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Swiss Privacy Comes to Debit Card Payments with the AnonyCard ICO

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AnonyCard ICO

Press Release: AnonyCard announces the launch of its ICO for its native ANCA tokens, which will power its privacy-centric debit card service.

September 18, 2023, Zurich, Switzerland – AnonyCard, a company established in 2004, specialising in IT and data analysis in the finance industry, has just announced the details of its upcoming ICO. The ICO will fund the development of its 100% crypto bank card in collaboration with major Swiss financial service providers.

AnonyCard is a 100% privacy-focused service, holding true to Swiss values surrounding financial privacy, which the company says is a fundamental human right, with anonymity being respected completely, marking a step forward in innovative, privacy-focused services being backed by major financial institutions.

An Ideal Card for the Privacy-Focused Individual

The backdrop to the previous 5 years of crypto-to-fiat payment provision for crypto users has identified glaring issues for users, including invasive levels of KYC, high fees, inaccessibility to the everyday user, and data leaks. Overreaching levels of regulation and an approach that is not customer-centric are often to blame for these symptoms, and to this effect, AnonyCard seeks to solve the issues present in the market. AnonyCard will be the first crypto debit card that is:

  • 100% Crypto
  • Without KYC
  • Without Payment Limits

Additionally, AnonyCard presents extraordinarily low transaction fees, at a level of 0.1% and a maximum of 100USDT, which is more akin to trading fees on exchanges, than typical credit/debit card fees which can be as high as 5%. The app is being designed with user experience and ergonomics in mind, and as such it will offer infinite customisation by the user – a market first.

AnonyCard will support FIAT payments using 12 major cryptocurrencies; BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, XRP, DOGE, TRX, MATIC, AVAX, BUSD, ATOM, and XMR, and the exchange rates for these currencies to your local currency will be applied in real-time via the SNB (Swiss National Bank) for FIAT currencies and MT Pelerin Group SA for cryptocurrencies. In time, AnonyCard will support the use of more than 100 cryptocurrencies.

Finally, AnonyCard will distribute 20% of the profits generated via transaction fees to ANCA token holders. With the global market for e-commerce payments up 12% to a staggering level of $525 Billion in 2023, the possibilities for token holders to capture some of this market is unparalleled. AnonyCard hopes that this will exert natural upward movement on the token’s price.

AnonyCard ICO

To support the ecosystem, AnonyCard has just launched its ICO for the ANCA token, based on the Ethereum blockchain. The full details of the ICO can be found below:

  • Token Name: AnonyCard (ANCA) 
  • Total Supply: 1,500,000,000 (Unsold tokens will be burned)
  • ICO1 Price: $0,008
  • ICO2 Price: $0.01
  • ICO3 Price: $0.012
  • DEX Listing Price: $0.016 
  • Soft Cap: $300,000
  • Hard Cap: $9,400,000

The ICO is currently ongoing, and will continue until the 7th November. The ICO represents a significant potential for investors given the generous tokenomics. Additionally, just 8% of tokens are reserved for the team, further increasing trust. Interested parties can visit the website to find out more about the ICO.

What’s Next? 

2023 has already been a busy year for AnonyCard as it builds its ground-breaking network and prepares for the ICO, and the next 12 months also present some exciting developments:

  • Q1 2024
    • Livestream from team & partners live from Geneva on Twitch & Youtube
    • Launch of ANCA trading on Uniswap
    • AnonyCard App teaser
  • Q2 2024
    • AnonyCard bank card sale
    • First large marketing push
  • Q2 -Q4 2024
    • Development of the AnonyCard app
    • Second large marketing push
    • Livestreamed annual report, live from Geneva on Twitch & Youtube

To find out more about AnonyCard or to take part in the ICO, visit the website.

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