Token for Massive Blockchain Usage Lands on ProBit Global Launchpad

By April 28, 2022 No Comments

The ProBit Global’s Launchpad is set to feature ICOM, the utility token of the iCommunity Labs ecosystem which seeks to democratize how blockchain technology is used.

The premium initial exchange offering (IEO) package aims to enhance ICOM’s global exposure and bolster its fundraising effort following a successful stringent vetting process.

With the iCommunity Blockchain Solution (iBS) low-code platform at its core, ICOM is designed to be the utility token for the iCommunity Labs ecosystem which seeks to help businesses and people surmount the mass adoption barrier posed by Blockchain’s technical complexity, operational costs, and other required infrastructure.

The cloud-based iBS offers ready-to-use blockchain solutions. It allows any company in any industry to deploy Blockchain in its business without having to deal with associated costs for implementation, maintenance of the infrastructure, and evolution of the technology.

ICOM is used to facilitate all service transactions on the iBS platform at varying prices based on factors such as the blockchain network, use case, product, or functionality. It is also used to vote on governance decisions, and as rewards to eligible clients in exchange only for services on the platform.

The demand for ICOM is expected to rise as companies and activities increase on the iCommunity Labs platform.

Starting from 25 April till 6 May 2022, ICOM will be priced at $0.3/ICOM for the IEO. Sold tokens are subject to a vesting (or timed distribution) period with 20% released upon listing after the token generation event (TGE) while the remaining 80% get released 60 days afterward. 


ICOM is the Ethereum-based ERC-20 utility token used as a means of payment for goods or services provided within the iCommunity ecosystem. It is the only means to acquire and use the various use cases within the iCommunity Blockchain Solution (iBS) platform and the rest of the ecosystem which includes integrated companies, affiliates, and partners. 


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