SmartFi’s 100% Buy-Back Guaranteed Token Lists on ProBit Global

By April 19, 2022 No Comments

The digital asset that gives the option of a refund at purchase price, SmartFi Token (SMTF), has been listed on ProBit Global.

SMTF creates wealth in the SmartFi platform’s lending process by giving holders the option to earn, trade, and borrow with it. The SmartFi platform is unique as it combines decentralized and centralized trading with a lending solution and without a transaction fee.

The price of SMTF is to rise as the demand for loans increases on the lending platform and more tokens are issued in scheduled fixed supply. The rise in SMTF token value is also a focus for the SmartFi platform which operates a market-based and free banking structure. As it’s neither attached to a state policy nor does it receive profits from interest payments, its profits come from the token’s value.

After a year, SMTF token holders can return it for any reason to get a full refund of the purchase price.

SMTF is currently featured in a ProBit Global trading competition where exchange users with a minimum of 100 PROB staked can compete for SMTF rewards based on their net trading volume.


SMTF is the speculative token of the SmartFi platform. Its volatility is based on the appreciation of value derived from the network’s speculation in the form of loans, interest rates, and other future smart contract-based financial transactions. SMTF token also enables holders to participate in making the SmartFi cryptocurrency monetary policy based on the platform’s free banking model and a loanable funds credit creation structure.


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