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Wallex Strives To Be An All-In-One Ecosystem Which Offers Many Useful Custody Services And Features

By April 20, 2022 No Comments

In such a fast-paced and growing industry, many investors have often said that an all-in-one platform is greatly needed in this day and age. After all, entry barriers have often been an issue for many in the DeFi sector, which is exactly why the Wallex team has established its respective platform to help resolve this problem.

Understanding Wallex

Wallex may best be described as an all-encompassing asset as well as a virtual asset ecosystem which allows everyone to easily enter the digital asset market and incorporate cryptocurrency-related activities into their businesses and everyday life.

To that end, the Wallex ecosystem provides innovative banking along with a wide range of services and features which mix blockchain technology with that of traditional finance. Essentially, Wallex’s infrastructure hopes to support the future of real and digital assets while creating a novel experience that rewards everyone at the same time. So, whether it is an individual, a business, or any type of fintech project, Wallex aims to serve them all.

Why Wallex?

To begin with, Wallex strives to be extremely compliant and secure. The ecosystem offers financial solutions based on a legitimate, regulated, and secure infrastructure, which makes it easier to transition into the next age of digitization. Wallex is thus completely genuine, as the platform is subject to the exact same capital requirements in addition to also being audited in the same way as traditional financial institutions. In the DeFi industry, many projects tend to be unregulated which is often a serious cause for concern among investors, but the Wallex team has gone above and beyond to ensure that this will not be the case here.

Wallex also features a boundless ecosystem, which implies that the platform’s users will have fast access to every preferred fiat currency as well as virtual assets, along with anything else that they may need. As such, there are plenty of different currencies available to Wallex users such as popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and even conventional fiat currencies such as the Euro, British Pound, and United States Dollar.

Anything else?

Customers of Wallex can earn interest by gaining access to new financial possibilities outside of digital assets. These innovative techniques to generate extra money are unquestionably required in today’s uncertain and ever-changing world.

There are other custody choices that provide safe, adaptable, and dependable solutions, and Wallex strives to be the best in this regard as the platform was named a top custodian recently. Also, a business incubator, asset protection, white label API, tokenized payments, neobanking, and fiat, as well as cryptocurrency boosters to accelerate cash flow, are among a wide variety of significant features associated with Wallex.

Future goals and overall vision

Regarding immediate objectives, the Wallex team plans to continue expanding the ecosystem’s global footprint, as well as launch the institutional program and become a commercial trust for digital currencies. Wallex shall also provide stablecoin services on a wide scale to aid in mainstream acceptance of the industry. As of now, Wallex has more than 500K clients, a revenue of over $7.4 billion, and has onboarded 218 platforms to date.

Ultimately, Wallex aspires to provide lots of variety for all kinds of customers, including enterprises, people, exchanges, innovators, over-the-counter (OTC) desks, dealers, brokers, and more with a diverse set of services and innovative features. The Wallex team possesses many years of relevant expertise in various fields such as compliance, banking, and trading, ensuring that regulatory and KYC standards are met at all costs to guarantee consumer safety and satisfaction.