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What is Crypto Staking? Get 13% APY with Student Coin Staking

By July 19, 2021 No Comments

If you are new in the crypto area, you’re probably wondering what’s the deal with crypto staking and why people prefer it instead of mining. Well, the answer is pretty simple. Mining requires a lot of computational power and the equipment is rather expensive. 

On the other hand, staking means depositing your crypto in a pool and getting daily rewards for as long as your assets are locked. No equipment, no effort. An easy method to earn passive income.

However, staking comes with its risks, so you need to know what you’re doing in the first place.

The impermanent loss – and how to avoid it

If you are going to stake cryptos like Ethereum, you need to be prepared for a sudden bear run. Because if you stake 10 ETH when the individual value is $1,900, but by the end of the staking period, an ETH values $1,000, then the daily rewards don’t cover your loss. 

This happens especially on Uniswap, Sushiswap, and PancakeSwap, where most of the stakes are usually in ETH, USDT, or USDC – which are some of the most common and volatile cryptocurrencies.

To cover any possible losses, it’s wise to look for crypto platforms that give high APY (Annual Percentage Yield). And one of them is Student Coin (STC).

Student Coin APY

Student Coin is one of the best offering crypto ecosystems, with a 13% APY for staked STC tokens. This can not only give you a significant profit in a year, but it also protects you from unpredictable market changes. 

The STC Token can be bought directly on the Student Coin platform, giving you instant access to the STC Wallet and, therefore, to the staking option.

Student Coin Ecosystem

Student Coin amazed many investors and crypto enthusiasts in just a couple of months, even before the STC was listed on other exchanges. 

Its token is already in the top 500 cryptocurrencies, with a Market Cap of $33M and an average daily price change of +9%. And that’s just the bottom line.

The Student Coin project already has 250,000 users, and it’s backed up by over 500 Universities, including Stanford and Princeton.

This remarkable success of Student Coin is because of the team’s unique approach towards people’s needs, especially students’ needs. The ecosystem has the following main features:

  • The STC Terminal

This is the feature that drives so many users to the platform – the possibility to build their own STC-based tokens without any coding knowledge. It gives a wide range of token types, from corporate ones to NFTs. 

To make things even more interesting, users can launch crowdfunding proposals in exchange for their new token and quickly get the money needed – for studies, business launches, etc. 

  • The STC Exchange

Those who invest in STC-based tokens can use them for forex trading on the STC Exchange. You can also make deposits and withdraw your profit in a matter of seconds.

  • The STC Learning

To play a role in the expansion of cryptocurrency acceptance, the team behind Student Coin decided to build a complete Learning program for crypto newbies

The program covers everything from basic info about blockchain to the challenges for every popular coin. And to make sure their students actually learn something, each subchapter is followed by a mini-test. 

If you don’t pass the test, you can’t read the next part of the course.  

  • The STC App

This will be available in November 2021, and it will give you the opportunity to do all of the Student Coin activities on the go. Right now you can download beta version of the app (it will be soon updated):

Staking, trading, learning, or even creating your token. All of these will soon be in your pocket. 

What are you waiting for? Start staking your crypto on Student Coin Wallet and get 13% APY yearly!