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What Are the Top Staking Trends to Watch for in 2022?

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Crypto future of staking & what are the staking trends in 2022 

The role of staking in the crypto market has been growing over the past couple of years, and there’s no doubt it will keep rising in 2022. Why? More people get interested in crypto sales since the news about El Salvador officially made Bitcoin legal tender in September 2021 and the number of coins keeps growing. In addition, more people can afford to invest in crypto since the introduction of the PoS consensus mechanism. Numerous crypto investment sites emerge every year making it more lucrative to stake crypto coins. We believe that in 2022, will hit the list of the best crypto staking sites. Where will you be at that time?

Top crypto staking trends in 2022 

Regulations in crypto

It’s not a secret that governments are discussing possible opportunities and threats of the cryptocurrencies. That’s why, several US Senate Committee hearings took place in 2021. Crypto investors need to get ready to provide more details about their income in their tax reports and for $10K transactions. This will not be implemented until 2024, but we should get ready for more regulations in 2022.

Those who live outside the United States shouldn’t relax too much, since a lot of countries will follow suit. The European Union has already adopted MiCA in March this year. MiCA or Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation, introduced in 2020, is a legal framework in the EU created to promote innovation and fair competition in the crypto market, secure cryptocurrency investment and address risks that might arise in the process of wide use of crypto assets. More regulations are expected in Turkey, South Korea and Japan.

NFT staking’s popularity might drop

NFT has seen skyrocketing growth in a very short time and now the question remains whether the growth continues or the mania reaches stagnation. The demand for NFTs is still strong on the marketplace and a lot of buzz around it is because of NFT’s refreshing potential to transform art. Recently we’ve even come across a cartoon collection of Zelensky vs Putin NFTs. Our advice is, if you haven’t tried NFTs yet, don’t rush to throw all your money there, since investing 2022 might be not as promising and this year is going to test whether the hype around them can match the usage.

Ethereum moves toward Proof-of-Stake model

Ethereum’s roadmap for 2022 includes some important steps to the transition from PoW to PoS. The Beacon Chain introduced proof-of-stake to the Ethereum ecosystem, but it hasn’t changed the way Ethereum essentially works yet. The plans for 2022 include merging with the mainnet which means dramatic consensus change reducing energy consumption by 99.95%.

Other altcoins are predicted to keep growing in 2022, surely, with some volatility. Go to MyCoinitainter staking crypto assets page to find top currencies to invest in this year.

Crypto potential and how it’s going to affect the cryptocurrency market

Any reputable platform with cryptocurrency market analysis will provide the list of altcoins that have seen the biggest growth in the past couple of years. Most of the time, they include Ethereum, Polkadot, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar. Thus, altcoin price prediction for 2022 can be made for those most well-known and relatively stable coins. As for numerous other assets, the degree of volatility can be enormous. That’s why crypto staking is so compelling – you can literally make a fortune overnight.

Some altcoins have been endorsed for having newer features than Bitcoin, for example, handling more transactions per second. Being decentralized and less regulated, they have more space for innovation and, consequently, a big potential for transforming the crypto market.

Crypto market research report – rise of altcoins and its impact on future cryptocurrency markets

As you may already know, altcoin means any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. Ethereum is the most well-known altcoin, but these days there are numerous popular coins that have seen a steady ascent for a decent period of time. To be more precise, in February 2022, 17,000 cryptocurrencies were known. All altcoins available, make up 40% of the crypto market cap.

Ethereum is the best-known altcoin. Ether, its native token, has grown immensely since it was launched in 2015. Despite all the price fluctuations, it’s highest in 2021 was $4,800 and altcoin price prediction 2022 by some experts states it can grow by 400% this year.

Future cryptocurrency predictions: Where will cryptocurrency be in 5 years?

There’s no doubt that in five years the crypto market will be more legally limited than now. Countries are actively looking for ways to both regulate and secure the crypto market. In 2021, we noticed that the prices of altcoins are more or less tied to the price of Bitcoin. Surely, it might change, but future coin predictions for altcoins are connected to the coin price prediction of Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies have huge degrees of fluctuation but one thing remains clear – constant growth. Wall-Street investors’ future cryptocurrency predictions state that Bitcoin’s value is going to reach at least $200,000 by spring 2027, and we believe that altcoins will follow suit.