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X2Y2 Pro Teams Up With Oasys to Advance Blockchain Gaming

By February 6, 2024 No Comments
X2Y2 Pro Teams Up With Oasys to Advance Blockchain Gaming

Key Takeaways 

  • NFT marketplace X2Y2 Pro has partnered with blockchain gaming platform Oasys to integrate NFT trading tools across Oasys’ gaming verses.
  • The collaboration aims to advance blockchain-based gaming by enabling new token economies and asset transferability between games.
  • X2Y2 Pro is live on three of Oasys’ Layer 2 gaming servers already populated by many crypto game titles and communities.
  • Industry observers have noted the huge potential of this partnership to unlock the next generation of GameFi and tokenized gaming models.

To bridge the worlds of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain-based gaming, prominent players in each space have joined forces. X2Y2 Pro, the NFT marketplace run by X2Y2, has announced integration with several blockchain “verses” operated by gaming platform Oasys.

Oasys offers a blockchain tailored specifically for hosting crypto video games. With backing from gaming giants like SEGA and Ubisoft, Oasys aims to provide the infrastructure for the next generation of Web3 games that utilize tokenized assets. By partnering with X2Y2 Pro, Oasys brings seasoned NFT exchange functionality into its gaming ecosystems.

X2Y2 Pro Goes Live on Multiple Oasys Blockchains

As a first step, X2Y2 Pro has gone live on three of Oasys’ “Layer 2” blockchains focused on gaming: Geso Verse, DM2 Verse, and HOME Verse. These secondary chains are anchored to Oasys’ main “Layer 1” blockchain yet offer faster transaction speeds and lower costs for gaming applications.

The three verses already host many crypto game titles with enthusiastic player bases. By introducing X2Y2 Pro’s NFT trading tools, Oasys enables new GameFi (play-to-earn gaming) possibilities for these users. Gamers can now freely exchange tokenized in-game assets, allowing them to own virtual possessions and unlock financial value.

For game developers building on Oasys, X2Y2 Pro also provides versatile NFT marketplace functionality to enrich token-based incentive programs. As adoption grows, X2Y2 also intends to expand integration to Oasys’ Layer 1 mainnet.

Partnership Propels Blockchain Gaming Innovation

Industry observers have noted the huge potential of this collaboration to advance blockchain gaming into its next era. Oasys is rapidly becoming a hub for crypto gaming creation, with over 320 titles currently in development. Linking this ecosystem with X2Y2 Pro’s extensive NFT trading and data analytics unlocks new economic dimensions.

As Oasys CEO Daiki Moriyama commented, “This integration gives Oasys users access to X2Y2’s extensive NFT trading and data services. GameFi is entering an age where tokenized assets can fluidly transfer across multiple games and metaverses.”

Oasys CTO Kota Ozawa added, “X2Y2 Pro will mesh perfectly with our high-speed, low-cost Layer-1 and user-friendly Layer-2 Verses. Their tech and our tech were made for each other.”

The partnership aligns with X2Y2’s 2023 roadmap to give NFT holders more avenues for deriving value. The team stated, “This partnership aligns with our vision for 2023, where we aim to furnish NFT holders with greater opportunities to unlock value from their portfolios.”

With the building blocks now in place, developers can craft rich token-based economies to drive engagement. As blockchain gaming advances from hype toward maturity, collaborations like this may provide a crucial piece of the puzzle.