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Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao to Promote His Crypto in Blockchain Fair Asia

Boxing Legend, Manny Pacquiao who had one of the most exciting boxing matches against Floyd Mayweather this year is set to promote blockchain. Pacquiao, who is also a Senator in the Philippines will make an appearance at Blockchain Fair Asia 2018. At the event, he'll promote his GCOX powered cryptocurrency called PAC token. Announced in April 2018, the tokens can be used by fans to interact with him in live streams, as payment for his merchandise. (VS)

8 days ago

The Advantages of Using Dark Pools in Cryptocurrency Markets

Dark pools are electronic trading platforms used in advanced markets. They allow users to purchase or sell large blocks of shares without disclosing their identities, their trading capacities, or prices. Dark pools do not associate with the darknet. Regarding cryptocurrency, CoinMarketCap reveals that most dark pools do not operate as continuous non-displayed limit order books. According to a report by Josh Greenwald, the founder and CEO of LXDX, dark pools are significant as they reduce the market impact of showing institutional-sized transactions. CoinMarketCap says they facilitate a fair execution price for both sellers and buyers. (KE)

13 days ago

Bitcoin Foundation Sends a Letter to French the Parliament Seeking Rejection of an Amendment in PACTE Bill

The Bitcoin Foundation has sent a letter to the French parliament asking it to reject an amendment in the proposed PACTE Bill. The proposed amendment would allow the French government to adopt the recommendations of the Landau report. The amendment was proposed by La Republique En Marche (LREM), the new social liberal party. The amendment also seeks to introduce a licensing requirement for providers of digital asset services. Llew Claasen, the Executive Director of Bitcoin Foundation, argued that the new licensing scheme destroys both fair competition and blockchain innovation. (SK)

13 days ago

Privacy Coin PIVX Rated “Most Undervalued,” Soars 25% in Response

PIVX coin has added nearly 25% to its value in the last 24-hour period on trading volume of $7 million. The company tweeted that PIVX “was rated as the most undervalued coin,” pointing to CoinFairValue’s analysis. The rating is based on PIVX’s intrinsic fair value, which is nearly 7% higher than the current price. Separately, PIVX was recently added to "Stakenet Cloud Staking," which the team said might help smaller holders generate more steady payouts. (GT)

18 days ago

Political Watchdog FPPC Prohibits Political Candidates in California From Receiving Cryptocurrency Donations

The State of California has prohibited candidates seeking elective offices from receiving donations in cryptocurrencies. The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) cited the difficulty of tracing and tracking the donations as the reason for the ban. The ban is aimed at achieving the much-needed electoral transparency. The Agency made the decision while making rulings on various election issues. (VK)

a month ago

Deloitte and Jupiter Chain Join Forces to Unveil a Blockchain-Based System

Professional services firm Deloitte has announced a new partnership with the smart data exchange Jupiter Chain. The new cooperation reportedly aims to roll out a new blockchain based data exchange in Southeast Asia. It is reported that customers will benefit from contributing their personal data via blockchain in a safe and fair manner. It said that Jupiter Chain will focus on the blockchain technology and the working product, while Deloitte will host a team that will be responsible for risk management solutions and other operational tasks. (RL)

a month ago

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