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XRP Rich List: Who Are the Top XRP Holders in 2024?

By March 27, 2024 No Comments

On-chain data shows that the top 50 largest addresses on the XRP rich list control about 51% of XRP’s circulating supply, worth about $17.2 billion at current market rates. Meanwhile, the top 10 largest XRP holders control more than 11 billion XRP coins, worth $6.8 billion.

In this article, we are going to explore the current distribution of XRP among top addresses and examine who the largest XRP holders are.

XRP rich list by the percentage of holdings in 2024

As of March 2024, there are 54,880,000,000 XRP in circulation, with the XRP cryptocurrency’s market cap standing at $33.7 billion. The split between the top 50 addresses – each of which holds at least 200 million XRP – and the remaining addresses is roughly fifty-fifty. 

XRP rich list distribution in 2024:

  • Top 10 XRP Addresses: 11,109,526,443 XRP (20.24% of circ. supply)
  • Top 10-50 XRP Addresses: 15,647,486,892 XRP (28.51% of circ. supply)
  • Remaining Addresses: 28,122,986,665 XRP (51.24% of circ. supply)
  • Total Addresses: 4,840,747
The ratio of circulating XRP supply between the top 50 largest addresses and the remaining 4.8 million is roughly fifty-fifty.

The 10 top addresses on the XRP rich list

There is no indication that the largest XRP addresses belong to individual holders. Seven addresses belong to large cryptocurrency exchanges, and two belong to Ripple. There is only one address that is unknown and could potentially belong to an unknown XRP whale, although it’s more likely that the address belongs to a company.

OwnerNumber of XRP% of Circ. SupplyBlockchain address
Ripple #11,960,027,0123.57%rMQ98K56yXJbDGv49ZSmW51sLn94Xe1mu1
Ripple #21,541,294,0792.81%rKveEyR1SrkWbJX214xcfH43ZsoGMb3PEv
Binance #11,477,168,7122.69%rEy8TFcrAPvhpKrwyrscNYyqBGUkE9hKaJ
Uphold #11,372,766,2732.50%rBEc94rUFfLfTDwwGN7rQGBHc883c2QHhx
Binance #2939,171,5821.70%rs8ZPbYqgecRcDzQpJYAMhSxSi5htsjnza
Uphold #2830,477,7661.53%rsX8cp4aj9grKVD9V1K2ouUBXgYsjgUtBL
Data collected on March 27, 2024.

Binance controls the most XRP out of all exchanges, with two addresses in the top 10 holding a combined 4.34% of all coins in circulation. Still, Ripple is the largest holder of XRP, with the two addresses in the top 10 holding 3.5 billion XPR, or 6.38% of all circulating supply.

The XRP rich list’s top 10 addresses by percentage.

It is worth noting that the list of the largest XRP addresses hasn’t changed much since the start of last year. In fact, most addresses control virtually the same number of coins as at the beginning of the year.

The bottom line: The top 10 addresses on the XRP rich list hold 20.2% of all circulating XRP coins

As of March 2024, most of XRP’s circulating supply is centralized in a couple of dozen addresses, with just the top 10 addresses holding over 20% of XRP. Moreover, the amount of XRP held by the top 50 addresses roughly equals the number of XRP held by the remaining 4.8 million users.

For comparison, the top 10 Bitcoin addresses hold 5.7% of the BTC circulating supply, which highlights Bitcoin’s high level of supply decentralization. It is worth noting that XRP is much more decentralized than some other cryptocurrencies – the top 10 addresses on Ethereum, for instance, control 34.7% of circulating supply, whereas Dogecoin’s 10 largest addresses hold a staggering 46.6% of all DOGE.

Overall, XRP is one of the most promising altcoin projects in the crypto industry today, thanks to its clear focus on solving real-world problems and partnerships with blue-chip companies.