrected, tokens began to rise steadily throughout the evening and into Thursday morning. tZero token sale This initial spike followed news on Tuesday that tZero, a blockchain-based subsidiary of the internet retailer Overstock, had issued its security tokens. Sold during a security token offering (STO), between December and early August, investors with a signed agreement for future equity (SAFE) were issued with the tokens as early as last Friday. Although the tokens have now been issued, holders still won’t be able to touch them. To be fully compliant with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), security tokens need to be locked down for a full 90 days before they can be released, and then only to accredited investors. Normal investors will have to wait until early August 2019 - exactly a year after the token sale - before they can take their holdings. STO v. ICO The security token was an unfamiliar concept, this time last year. The ICO was king; raking in projects millions of dollars in the blink of an eye, sometimes literally in the case of the Basic Attention Token (BAT) sale. The market has changed since then. Investors became aware utility tokens didn’t confer much in the way of rights or responsibilities. The countless investors that took part in the Tezos (XTZ) sale - which raised nearly $240m for the project - had to chew their fingernails for nearly a year before they could access their tokens. Many promptly sold, unsurprisingly. The ICO ecosystem has also been dogged by regulatory uncertainty. The SEC has suggested that they may represent unlicensed security token sales. Ripple is in court in California, battling allegations that the ICO for the XRP token was really a security sale. Polymath Price Security tokens solve some of the issues that plague ICOs. Being backed by a tangible asset gives them more security than the vague promise of future utility. STOs are also already regulated, protecting investors from bad actors and outright scams. Polymath and tZero have sometimes been called the ‘Starsky and Hutch’ of the security token world; the two formed a partnership at the beginning of the year. As a security token platform, Polymath provided tZero with advice throughout their STO. It announced in September it would host the STO for a new real estate project, based on the blockchain. Investors are excited by the prospect of security tokens but there are still too few around. Existing actors, like Polymath and tZero, will likely benefit from each other’s good coverage until such time as the market expands and matures. It’s easy for investors to still lump all of the projects associated with security tokens together. This will change. A safe bet? Who knows. It might be a secure bet... Disclaimer: The author is not invested in any cryptocurrency or token mentioned in this article, but holds investments in other digital assets. The post Polymath Soars As STO Excitement Over tZero Peaks appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

2 days ago

Polymath Partners with Netcoins, a Crypto OTC Provider

Polymath, a security token platform, has partnered with Netcoins to provide over-the-counter cryptocurrency trading for security token issuers on Polymath’s platform. Polymath has been quickly positioning itself as one of the top platforms for tokenized securities. Compliant security tokens soon tradeable Recently, Polymath announced that they would be working alongside Netcoins, allowing OTC transactions globally for the Polymath platform. Netcoins is currently operating crypto transactions in 21,000+ retail locations in Canada, Europe, and Austrailia. The partnership hopes to bring liquidity to Polymath’s platform and give the tokenized security industry much-needed exposure. Polymath is a decentralized platform that aims to make it easy to create compliant tokenized securities. Polymath’s goal is ultimately to bring the multi-trillion dollar financial securities industry to the blockchain space by streamlining the entire process. Now, OTC trading through a collaboration with Netcoins means that the Polymath platform will soon have a gateway for fiat. Polymath CEO Trevor Koverko commented on the announcement saying: “Netcoins will provide top-quality OTC trading services to Polymath issuers which is huge for us... many issuers want the ability to convert some or all of the cryptocurrency they raise into fiat, and we are pleased to provide issuers a direct line to Netcoins.” The CEO of Netcoins, Mark Binns, likewise commented on the announcement by emphasizing that Netcoins will bring liquidity to the Polymath platforms. “We have complimentary services that can benefit both of our organizations,” he said. Polymath has been active the last few months in their partnerships, expansion, and visibility. They are developing their own token standard, the ST20, a KYC-compliant open source standard. ST20 tokens can only be held by investors who are authorized. Polymath effectively is providing the cryptocurrency space with an entirely new infrastructure for tokenized securities. Polymath’s vision is best captured by Graeme Moore’s recent statement that “security tokens will become the default method used for financial securities.” Polymath’s recent partnership with Netcoins is working towards this future. Have any thoughts on Polymath’s recent partnership? Do we need an ST20 standard? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Image courtesy of Bitcoin Exchange Guide. The post Polymath Partners with Netcoins, a Crypto OTC Provider appeared first on The Tokenist.

