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Top 5 Exchanges to Swap Crypto Without Account Verification

By November 16, 2023 No Comments

Cryptocurrencies were conceived as a means of anonymous payments. But with the increasing integration of digital money into the real economy, its anonymity is becoming less accessible. There are fewer and fewer platforms where you can convert BTC to ETH without disclosing personal data. However, maintaining anonymity when conducting crypto-fiat transactions using bank cards or accounts is almost impossible.

The most difficult situation is for centralized crypto exchanges, which act as a link between traditional finance and the cryptocurrency market. They are required to comply with legal requirements and KYC procedures become mandatory. Decentralized crypto exchanges, so far, are not subject to control by external authorities and are more consistent with the basic principles of the cryptosphere.

However, if you are only interested in Crypto/Crypto (between cryptocurrencies) transactions, then there are still ways to remain incognito. This is even possible on some centralized platforms.

HTX (Huobi)

This is one of the few top crypto exchanges with a loyal attitude towards anonymous clients. At the same time, the company also complies with KYC and AML standards in accordance with international norms. Users can trade on HTX in both the spot and futures markets, as well as use margin trading. The exchange also provides analysis and charting tools. The ecosystem has its own multifunctional token HT. It is used to pay commissions, and also gives you the right to vote and receive discounts.


OKX, another top crypto exchange with a friendly approach to anonymous users. This platform provides access to the trading terminal immediately after registering an account. If you do not plan to make fiat deposits and withdrawals, the verification procedure is not required. The exchange offers spot and margin trading, derivatives, passive income generation, and NFT trading. The total number of cryptocurrencies available on the platform is about 200 types.


This platform is the leader among decentralized exchanges in terms of trading volume. It uses an automatic market maker mechanism and contributes greatly to the popularity of this innovative model. At first, Uniswap operated on the Ethereum blockchain, but over time it switched to a second-layer solution.

What makes Uniswap unique is the ability for any user to add their own cryptocurrency to the platform. In addition, this site has its own UNI token, which provides the right to participate in project management.

Decentralized trading platforms do not provide a registration procedure. To work with them, just connect your crypto wallet.


A decentralized trading platform that provides a wide range of tools for margin and perpetual trading to users. It operates on StarkEx, a layer 2 solution for the Ethereum blockchain. However, this trading platform plans to move its operations to its own blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Formally, the volume of transactions is not limited, but technical restrictions are not uncommon here. Decentralized platforms have appeared relatively recently and are more complex than centralized ones. Since they have a fairly modest number of users, trading platforms often face a lack of liquidity.


A non-custodial trading platform that is available to users around the world. The service is available without registering an account and supports over 3,900 coins and tokens. Swaps are performed quickly and anonymously. The platform interface is very simple and clear. Since the service cooperates with many reputable exchanges, it does not have problems with liquidity. There are no limits on the number and volume of transactions.

And yet, until the world is ready to abandon fiat money, the ability to remain incognito is quite illusory. You can move coins between different platforms as much as you like, but every crypto-fiat transaction involving a bank card provides a clue to de-anonymizing the user.