Token for Licensed Machine Learning Trading Platform Lists on ProBit Global

By May 19, 2022 No Comments

The token of Estonia-licensed Ethax company which offers an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning suite of products that enable a ‘plug and play’ approach to digital assets is now trading on ProBit Global

The team augmented their latest listing with a total prize pool of 130,000 ETHAX with rewards equally split across a recently conducted AMA on ProBit Global’s telegram channel as well as an ongoing trading competition featuring its newly added USDT and BTC pairs. 

Meant to drive the use and demand of the ETHAX token, ​​the suite of products and services complement the digital asset business’ trading software designed to be an automated machine learning cryptocurrency trading platform. 

The ETHAX token is used to pay the cost of using the Machine Learning Trading Platform (MLTP) software with a 50% discount on the license fee. It is also used to reward those who stake ETHAX tokens – with a very competitive 29.2% APY – in the staking pool which is at the centre of the multimillion-dollar ETHAX Investment Fund. 

The ETHAX Investment Fund has been operational for over three years. With the ETHAX Treasury Management which actively monitors the markets, a 1% ROI of the Investment Fund is used to buy back ETHAX tokens from public exchanges for audit purposes and burned every quarter.

On the ETHAXswap decentralized exchange, the X Swap fees will be paid in ETHAX tokens once the platform transfers from its initial no-fees to low fees for users. There will be a burn rate of 100% of all ETHAX tokens received from X Swap fees. 


Registered in the UK as a trademark of Ethax Global Ltd, ETHAX is the utility token for a digital asset business that aims to tackle the challenge of getting new investors into the blockchain and cryptocurrency space and retaining existing ones. ETHAX token also supports the public participation staking pool.


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