3 days ago

NEM Partners with VNX Exchange to Develop Security Token Protocol

NEM and the VNX trading platform have announced a partnership that looks to develop a new security token protocol and bridge the gap between the crypto economy and traditional financing firms. The focus of the partnership will be on creating and funding a new wave of security tokens based on the NEM blockchain. The VNX exchange specializes in venture capital and focuses on Fintech companies, with over 10,000 startups funded yearly. This new securities protocol will compete with current protocols released by Polymath, Securrency, and Harbor (JF)

12 days ago

Blocktrade.com Partners with Neufund to Host Security Tokens

The facility for security token trading known as Blocktrade.com has announced a partnership with the end-to-end security token issuer Neufund that will see the Blocktrade ecosystem become a secondary market for security tokens tokenized by Neufund, which includes blockchain-based investment assets into existing financial markets. Neufund enables companies to tokenized equity in a legally binding form of Equity Tokens, thus enabling them to list them on secondary markets, like the one offered by Blocktrade.com. Blocktrade.com has similar partnerships with Polymath, Securitize and Own. (JF)

23 days ago

Blocktrade.com to host security tokens of issuance platform Neufund

Blocktrade.com, a facility for security token trading today announced a partnership with Neufund, an end-to-end primary issuance platform for security tokens. This agreement follows previous primary market partnerships of Blocktrade.com with Polymath, Securitize and Own. Neufund’s set......

23 days ago

Polymath's Open Source Developer Community Lead, Charles St....

Polymath's Open Source Developer Community Lead, Charles St. Louis, on Polymath, security tokens, and how to contri... https://t.co/saxgDsqDGL...

25 days ago

"We’ve got the right people around the table and the Polymat...

"We’ve got the right people around the table and the Polymath team has been asking all the right questions."- Dave... https://t.co/cvhh1w5JiJ...

a month ago

Polymath Partners with BlockEstate to Create a Real Estate Security Token

Polymath, creator of the first securities token platform, recently announced a partnership with the tokenized Real Estate fund BlockEstate in effort to create the BlockEstate Alpha Token (BEAT). The BEAT token will be one of the first security tokens issued in real estate representing fund share ownership for token holders, and will utilize Polymath’s Security Token Standard Protocol, ST-20, which has legal and regulatory requirements built into the smart contract code, making the token creation process easier and legally compliant. Current plans are to list the BEAT token on the OpenFinance Network (OFN). (JF)

a month ago

Polymath CEO Believes Security Tokens Will Replace ICOs

Trevor Koverko, the CEO of polymath believes that ICOs are slowly dying because of the growing number of scams, and it is evident by numbers. Most ICOs in the past couple of months have failed even to secure the minimum investment. Koverko believes security tokens are set to replace ICOs. Polymath itself is a platform to create security tokens and Koverko is set to gain from it if his predictions are true. Security tokens are harder to issue, and a lot more expensive. Polymath (POLY) is currently priced at $0.14509, losing 0.59% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

a month ago

Blockchain Startup Raises $102 Million From Polychain Capital And Mr Horowitz

Blockchain startup DFINITY has raised $102 Million to build a decentralized network to run ‘mega-applications.’ DFINITY has raised nearly $200 Million in the last three years. Polychain Capital, Mr. Horowitz, SV Angel, Aspect Ventures, Village Global, Multicoin Capital, Scalar Capital and Amino Capital, KR1, among others, participated in the latest round.DFINITY claims to run software computations in just 5 seconds. (VS)

2 months ago

Dfinity Receives Funds of $102 million for its Project, World Computer

Fortune Reported that A16Z and Polychain Capital raised $102 million funds for Dfinity's world computer project. Dfinity mentioned the project is meant to reduce the monopoly presented by several computer players. It believes the projects will "remake the computing industry." In a blog post, it mentioned its decentralized computing vision reduces monopoly, cloud-based services that are costly and middleware. Additionally, while it does all that, it allows for the creation of dApps and open-source programs. Dominic Williams, the founder of Dfinity, said academic institutions and startups would drive the adoption of computers in the world rather than corporations. (KE)

