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Void 2122: The Future of Web 3 Gaming Unveiled — Gameplay, NFTs, and Genesis Launch Details

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VOID 2122

October 10th, 2023 – Los Angeles, CaliforniaCoinscribble by Coinbound

What is Void 2122 //

In the ever-evolving landscape of Web 3 gaming, a revolution was brewing. In February 2022, the founders of Void 2122 came together, driven by both frustration and a bold vision for the future of interactive entertainment. The team saw an industry marred by overly ambitious projects, lengthy development cycles, and a disconnection from the essence of fun. Existing games seemed more like speculative ventures, capitalizing on the NFT gaming hype, rather than delivering the captivating experiences players craved.

Void 2122 was the team’s answer, a testament to ingenuity born from constraints. It was conceived as a card game, strategically tailored to embrace the NFT trend while maintaining feasibility in development, setting it apart from grandiose 3D worlds and metaverses.

At the heart of Void 2122 beats what the team likes to call the “Three E’s”: Entertaining, Engaging, Evolving. Every facet of the game design had to harmonize with these guiding principles. But it wasn’t just about creativity; it was about practicality. The founders knew they had to navigate the treacherous nature of game development, balancing rules, resources, and time to create a game that would endure in both gameplay and longevity.

To make a game successful, it primarily needs to be fun. Striking the right balance is a challenge—too easy and players lose interest; too complicated, and only committed players will stay. The aim was straightforward: create a thrilling game where strategy is tested against either computer or human opponents. In this game, the “units” were the stars.

Drawing inspiration from the game theory of renowned franchises like Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon, both celebrated for their lasting impact on the gaming world, the founders took on a challenge to refine and overhaul. Imagine a world where players could not only choose cards but craft them, where the community’s creativity melded seamlessly with gameplay—a vision etched into the very DNA of Void 2122.

In Void 2122, players don’t just play the game; they become a part of it, shaping its evolution and sharing in the thrill of strategy, wit, and camaraderie. This is not just a game; it’s a testament to the transformative power of vision, innovation, and a profound love for the art of gaming. Welcome to Void 2122, where the future of Web 3 gaming is now.

Gameplay //

Void 2122 unveils a unique gameplay mechanic in the ever-changing world of Web3 gaming. Rather than simply gathering powerful cards and units, the system calls for strategic planning and creative decision-making. Players are invited to partake in a gaming experience that challenges the norm and inspires innovative thinking.

Player-Owned and Custom Units: Central to Void 2122 is the focus on units that players own and customize themselves. Breaking away from usual gaming limits, Void 2122 allows players to create and control their own units. This added personal touch makes each battle distinct and meaningful.

Unit Upgrades and Modifications: Flexibility reigns supreme in Void 2122. Players possess the liberty to upgrade and modify their units, aligning them with their ever-evolving strategies. Whether it’s honing abilities or tailoring attributes, the scope for customization knows no bounds. (coded but not activated)

Unit Upgrades and Changes: Void 2122 offers a lot of freedom. Players can easily update and tweak their units to fit changing game plans. Whether it’s improving skills or adjusting traits, customization options are wide open. (coded but not activated)

Create Your Own Units: More than just tweaking, Void 2122 lets players and teams actually make their own units. This gives the community real creative power and helps the game grow along with its players. (coded but not activated)

Player-Led Story: In Void 2122, players aren’t just playing; they’re part of the ongoing story. Active involvement is encouraged as each player’s actions add to the overall story of Void 2122. Every win and every move helps shape the bigger picture.

Play to Win, Not Pay to Win: The team stands firmly for a fair and balanced gaming experience in Void 2122. From the start, the game was fully developed, underlining the commitment to player-centric gameplay. Here, clever strategy trumps wallet size—dedicated and ingenious players can easily outsmart those who simply spend to acquire powerful units.
Strategy: Without giving away too many ideas and strategies. Here are some examples.

  • Cornering: Starting with a unit in a corner requires defending only two sides instead of four. Using a low-level unit with two strong sides is a smart opening move, forcing the opponent to deploy a more expensive unit to take that sector.
  • Turtling: Turtling builds on the corner strategy, aiming to establish strong defenses to dominate one side of the board.
  • Brute Force: The Brute Force approach involves using units with high attack but low defense. This strategy aims to seize one or more units each turn, tipping the balance in favor of the player who goes second.

Luck Factor: Besides acquiring powerful units and employing solid strategies, an element of luck adds unpredictability. With a standard deck of 26 units and a hand limit of 5 cards, not every unit will be in play. Drawing that crucial card when needed can tip the scales in a player’s favor.

NFT //

Genesis NFTs: The initial Genesis launch of UNIT NFTs of Void 2122, will be happening on the Ethereum network. These NFTs are the keys to a universe of limitless possibilities.

Rare and Remarkable Units: In these exclusive packs, players will find not just cards, but rare versions of the units themselves. These rarities boast the maximum starting values for their specific units and come equipped with the maximum modification slots available.

A Glimpse into the Past and Future: What sets these Genesis NFTs apart from future releases is their age. Minted during the beginning of Void 2122, these units will always have more “experience points” than all future unit releases, allowing for earlier upgrades and improvements.

Pack Details: Each pack contains a meticulously curated selection of 6 cards, designed to elevate a player’s Void 2122 deck. Within, players will discover Two level 1 units, Two level 2 units, One level 3 unit, and One Level 4 unit, each in their rarest form, ready to amplify strategies.

The Cost of Immortality: To claim a stake in Void 2122’s history, each pack is priced at 0.1 ETH, providing access to these exceptional NFTs. But act swiftly; there will be a limited supply of 2122 packs available.
Mark Your Calendar: Minting for these Genesis NFTs is set to commence on October 31, 2023. Stay tuned for the exact block number, which will be announced shortly. This is an opportunity to own a piece of the future, the past, and the present of Void 2122.