Why You Should Own War4Earth Bastion Land

By September 26, 2022 No Comments
The Bastion War for Earth

The Bastion is the War for Earth metaverse users access during gameplay. This ecosystem consists of 15 districts. Each district has a subset of 1,000 plots, which War for Earth calls Turf. Users can purchase Turf, then sell it. Eventually, War for Earth will allow Turf owners to customize their land.

Why should you own Bastion land in War for Earth? Here are some advantages and benefits to being a landowner in this exciting game.


The War for Earth Bastion is intended to create both social and economic growth. Users are encouraged to explore the new world, level up their characters and in-game items, and participate in the NFT marketplace.

Smart contract use

Smart contracts are used in War for Earth to manage territories or oversee political influence. It’s through these Defi instruments that much of the game’s control takes place. Additionally, these types of financial epicenters introduce advantages to NFTs holders and FKD token holders.


Land value will increase significantly when conflicts and territorial disputes arise.


Since War for Earth is built on the Binance Smart Chain, the platform’s governance model gives players the highest possible level of control within the War for Earth ecosystem.

Unique factions

Every district (Bastion subsections) has its own unique faction. As a result, users have the ability to enroll in a district and benefit from the resources it offers. This is available with any district the player chooses to domicile in.

Turf Wars

Landholders can host or participate in Turf Wars. These wars have teams gather and engage in PvP battles. This is similar to a tournament, with teams determining what the stakes will be. Winner takes all!

Charging stations

Every piece of Turf in War for Earth will include charging stations. These stations allow warriors to recharge their energy. In exchange for recharging, warriors will pay landowners a fee in FKD.

Freedom of choice

The War for Earth Bastion is split up into 15 districts. Players are free to select where they work, live, and earn FKD. They have the freedom of choice to do whatever they want.

In-game revenue distribution

All War for Earth Turf holders receive FKD distributions. 9.5% of in-game revenue is gathered split among users who hold Turf.

Ownership rights

All Turf owners in War for Earth own any resources on their Turf. As a result, owners get to set the terms of any contract they enter into with other players who may want to harvest their resources. They have complete and total ownership rights over anything on their Turf.