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Survival of The Fittest: Best Strategies to Raise Your Capital During the Crypto Winter

By December 16, 2022 No Comments
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It can be scary for small investors to find themselves in this swirl of bankruptcies and volatility now engulfing the crypto sector. To survive this prolonged market dip you don’t have to be the most sophisticated crypto owner – just follow our hard-won but simple adaption strategy.

3 Steps to Go Out of The Crypto Winter Safe and Sound

1. Only go in for investments that you can afford to lose

The bear will not be here forever — one day the market will bounce, as it always does, so buying the dip strategy may be enticing.

Remember that there are no guarantees in the crypto market — the exact price movements of particular currencies are unpredictable. The coin you believe in may rise and shine, but make sure that if it won’t, you will be a little upset and nothing more.

2. Get passive income

Harsh market conditions are not the reason to stop accumulating your capital. Choose low-risk types of investments – during the winter it is better to have a stable income than go right into the blizzard. You can consider yield farming, staking, or liquidity mining, but the safest option is to find a platform for hodling with a steady high APY that will allow you to grow your digital assets consistently and foreseeably. app


Choose user-friendly and transparent platforms, where you can clearly see the number of coins you will get and the payout dates.

3. Become a bear

I bet you didn’t see that one coming, but yes. To overcome the bear market you should become a bear yourself. To be more precise, you need to copy their strategy for surviving the winter — hibernation.

You don’t actually have to sleep for months, but you should slow down, take a deep breath and minimize your crypto activity. Stop checking price charts again and again. Delete portfolio tracking apps.

Keep earning on crypto, but do it smart, not hard. Use crypto platforms that offer a wide range of functions for hodlers. Compound interest will satisfy your lust for constant income growth. Weekly payouts will help you stay calm seeing the influx of money you make from crypto doesn’t stop. A great example of such a helpful toolset is represented here.

Take your mind off trading: do some sports, meet a friend. At the end of the day, real wealth is not the one in your crypto portfolio, right?