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Monthly update on Eximchain's progress: EXC tokens in ERC-20...

Monthly update on Eximchain's progress: EXC tokens in ERC-20 standard are now frozen! Please submit a ticket to sup… https://t.co/iJ0NDfUgC8

13 days ago

Final 24hrs to Snapshot day: please ascertain all EXC tokens...

Final 24hrs to Snapshot day: please ascertain all EXC tokens moved to your whitelisted wallet expected for Native T… https://t.co/lP7IrUgZky

21 days ago

Reminder to move all EXC tokens to your whitelisted wallet a...

Reminder to move all EXC tokens to your whitelisted wallet address by this weekend if you haven’t done so. The Toke… https://t.co/GP6xsJMNU0

23 days ago

EXC tokens are now available on @Bibox365 vote-for-listing p...

EXC tokens are now available on @Bibox365 vote-for-listing program. Vote for us and make your voice heard… https://t.co/urPXtU0EtN

2 months ago

Monthly video update #005: Reminder to whitelist your token ...

Monthly video update #005: Reminder to whitelist your token address by Dec 15th, plus Eximchain entering Bibox - Vo… https://t.co/WQHTPKbHAi

2 months ago

If you are currently an $EXC token holder, please remember t...

If you are currently an $EXC token holder, please remember to whitelist your wallet with minimum 500 EXC tokens by… https://t.co/g1iAi7axIW

2 months ago

Monthly update on Eximchain's progress - Eximchain 1.0 is li...

Monthly update on Eximchain's progress - Eximchain 1.0 is live! Register for token swap by Dec 15.… https://t.co/5rV4f7eQ1Z

2 months ago

We welcome everyone to come join us next week at MIT where o...

We welcome everyone to come join us next week at MIT where our CTO Juan Huertas will speak about Eximchain and Quad… https://t.co/ps2IRJEgcR

2 months ago

EXCOLONY - A Profitable And Efficient Trading Experience

Every day, billions of dollars are being traded in the cryptocurrency market. In August 2018, the daily trade volume surmounted to a staggering USD 15 Billion. The market is evidently thriving and furnishes traders and investors with endless opportunities to cash in on profits. But it also deals with critical challenges that cannot be disregarded. High vulnerability to security threats, lack of insurance, extreme precariousness, complexities in depositing funds, etc. are some pitfalls that hinder users of a seamless digital trading experience. EXCOLONY is a next-generation exchange platform that offers an effective solution to these obstacles. This blockchain-based platform caters to providing high-compatibility within all transactional units across the globe, thereby enabling users to transact and share data at low costs. EXCOLONY provides its users premium functionalities such as ICCO, AI Trade, SAFU, Paygate, Delegated Investments, etc. Additionally, it is a cross-trading platform, therefore users can seamlessly perform trading activities on any device, adding the much-needed flexibility to this domain. The native solution is centered on providing a user-friendly interface and exceptional customer experience. On the Clock Assistance by AI Bots EXCOLONY AI provides real-time support to its users. Whether its users looking for help to change their password, or seeking any guidance with regards to any transaction, they can simply turn to AI bots for the needed assistance. In case users want to connect to EXCOLONY experts, they can request the AI Bots for the same and connect with human intelligence in no time. Furthermore, newcomers often face problems in understanding the basic functioning of a platform. To help such users, AI provides them with useful textual and video assistance to obtain a better understanding of the platform and its operations. Referral Program to Incentivize Users EXCOLONY is a user-centric exchange platform that ensures its users gain optimum profits. If a member refers a friend to the platform, he/she receives a bonus of 5%. However, to avail the incentive, the referral has to purchase EXC tokens on the ICO. Following that, users get a 50% reduction off their trading fees on the platform. Multiple Payment Gateways for Global Users Typically, exchange platforms accept limited transactional modes, making it difficult for many users from specific geographical locations to trade in cryptocurrency. However, EXCOLONY maintains a strong business network with leading banks from around the world to facilitate easy and efficient fund deposits and transactions. It also offers other depositing methods that includes VISA/Master and straight cryptocurrency transactions. The team is presently planning to partner with payments and local payment gateways of more than 50 countries worldwide. Securing Transactions with Smart Contracts Smart contracts entail various checks and balances to ensure its signatories adhere to the laid out conditions. It covers all the terms and conditions of a transaction and is verified by all the members in a particular chain. EXCOLONY enables users to secure their transactions via smart contracts, thereby ensuring anonymity, fast transactions, high security, and low transaction fees. EXCOLONY - Evolving the Cryptocurrency Landscape EXCOLONY is an exchange platform that focuses on providing its users with a seamless digital trading experience. It offers the speed of centralized exchanges and the security of the decentralized platform, to ensure users can transact with maximum efficiency. EXCOLONY, the FIRST EXCHANGE using ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in trading, having SAFU INSURANCE for users who have been hacked, owning tokens CAN BE CONVERTED TO COMPANY SHARE via ICCO, will become a trend in the future. There are several functions such as Paygate, delegated investment and demo exchange for traders in the crypto world Doing Airdrop for total $1.250.000 FREE (Only for 5000 people) Join now click here Pre- ICO time: 7/10/2018 - 14/10/2018: Bonus 50% ICO starts on 15/10/2018 - 30/11/2018: Bonus up to 30% - Website: https://excolony.com/ - Telegram: https://t.me/excolonyglobal - Twitter: https://twitter.com/excolonyglobal - Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/excolony - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/excolony/ - Github: https://github.com/ExcolonyGlobal - Medium: https://medium.com/@excolonyglobal tag: excolony, exc, platform, exchange, icco, safu, ai, ico The post EXCOLONY - A Profitable And Efficient Trading Experience appeared first on ZyCrypto.