2 months ago

MyCrypto Ethereum Wallet Raises $4 Million

Popular Ethereum wallet MyCrypto, which rebranded from MyEtherWallet has just raised $4 Million in Series A. The round was led by Polychain Capital, and included other investors like Boost VC Fund 3 LP, ShapeShift, Ausum Blockchain Fund LP, Mainframe founder Mick Hagen, Coefficient Ventures partner Chance Du, early Dropbox employee Albert Ni and Earn co-founder Lily Liu. MyCrypto is hoping to use the funds for improving user experience and attract new customers. (VS)

2 months ago

Daily Berminal Brief (8/30/18): Bitcoin Falls Below $7,000 And Crypto Trading Soars In Venezeuala

The State Of The Market: After finding stability above $7,000 for a couple of days, Bitcoin has fallen below that mark once again. Bitcoin (BTC) is currently priced at $6,865.42, losing 3.29% in the last 24 hours. With Bitcoin's price falling, the entire market is bearish. More than 90% of the top 100 cryptocurrencies are in red right now. The market cap has also fallen from $233 Billion to $221 Billion, losing $12 Billion in the last 24 hours. Ethereum is currently priced at $278.93, losing 5.48% of its value. 1) Bitcoin trading has reached an all-time high of 500,000,000 Bolivars per week in Venezuela. Due to rampant hyperinflation, Venezuelans are now using cryptocurrencies for their basic necessities like food and water. Bitcoin trading has increased by more than 250% in August. However, the government is now preparing to clamp down on cryptocurrencies by forcing all banking institutions to disclose IP addresses from people who access their banking info from outside the country. 2) Danial Shin, the founder of $1.4 Billion South Korean startup Unicorn TMON has revealed that he has raised $32 Million in a seed round to create a stablecoin called Terra. The seed round includes notable investors like Binance, Polychain Capital, FBG Capital, Hashed, 1kx, Kenetic Capital, Arrington XRP, and more. The company will form a 'Terra alliance' with its partners, which include retailers like Woowa Brothers, Qoo10, Carousell, Pomelo, and TIKI. Terra partners combined, make $25 Billion in sales and 40 Million customers. On its investment, Ella Zhang, head of Binance Labs said they chose to invest in Tera because they already have a working and strong go-to-market strategy and usage. 3) Decentralized ad-free video platform BitTube is suing Google for delisting their application from PlayStore without giving a clear reason. Initially, the app was banned citing nudity. The BitTube team worked tirelessly to filter out explicit content from showing up on the app. However, Google denied their application once again. Frustrated with Google's non-transparent process, BitTube is taking Google to court. After EU's antitrust case which resulted in a $5 Billion fine, BitTube is hoping that Google would change its policies and be more transparent.

2 months ago

Blockchain Cloud Computing Startup DFINITY Raises $105 Million

US-based DFINITY has just closed a new funding round of $105 Million. Investors in the current round include Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital. Both firms previously participated in DFINITY's $61 Million round in February. DFINITY has raised a total of $200 Million to date after it was started in 2015. Investors are hoping that DFINITY would become a critical piece of the future technology stack. (VS)

2 months ago

Dfinity Raises Over $100 Million Toward Creation of Blockchain Supercomputer

Dfinity, a blockchain startup, has raised over $102 million in investments. The financing round was led by Andreessen Horowitz. The funding also came from various companies including Aspect Ventures, Village Global, SV Angel and Polychain. The startup is building a blockchain-based supercomputer. The public decentralized cloud computing resource is expected to disrupt the computing industry. The startup has also invited miners interested in their project to visit their mining portal. (SK)

2 months ago

Binance Participates Startup's $32 Million Seed Round To Create Stablecoin

Danial Shin, the founder of $1.4 Billion South Korean startup Unicorn TMON (Ticket Monster) has revealed that he has raised $32 Million in a seed round to create a stablecoin called Terra. The seed round includes notable investors like Binance, Polychain Capital, FBG Capital, Hashed, 1kx, Kenetic Capital, Arrington XRP, and more. Terra has already partnered with multiple partners which combined take in $25 Billion in sales and 40 Million customers. The company will form a 'Terra alliance' with its partners, which include Woowa Brothers, Qoo10, Carousell, Pomelo, and TIKI. On its investment, Ella Zhang, head of Binance Labs said they chose to invest in Tera because they already have a working and strong go-to-market strategy and usage. (VS)

