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Metal (MTL) Becomes First Crypto to be Re-Listed on Bittrex

Metal (MTL) has officially become the first cryptocurrency to be re-listed on the Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange following the successful launch of its Metal Pay app. The news was actually announced via the following Tweet on the Bittrex Twitter feed: “Re-Listing Update: The $MTL market is open, and trading will begin shortly on @BittrexExchange. For more information about Metal (MTL) visit:” This development has led to a nice bump in the MTL price, currently trading at $0.673, marking a 3.39% increase in an otherwise red market. (JF)

4 days ago

HBUS Hires Former PWC And Intuit Compliance Director As CCO

Huobi's US-based strategic partner HBUS has hired Megan Monroe-Coleman as its Chief Operating Officer. Before HBUS, she was the MTL Compliance Officer at U.S. software giant Intuit. Megan has more than 15 years of experience in the compliance sector, with a focus on fintech and financial services. At Intuit, she is said to have developed and implemented the anti-money-laundering (AML) compliance programs for Mint. Huobi is one of the world's largest exchange, which saw a volume of $328 Million in the last 24 hours. (VS)

5 days ago

Blockchain to Transform the Mining Sector

Blythe Masters, the CEO for Digital Asset Holdings, told guests at the London Metal Exchange annual dinner that blockchain is coming to commodity markets. In her speech, Blythe stated that the blockchain technology offers increased confidentiality, less paperwork, better provenance, and enhanced productivity. According to Masters, the current supply chain in the metals and mining industry is complex and ineffective. She added that the antiquated system allows for significant data omissions, security breaches, and corruption. She said the incorporation of blockchain would facilitate the tracking of precious metals and exchange of critical trade documents securely. (KE)

5 days ago

Payments App Metal Pay Is Giving Away $18 Million To Users

Peer-to-peer payments app Metal has announced that it will give away 40% of the entire supply of its native token MTL to its users. Similar to Paypal and Venmo, the app allows quick transfer of fiat and cryptocurrencies to other users with just their phone numbers. The transactions are then verified through Metal's own Proof of Processed Payments (PoPP) mechanism. Metal (MTL) is priced at $0.6909, losing 1.28% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

6 days ago

Blythe Masters: Commodity Supply Chains Will Benefit from Blockchain Projects

Blythe Masters, a former executive at JP Morgan, has said that hundreds of blockchain-based projects will soon hit the supply chains of commodity markets to increase their efficiency. These thoughts were shared at an invite-only annual dinner of the London Metal Exchange. Blythe noted that DLT simplifies bureaucracy, increases confidentiality, and boosts productivity. Blythe Masters is the CEO of Digital Asset Holdings which is currently developing software to assist supply chains in implementing the blockchain. (KE)

6 days ago

OiCOiN Token Holders to Receive a Share of Revenue from Osmium Institute

Osmium is a rare and extremely dense metal product created in Switzerland and shipped to Germany for global distribution by the German Osmium Institute. Osmium is twice as dense as Lead and is 30 times more valuable than gold. OiCOiN, an Ethereum-based ERC-20 investment token will receive 10% of the German Osmium Institute's annual revenue. The firm will distribute the 10% to all its token holders. The OiCOiN website has a profit calculator that allows potential investors to view the prospective profitability from this opening. (KE)

10 days ago

Swiss Startup Launches Crypto Backed By 7 Precious Metals

Tiberius, a blockchain startup based out of Switzerland has launched Tiberius Coin, a cryptocurrency backed by multiple precious metals. Tiberius Coin is under Swiss regulations and is backed by actual metals locked away in storage. While we've seen cryptocurrencies backed by a single metal, Tiberius Coin is the first coin backed by multiple metals. The metals are gold, platinum, copper, aluminum, nickel, cobalt and tin. Each coin costs $0.70. Also, the coins can be exchanged for actual metals. However, the minimum transaction size for the exchange is set at $10,000. (VS)

15 days ago

Metal Pay App Goes Live in the App Store

Metal Pay App is a US-based dApp developed by Metallicus Inc. It facilitates the instant sending of money to friends and family who in turn get paid in crypto. Marshall Hayner and Glenn Marien co-founded the app in 2016. It started after receiving a $3 million funding from the likes of G2 Ventures, Gateway, and Eric Voorhees. The team recently announced via Twitter that the Metal Pay App is now live in the App store. iPhone users will hence be able to benefit from crypto payments for using it. The team said it is working on an Android app. (KE)

25 days ago

Lynked.World Partners with Four Elite Indian Firms

Lynked.World, a blockchain-focused technology firm in Netherlands, has entered into strategic partnerships with four Indian firms. The four firms are Metal Scrap Trade Corporation Limited (MTSC), West Bengal Forest Corporation Limited (WBFDCL) Coal India Limited (CIL) and e-RAKAM portal. Lynked.World provides a blockchain-based ID verification services to governments, citizens, employers and higher education administrators. The firm allows users to easily authenticate their personal, professional, and educational backgrounds. (VK)

a month ago

Revolut to Venture into US Market to Compete with Robinhood

Smartphone-based banking service Revolut has announced plans to enter the US markets. This follows a successful run in Europe. It is reported that app is operating in over 28 European countries. The firm is expected to compete with the popular app-based firm Robinhood. The firm is also planning to offer commission-free trading. Revolute allows users of the Revolut metal card to get cashbacks in the form cryptocurrencies. (SK)

a month ago

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