3 months ago

Eximchain #Mainnet 1.0 is live! If you're in Singapore this ...

Eximchain #Mainnet 1.0 is live! If you're in Singapore this week, join the founders of Eximchain this Thursday for… https://t.co/8OkAU9IjRr

3 months ago

Eximchain ready to launch enterprise blockchain network for global supply chain

Eximchain, a platform focused on empowering global supply chains through blockchain, confirmed today it will launch its mainnet on 5th October 2018 (EST). Eximchain builds use-case specific applications on its mainnet. Eximchain is partnering with some of the......

4 months ago

RWTH Aachen won the Cluster of excellence of the DFG (Science founding in Germany) with the internet of production with IOTA

RWTH Aachen won the cluster of excelence which is a Federal German excellence initiative. The RWTH Aachen won it for the project of the internet of production which is powered by IOTA. This means a grand for 7 years of funding with the option of additional 7 years afterwards. "On 25 and 26 September 2018, the members of the international Committee of Experts appointed by the Joint Science Conference (GWK) will discuss the 88 proposals for new Clusters of Excellence on the basis of the international review sessions already carried out. The final selection will be made on 27 September in the Excellence Commission, which brings together the members of the Committee of Experts and science and research ministers from the federal and state governments. " "The aim of the Excellence Strategy is to strengthen Germany’s position as an outstanding place for research in the long term and further improve its international competitiveness. It continues the development of German universities successfully begun with the Excellence Initiative by supporting research of the highest standard, enhancing research profiles, and facilitating cooperation in the research system." “Clusters of Excellence (EXC) for project-based funding in internationally competitive fields of research at universities or university consortia. The DFG is responsible for developing and implementing this funding line. Proposals are reviewed and decided upon in an academically driven, two-stage competitive process (draft proposals and full proposals). A total of approximately €385 million are available annually for Clusters of Excellence. Final decisions will be made by the Excellence Commission on 27 September 2018. Funding will commence on 1 January 2019.” [http://www.dfg.de/download/pdf/foerderung/programme/exzellenzstrategie/exstra\_entscheidung\_exc\_180927.pdf](http://www.dfg.de/download/pdf/foerderung/programme/exzellenzstrategie/exstra_entscheidung_exc_180927.pdf)...

4 months ago

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