2 months ago

Polymath Releases Mainnet Version 1.3.0

Securities token platform Polymath has released its mainnet V1.3.0 with support for some key features. The polymath dapp is finally live, and open for anyone to create their security token. Other additions include ST-20 Protocol which ensures regulatory compliance for security token issuers. 5 startups are issuing their tokens on Polymath in the next 3 months, rising a total of $210 Million. Polymath (POLY) is currently priced at $0.222009, gaining 5.7% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

2 months ago

Polymath (POLY) Total Market Cap Hits $56 Million, Price Drops to $0.204

At the end of August 24th, Polymath (POLY) traded at $0.208503, dropping by 3.5% in the past 24 hours. The market capitalization dropped to $56,530,981 - sending the coin to #103 in the list of coins arranged by market capitalization. The past 24 hours trading volume was $1,321,031. At 9 AM UTC, POLY was trading at $0.208193. (KE)

2 months ago

Polymath and V Stock Transfer Partner to Make Compliant Security Tokens a Reality

Polymath, a securities token platform, has announced a partnership with V Stock Transfer, a stock transfer and registrar firm, which will allow users of the Polymath platform to use the transfer agent and registrar services of V Stock Transfer. This will help those wishing to release a security token to navigate the legal and regulatory framework that exists around the current financial security infrastructure. V Stock Transfer helps companies manage their registry of shareholders and remain in compliance. This is the next step in helping Polymath become a full service decentralized token registry. (JF)

2 months ago

ICON Team to Sponsor CryptoShift

The ICON team recently announced that they will be sponsoring the CryptoShift event. The event is being sponsored by Hustle Fund and will be held in San Francisco on August 23. ICON team has said the event offers a perfect opportunity for the company to pitch the ICON Project. Several large tech companies including Airbnb, Polychain Capital, Facebook, and Google participated in last year’s event. (VK)

2 months ago

Polymath Launches Security Token System With 5 Offerings

Polymath recently activated their newly developed system that transforms securities into tokens so that they can be migrated to the blockchain and marked the occasion with 5 current offerings. The security tokens on Polymath are backed by companies, real estate, or other real assets, unlike utility tokens which allow holders to access a specific service. The 5 projects included in the launch are 7Pass, MintHealth, BlockEstate, Corl, and IPwe. Polymath hopes this opens the way for Security Token Offerings (STOs), which would be the blockchain equivalent of an IPO. (JF)

2 months ago

1000's have signed up to laucnh STO's on PolyMath!

The announcement was that 1000's have signed up to launch STO's on POLY, but they presented the top 5 during the talk. 230 million dollars raised via in STO's via the top 5 launching projects, doubling the STO market overnight, 1000's more to follow! HUGE. This is the start of the STO market! Here is the video: [https://www.pscp.tv/w/1ZkJzNyLZmgJv](https://www.pscp.tv/w/1ZkJzNyLZmgJv)...

2 months ago

Cryptos Solving Problems in Finance, Govt. and Central Banks Should Leave them Alone, Jeffrey A. Tucker

The Head of Editorials at the American Insitute for Economic Research, Jeffrey Tucker has said that governments and the central banks should place their focus on fiats and the banking systems and leave the cryptos alone. According to Tucker, the current systems are wanting, and cryptos are doing a lot to end problems in the finance sector such as monopoly and competition. He believes government interventions could lead to costly regulations and damage of the beauty that the cryptos have created. (VK)

2 months ago

Keep Your Hands Off Cryptocurrency, Economist Tells World Governments

Jeffry Tucker, a well-known economist and editorial director of the American Institute for Economic Research (AEIR), is urging governments and central banks around the world to drop the idea of creating state-backed cryptocurrencies, as the fiat and banking system around the world is starting to deteriorate. He feels that focusing on this area run in direct contrast to the goals of cryptocurrency sector as a whole, which seeks to decentralize the money supply and end the current monopoly on money which only seems to lead to world wars, economic depression, and constant inflation. (JF)

2 months ago

Russian Authorities Issued the World’s First Fine for Crytocurrency Advertising

According to Bitcoinist.com, the Eleventh Arbitration Court of Appeal (ACA) on August found that Edinstvo Nizhnekamsk has breached advertising regulations. The advert itself stated“Investments in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash. Assembly and setup of mining farms.” A case was raised against the advert and the company by The Anti-Monopoly Service on the premise that the advertisement was actually offering financial services as opposed to offering financial consultancy. As a result, the court issued a $760.00 fine, the first of its kind against a cryptocurrency based advert. (RL)

