Volodymyr Nosov Has Announced Collaboration Between WhiteBIT and Bilkent CYBERPARK

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On the 25th of April, the WhiteBIT crypto exchange CEO, Volodymyr Nosov, wrote on his Instagram about his visit to one of the largest technology parks in Turkey, Bilkent Cyberpark. Volodymyr Nosov was accompanied by General Manager Faruk Inaltekin and International Projects Manager Okan Yamak.

Volodymyr Nosov described his impressions of the visit as follows, “WhiteBIT extremely appreciates the potential and expert opinions of specialists, so the idea immediately arose to give life to a project that would allow sharing experience, teaching, and enabling talented youth to engage in the blockchain technologies development based on the Turkish cyber park. We will also be able to share the experience with our colleagues by joining forces to share knowledge between Turkish and Ukrainian specialists. I am sure WhiteBIT will perfectly complement and even give a second wind to Bilkent Cyberpark.”

Kharkiv-based crypto exchange WhiteBIT opened an office in Turkey shortly before the start of the war in Ukraine. Thus, part of the WhiteBIT team was already working from there. After the outbreak of hostilities, the company organized the evacuation of employees from Kharkiv to safer regions of Ukraine and Turkey.

So why Turkey? Volodymyr Nosov commented on the WhiteBIT company’s decision, “I felt that we are very similar to the Turks, in particular, in our views on the future. On the one hand, we are united by love and respect for traditions. On the other hand, we aspire to be at the forefront of technology and innovation.”

Thus, Turkey has become a promising market for the WhiteBIT crypto exchange and Volodymyr Nosov by opening up new partnership opportunities. For example, on the 23rd of April, Volodymyr Nosov published a post on his social media about his meeting with Hasan Onal, General Director of the Department of e-commerce, digital trading, and new generation technologies of Turkey.

During this visit, they discussed the regulation of digital assets at the legislative level. The WhiteBIT exchange, originating from Kharkiv, may well advise on this issue, as it was directly involved in developing similar legislation on digital assets in Ukraine. Moreover, Volodymyr Nosov himself is an ardent supporter of the mass adoption of blockchain technology, which can be significantly facilitated by the recognition and support of the state.

All this indicates that we should wait for new announcements from Volodymyr Nosov about upcoming collaborations with Turkish projects and, above all, with Bilkent CYBERPARK.

About WhiteBIT

WhiteBIT is a centralized crypto exchange that offers a great variety of both digital assets and national currencies. The WhiteBIT exchange has over 2.5 million users worldwide and is considered the largest crypto exchange platform in Europe. The company was founded in 2018 in Ukraine by a team mainly from Kharkiv. The CEO of the WhiteBIT crypto exchange is Volodymyr Nosov. The WhiteBIT company complies with KYC and AML standards and is among the Top 2 most secure exchanges globally according to an independent Hacken audit, which is why many consider it the best exchange for crypto.

About Bilkent CYBERPARK

Bilkent CYBERPARK is one of the largest technoparks in Turkey. It unites 240 R&D companies, 5 research centers, 1 micro-nano chip factory, 4000 approximate employees, and 115 000 m2 indoor space. Bilkent CYBERPARK offers technopark services to companies operating in technology and software development, supports new companies with the potential to produce advanced technology, and cooperates with international institutions.