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Telescope Labs Uses AI to Boost Web3 Gaming Economies

By July 6, 2023 No Comments
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Key takeaways

  • Telescope Labs has established strategic partnerships with industry-leading game studios and initiatives to suppor Web3 gaming.
  • Telescope Labs leverages data and AI to enhance game development, providing valuable insights into player behavior and market trends.
  • Their flagship product, Vantage, is designed to simplify data analysis and decision-making for game developers.

Telescope Labs, a London-based startup, has launched a suite of innovative products that aim to help Web3 gaming companies create and manage sustainable virtual economies. The company, which raised over $2 million in pre-seed funding from Griffin Gaming Partners and Kube VC, uses advanced data analytics and predictive models to generate insights and optimization opportunities for game developers and publishers.

Leveraging data and AI to enhance game development

According to their website, Telescope Labs offers a range of solutions, including Market Intelligence and Data Analytic tools, that enable users to access and analyze data from their games and the blockchain. By harnessing the power of AI, the company can provide valuable insights into player behavior, game performance, and market trends.

One of the company’s flagship products is Vantage, a revolutionary tool that uses a natural language query interface to allow users to easily query, visualize, and optimize their game economies. Vantage is designed to simplify data analysis and decision-making for game developers, who can use it to balance their in-game resources, prevent inflation or deflation, and enhance player engagement.

Supporting the growth of Web3 gaming with strategic partnerships

Telescope Labs has also established strategic partnerships with industry-leading game studios and initiatives such as Gamevolution, PlayEmber, Widow Games, and Pink Moon Studios. These collaborations demonstrate the company’s commitment to fostering innovation and cooperation within the fast-growing Web3 gaming sector.

“Understanding game economies is vital for successful developers, who can effectively turn games into open economies underpinned by blockchain technology.”

— said Phil Sanderson, Managing Director & Co-founder of Griffin Gaming Partners

“When deciding on partnerships, we look beyond the present and strive to find technologies that will already be simplifying what brands will need in 2-5 years’ time.”

— said Hugo Furneaux, CEO of PlayEmber

The PlayEmber team believes that Telescope Labs is pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in Web 2.0 and 3.0. They are excited to utilize new data to build meaningful lifetime value with their users.


Telescope Labs is a startup that aims to revolutionize Web3 gaming with its suite of AI-powered solutions. The company helps game developers create and manage sustainable virtual economies with its innovative tools such as Vantage. The company also partners with leading game studios and initiatives to drive innovation and collaboration within the Web3 gaming space. Telescope Labs is well-positioned to make a positive impact on the gaming industry with its commitment to excellence and industry collaboration.