2 months ago

Russian Court Fines Newspaper For Running Crypto Advertisement

The Eleventh Arbitration Court of Appeal (ACA) in Russia has determined Edinstvo Nizhnekamsk publication, which distributes the Republic of Tatarstan has breached the advertising regulations by running an ad for cryptocurrency mining firm. The case came to court via the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service and a local branch of a subdivision of Russia’s Central Bank. The publication has been found guilty and ordered to pay a fine of 50,000 rubles (approx. $760). (VS)

2 months ago

Biggest Gainer: Holo (HOT) - $0.000810 - 44.25% Increase

Today's biggest gainer was Holo (HOT), which went from $0.000549 to $0.000810, gaining 44.25% in the last 24 hours. Holo is building a decentralized hosting system, powered by HOT tokens. The sudden increase in value was due to Binance listing which went live today against Bitcoin and Ethereum. The 24-hour volume went from $2.8 Million to $14 Million, and 87% of that volume is from Binance. Other big winners for today are MOAC (MOAC) and Polymath (POLY) which gained 12.87% and 5.04%. (VS)

2 months ago

Crypto Market Analysis: Cryptocurrencies Rebounding, Bitcoin Trading Volume at $ 3.7 B

Although the crypto market has been in the red for the past one week, recoveries have begun. Digibyte, Aelf, Ox, and Polymath have gained significantly leading to a total market capitalization of $258 B. BTC and ETH have surged by 2% to trade at $7160 and $413 respectively. Last week's sell-off saw BTC's trading volume decline to $3.7 B and that of Ether to $1.4. The volume of the crypto market is struggling to recover and could soon gain an upward momentum. (KE)

2 months ago

Handshake Is Giving Away $100 Million In Crypto

Handshake, a long-secret Crypto project finally opened up on Thursday. Backed by 67 top VC, and well-known blockchain developers, the project raised $10.2 Million. Some of the investors include A16z, Founders Fund, Polychain Capital and Draper Associates. The project is led by the creator of bitcoin's lightning network, Joseph Poon, Purse CEO Andrew Lee, Private Internet Access founder Andrew Lee and CTO Christopher "J.J." Jeffrey. Valued at $0.1 per token at launch, the company is looking to give away 85% of the tokens. (VS)

3 months ago

Neufund and Bitbay Partner to Create Cryptocurrency to Fiat Exchange

Neufund, a Berlin-based firm, and Bitbay, a polish cryptocurrency exchange, are collaborating to create a cryptocurrency to fiat exchange. The new exchange platform will allow for trading of equity tokens issued through Equity Token Offering. According to a study done by Polymath, the security token market is projected to hit $10 trillion by 2020. This trade will also bring the much-needed liquidity to equity instruments and other traditional investment assets. Neufund recently also partnered with Binance and the Malta Stock Exchange. (VK)

3 months ago

Binance Lists Polymath (POLY) after Community Vote

Binance has listed Polymath (POLY) on its platform after it won the July community vote beating NKN (NKN), Mithril (MITH), Locktrip (LOC) and Libra Credit (LBA). Although the coin was awarded a fee-free listing on the exchange, the token will only be paired with Bitcoin (BTC) and Binance Coin (BNB). The coin is currently trading at about $0.57 with trading volumes off peaking at about $49 million. The token is currently listed in several Asian exchanges including KuCoin, Upbit and Huobi. However, the token is currently limited to Bitcoin and Ethereum trade pairings. (VK)

3 months ago

Binance Announces Listing Of Polymath

Binance, the largest crypto exchange which saw a trade volume of 1.17 Billion in the last 24 hours has announced the listing of Polymath after this month's community voting. Polymath (POLY) is a blockchain startup that aims to bring financial securities to Blockchain. POLY is currently priced at $0.426, gaining 8% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

3 months ago

Polymath Partners With Shyft To Improve Global Financial Ecosystem

Polymath, a security token development platform has announced a partnership with Shyft, a blockchain-based network that helps secure sharing of attested and compliant data. To deal with regulations and Know Your Customer requirements, Shyft is building a blockchain platform with user credibility. Polymath would serve as a trust anchor to share data with Shyft. Polymath (POLY) is currently priced at $0.424, gaining 11% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

