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The Plight Of Content Creators And What Is Being Done About It

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For the longest time, content creators have struggled in terms of gaining both the recognition and payment that they feel they deserve in exchange for their hard work and services. Whereas NFTs have helped a lot on this front, the problem still persists and many are therefore looking towards viable projects to help them in this regard. One such project is that of Flickto.

What is Flickto?

Flickto may be understood as a community media launchpad which is powered by Charles Hoskinson’s Cardano (ADA). In essence, the project aims towards helping content creators in terms of being able to provide funding to them via the utilization of certain benefits which Cardano’s ecosystem readily provides. Flickto is therefore responsible for community engagement and sponsoring as well as funding any and all new viable media projects, in addition to providing incentives and rewards.

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Using Cardano

As is so often the case with cryptocurrencies, the top projects are those which can actively help users from both a financial as well as technological standpoint. Whereas the mainstays would be the likes of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), many would agree that Cardano (ADA) has both the ability as well as the technological expertise to make a tangible difference in the lives of content creators.

Flickto is thus actively working towards offering financial rewards to FLICK token holders while generating money for projects by leveraging the distinctive features of Cardano’s blockchain and embracing Cardano’s own community. NFT (non-fungible tokens) airdrops as well as an ISPO are also expected to be live soon.

Cardano is one of the top cryptocurrency and blockchain projects in the world, and its native token, ADA, has been sitting comfortably in the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization for quite a while now. It would therefore make sense for Flickto to rely on it going forward in order for the project and to achieve its desired goals in the long run.

The FLICK token

Content creators and traders alike have been able to profit from the price action associated with numerous tokens and cryptocurrencies in the past, but the former continue to struggle despite this. It is well and good to be able to make a profit, but what is often needed is the ability to invest in a token that will empower its holders to impact important decisions which can affect their lives.

The FLICK token is a part of Cardano, and it shall add value to Flickto’s respective platform by allowing users to successfully vote on the projects which most interest them. FLICK will additionally be listed on several decentralized as well as centralized exchanges (DEXs & CEXs) and shall reportedly also be traded on the general market. This will result in further dissemination of Flickto’s financing mechanism which is largely based on fundraising.


All too often we hear about different ways through which individuals are earning via the innovative usage of cryptocurrencies. Cardano, for instance, enables its ADA holders to successfully stake their tokens via the utilization of the ‘Yorori Wallet’. To that end, Cardano has also often used ISPOs in the past to not only help improve its overall functionality, but also to assist content creators.

ISPOs (Initial Stake Pool Offerings) are a tried and tested method of raising funds for many Cardano projects. For Flickto in particular, the team shall be leveraging this approach, not just to collect funds for the project, but additionally as a sustainable source of funding for various media projects that the Flickto community decides to release through the launchpad.

Moreover, delegating to any pool can be done easily through which rewards will be distributed via FLICK tokens and it shall also make the delegators eligible to receive different project non-fungible token airdrops.  Lastly, it is also the only opportunity to purchase FLICK tokens ahead of the launch on any given exchange, apart from the presale as well as private rounds. Through delegation, Cardano’s network’s security will also be bolstered.

So far, Flickto’s ISPO has more than 1,500,000 ADA invested in it, and its community has developed tremendously in just one week since its introduction. More information can be found at


The total supply of FLICK is 5,000,000,000, according to the project’s whitepaper. In terms of distribution, 40% will be for the ISPO, 20% will be dedicated for ‘Sales and IDO’, 15% for ‘Liquidity and Treasury’, another 15% for ‘Teams, Advisors and Partners’, and finally 10% for ‘Marketing and Operations’.  The ISPO will also end once all the tokens have been successfully distributed.

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Partnerships and future plans

In order to continuously help out content creators on a long-term basis, any project would need to set up partnerships. Flickto is hence also constantly striving to establish collaborations. While the majority of its partnership announcements will take place in December, the project has nonetheless managed to secure collaborations with both Ben Morris ( as well as Geraint Harvard Jones ( Geraint and Ben have previously worked within the media industry for many years, in the positions of producers and directors.

Regarding Flickto’s future plans, as per its roadmap, the most immediate goals would appear to be the initial media project NFT airdrops, the presale, DEX liquidity, platform and application development, submission of private projects, and the release of the full core team’s respective details.

2022’s goals for the project are also quite ambitious, with events such as the IDO announcement, release of the ‘Beta Platform’, announcement of the project curation and panel, showcasing of the initial media project, release of the ‘Beta App’, and FLICK initial staking launches; all taking precedence and are scheduled to occur in January of next year. Content creators would hence in all likelihood be able to benefit immensely by utilizing projects such as Flickto.