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Snook Adds BBT-Themed Rooms by Partnering with Unstoppable Domains and LobsterDAO

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Snook (SNK) play to earn blockchain game

Key takeaways:

  • Snook is a Polygon-based arcade game that has been regularly played by thousands of users every month since April 2022
  • Snook’s partnership with Unstoppable Domains includes setting up exclusive BBT-themed rooms and engaging users in the two communities
  • BBT-themed rooms allow brands to create a virtual environment for their community where they can host tournaments and events
  • BBT-themed rooms are only accessible to token holders

Snook (SNK) is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) multiplayer snake arcade game built on the Polygon blockchain. Players try to gain the upper hand against other snakes on the map by controlling their own snakes. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the game serve to unlock special skins and attribute combinations.

Snook has formed a strategic partnership with Unstoppable Domains to gather a large community for its online multiplayer gaming venture. Unstoppable Domains has a huge crypto community and members coming to Snook from this community have noticeably increased Snook’s user base. Online IO game Snook has now announced BBT Themed rooms for its partners.

Announced as a result of the partnership with LobsterDAO, BBT Themed rooms are token-gated and branded virtual experiences where the project can interact with their community. In these rooms, brands will be able to host game nights and tournaments with their communities and leverage Snook’s Snake-like game theme to create a branded environment. BBT Themed rooms will host a special game night for LobsterDAO NFT owners. Voting by NFT owners for the game night ended on August 14.

What Do BBT-Themed Rooms Do?

The Snook BBT Themed rooms have increased the collaboration potential in the Web3 industry, giving brands the opportunity for many experiences. Brands can design in-game assets highlighting their brands to create a unique virtual environment. Snook has established a gaming model that unlocks the value of performance and skill rather than non-fun games based on clicking and mining.

Only users with the appropriate token can enter BBT Themed rooms. As a new way for communities to grow, this will not let users without tokens into the room. Community members and token holders will be able to enjoy certain benefits and participate in events in the rooms. Participants will be able to create various tournaments in the BBT Themed room, offer prizes to competitive users and interact with users in the Snook community.

Collaboration with LobsterDAO and Unstoppable Domains

As a result of the cooperation with UD, Snook users will be able to log in with their UD and compete with other UD holders in the game. UD users will be able to join a special BBT-themed room where they can play with special Snooks created for the co-brand and earn SNK tokens by incorporating the P2E concept with Pay-Per-Kill mechanics. The partnership with Unstoppable Domains has excited community members. These two partnerships are thought to set new milestones and goals for the Snooks ecosystem.

This new venture from Snook is a good step forward for the ecosystem and the GameFi industry. Supporting interoperability with multi-chain enhancements, anyone interested in NFTs and blockchain games can take advantage of these BBT-themed rooms to interact with different users and engage closely with their audiences.

More About Snook

Snook is a Polygon-based blockchain game that has been played by 5.59k different users in the last month. In Snook, a Snake-like game that rewards players for speed, skill, and determination, the value of NFTs varies based on your skills. The game is basically similar to other IO games and is the first version of such a game that can be played on the blockchain.