3 months ago

Biggest Gainer: Polymath (POLY) - $0.403 - 6.55% Increase

Polymath (POLY) is the biggest gainer for today, going from $0.376 to $0.403, gaining 6.55% in the last 24 hours. Polymath is a blockchain startup that aims to bring financial securities to Blockchain. The company just announced a partnership with Shyft, a blockchain-based network that helps secure sharing of attested and compliant data. The 24-hour trade volume went from $1.5 Million to $2.5 Million, and 60% of the trade is on Bittrex and Upbit. Other big gainers for today are Metaverse (ETP) and Aeternity (AE) which gained 4.56% and 3.95%. (VS)

3 months ago

How Olaf Carlson Wee Transformed $4 Million To $1 Billion In Crypto

Olaf Carlson Wee, a prominent early investor in Cryptocurrencies started with the technology early. He invested and accepted Bitcoin as payment for his work as a lumberjack. Eventually, he became the first employee at Coinbase, receiving 100% if his salary in Bitcoin. Looking beyond Bitcoin, he quit Coinbase and set up Polychain investment firm to invest in Altcoins. He started with $4 Million from family offices and angel investors. This fund quickly ballooned to $1 Billion, putting his name in Fortune’s “Ledger 40 Under 40.” (VS)

3 months ago

Turning five years this Month, Pantera Capital's Return Amounts to Over $10000%

Pantera capital, the first investment firm to invest in Bitcoin, this month turns five years old. The CEO Dan Morehead had predicted the success of Bitcoin in 2013 when Bitcoin had a price of $100 and a market capitalization of $3 billion. Pantera capital has invested over $65 million in blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies like Augur, Bitpesa, Omisego, Veem, Polychain Capital, and bitcoin. Morehead, the CEO has revealed that their returns in the five years they've been in existence is 10136.15% after subtracting fees and expenses. (KE)

3 months ago

Analysis: Bitcoin Hash Power Heading Towards a Bitmain Monopoly

Bitcoin mining was once a hobbyist activity. Satoshi's Proof of Work (PoW) design was almost perfect. Miners would get rewards in the form of new Bitcoin. In turn, their hash power would help keep the network safe and immune to attacks. However, the fierce competition in the mining arena has made it impossible for the small players to keep the pace. The clear winner of this race is Bitmain, with its immense hash power. The remaining mining power is shared among a score of other companies - pitting the Bitcoin-mining industry towards a monopoly. And a monopoly in a decentralized sector is like dancing with the devil. If Bitmain or another single entity keeps on accumulating the market share of the hash power, it could cause the protocol to be vulnerable to 51% attacks in future. (KE)

3 months ago

Pantera Capital Reports Lifetime Return of More Than 10,000%

Reports suggest that Pantera Capital has generated a more than 10,000% lifetime return since its launch in 2013. Pantera has achieved this by investing in several leading cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology companies, including Bitstamp, Polychain Capital, Korbit, 0x, and Zcash. A recent email sent to the media by company officials claim that “the Fund’s lifetime return is 10,136.15% net of fees and expenses.” They also released emails of their discussions round bitcoin back in 2013, indicating their bullish stance when bitcoin was between $104 and $253, with a price prediction over $5000. (JF)

3 months ago

Biggest Gainers For Today Were IOST, ZenCash, and Polymath

IOSToken (IOST) saw a huge leap today, moving ten places on Coinmarketcap. IOST went from $0.024 to a peak of $0.036, gaining more than 50% after UpBit announced its listing. It is now priced at $0.0313, gaining 28.48% in the last 24 hours. Other big winners in the last 24 hours were ZenCash and Polymath which gained 16.39% and 14.78% respectively. The biggest loser was Kik Messenger's native Cryptocurrency Kin, which went down by 14%. Other major losers were Holo and Tezos which lost 12.27% and 7.14%. (VS)

3 months ago

Boston Fed Says Blockchain Can Disrupt Central Banks

Paul Brassil, vice president of information technology at the Boston branch of the Federal Reserve System in a recent forum said they have to think forward, and not be 'Uberized.' To draw some comparisons, he said the Boston Fed had to employ 400 people just to cash paper checks. All those jobs are gone now. He went on to say that Central Banks should not rely on government-backed monopoly. If the private sector offers a better solution, it will make the Fed irrelevant. Brassil revealed that they've been experimenting with Blockchain technology since 2016 on Ethereum and eventually moved to private blockchain using Hyperledger. (VS)

