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The Future of Wealth Technologies Explored: 3rd Annual Middle East WealthTech Forum & Awards 2023

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Wealth technologies refer to the use of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data  to provide an alternative to traditional wealth management firms. This is used with the aim of making  wealth management and investment services more efficient and automated. Wealth tech is primarily  more focused on investment and client portfolio management using digital technologies as well as tailor made products and services. Rapid digitization is a growing trend within the wealth management scope – Wealth Tech companies are primarily relying on these developing technologies, and it can be concluded  that wealth technologies will continue to rise in the future. 

The development of wealth tech has created the perfect opportunity to further Verve Management’s  agenda with the 3rd Edition of the WealthTech Forum & Awards, taking place in Dubai, UAE, on the 3rd and  4th of May 2023, at the Address Dubai Marina. The summit will feature a diverse lineup of speakers,  investors, and leading wealth managers, and even include the presence of technological corporations to  gather and discuss the revolutionary shifts in the wealth management industry as they know it. The 3rd Annual Middle East WealthTech Forum & Awards 2023 focuses on the future of wealth management, and  what industrial moves and strategic decisions financial institutions in the world today need to make to  maximize their return in this dynamic market. Attendees will have the chance to hear from keynote  speakers and participate in networking with the leading professionals in the industry and other like minded individuals. 

The event’s journey includes riveting topics such as – diving into the digitization of wealth management,  the rise of ESG, and how it plays a pivotal role in investment decision-making, the impact of blockchain  and cryptocurrency as it takes the financial market by storm, an in-depth look into the world of fin-tech,  and even expanding into the use of robot process automation in the arena of wealth management. The  financial sector within the UAE and around the world is seeing no end to this exponential growth – this  year’s summit will explore the methods, benefits, and challenges of this dynamic landscape and include  in-depth discussions on taking advantage of its current trajectory.  

The summit will feature a roster of renowned speakers sharing their insights and expertise, leading  thought-provoking conversations, some of whom are: 

– Robert Hahm – Chief Executive Officer at Mashreq Capital (DIFC) Ltd.  

– Nikhil Chouguley – Global COO, Sustainable Investing at Citibank 

– Kadayam Suresh Kaushik – Wealth Management COO, Africa & Middle East at Standard Chartered  Bank 

– Ajit Joshi – Managing Director, Head of Public & Private Markets at SHUAA Capital psc

– Sereen Ahmed – Director, Head of Trade Finance Middle East at Barclays Bank

– Anand Krishnan – Director, Head of Technology at Emirates Investment Bank 

Join us for the 3rd Annual WealthTech Forum & Awards 2023 and delve deeper into the minds of some of  the leading professionals of today and absorb what they, and the discussions yet to come, have to offer. 

To register to be a part of this summit, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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