3 months ago

Jaxx Crypto Wallet Adds Support for Polymath via ShapeShift Exchange

Toronto-based Jaxx, a cryptocurrency wallet, shouted out to Polymath on Twitter. Jaxx said: “You can now ShapeShift Polymath on all Jaxx platforms,” in reference to the ShapeShift exchange. Polymath is a platform for tokenizing securities on the blockchain, and its coin is down sharply today in the altcoin selloff. (GT)

3 months ago

China-Based Nervos Scores $28 Mil in Backing to Deliver Blockchain to Businesses

Institutional investors comprised of venture capitalists and hedge fund traders are backing a China-based blockchain startup to the tune of $28 million. Nervos, a China-based startup that’s delivering the blockchain to businesses, has received backing from the likes of cryptocurrency hedge fund Polychain Capital, Sequoia China and Multicoin Capital among others, according to Cryptovest. Polychain Capital Founder and CEO Olaf Carlson-Wee reportedly said that Nervos could evolve into a “leading major ecosystem” that creates new opportunities. Nervos will direct the capital toward developing its platform to speed up business adoption of the blockchain. (GT)

3 months ago

Polymath Announces Partnership With Blockchain Compliance Network Shyft

Polymath, a security token creation platform has signed a LoU with Shyft, a network for sharing of attested and compliant data on Blockchain. As a part of the agreement, Polymath will be a Trust anchor, by providing data for the network and develop dapps on the network. The shyft network is set to build solutions for regulatory compliance around Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML). Polymath (POLY) is currently priced at 0.429, gaining 15.81% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

3 months ago

Blockchain Startup Nervos Completes Series A Funding Round; Sequioa China, the Lead Investor

Nervos Network, a blockchain startup has completed its Series A funding round with $28 million having Polychain, Sequioa China, imToken and Bixin as the lead investors. The startup intends to develop a public blockchain network called Nervos that will be a solution to scalability and security issues of the blockchain, according to co-founder, Jan Xie. (KE)

3 months ago

Top Talents In Silicon Valley Are Leaving Their Lucrative Jobs For Crypto Projects

Speaking at a recent event, Olaf Carlson-Wee, an early employee in Coinbase and now the top guy at Polychain Capital said tech companies are fighting for talent with Crypto companies. He spoke of his recent encounters where top talents were poached from companies like Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn in the Bay Area. He went on to say that people who are outsiders, not traditionally from the banking and finance industry are doing the best in Crypto industry. (VS)

3 months ago

Chile: Court Orders Banko Estado to Reopen Bitcoin Exchange Orionx's Account

Chilean Court of Appeal has ruled in favor of Bitcoin exchange Orionx, concluding that the state-owned Banko Estado should reopen the company's deposit account. Reportedly, Chile's anti-monopoly court similarly ruled that two banks, Banco del Estado de Chile and Itau Corpbanca, have to reopen the previously closed accounts of crypto exchange Buda in April. The Fourth Chamber of the Court of Appeals of Santiago has accepted the appeal filed by Orionx crypto exchange against Banco Estado, which closed the company's deposit account. (KE)

3 months ago

Tech Giants are Losing Talent to Crypto Startups, Polychain CEO Says

According to Olaf Carson-Wee, the CEO of Polychain, high-profile tech companies such as Google, Snapchat and Facebook are losing employees due to blockchain and cryptocurrency. According to Olaf, employees of high-quality talent are leaving the giant tech companies to start cryptocurrency startups. Olaf was the first person to be hired by Coinbase, and after three years as the head of risk and product management at Coinbase, he founded Cryptographic Financial and Polychain.(KE)

3 months ago

Blockchain Is Stealing the Spotlight from Big Tech: Polychain Capital Chief

The FANG stocks -- Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google -- are being outshined by the blockchain if you ask Olaf Carlson-Wee, who is at the helm of Polychain Capital, which Fortune describes as the largest cryptocurrency hedge fund in the U.S. "What we're seeing is an absolute exodus from many of these major tech giants like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Snapchat of really high-quality talent who are now starting cryptocurrency startups," according to Carlson-Wee quoted in Fortune. He doesn't pay attention to the day-to-day price movements in the cryptocurrency space but instead focuses on "developer momentum and building novel applications." (GT)

3 months ago

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