Shiba Inu (SHIB) Community On High Alert Due To New Crypto Scam, Many Flock To This DeFi Platform

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The Crypto space offers many exciting opportunities, so it isn’t surprising that some shady individuals seek ways to milk savvy investors’ gains. As one of the top meme coins, the Shiba Inu (SHIB) community has been hit with various scams recently. 

The Shiba Inu ecosystem team strives hard to expose these scams and ensure security for SHIB investors.

To ensure safer investments, investors are flocking to a new DeFi platform, RCO Finance (RCOF), which offers massive 3,000% returns for early investors. Let’s discuss the exciting perks offered by this trending DeFi platform!

The Shiba Inu Community Suffers Different Crypto Scams

Scammers have devised different attacks within the Shiba Inu community to mislead naive investors. These fraudsters chose to attack the SHIB community because of its increased engagement.

However, to ensure the funds of SHIB investors remain secure, the Shiba Inu team continues to expose these scams and their various tactics.

Renowned Bitcoin advocate DaVinci recently issued a warning, shared on the X platform by Digarch (a top Shiba Inu community member), revealing that some fraudsters have launched illicit tokens claiming to have collaborated with Shiba Inu’s official ecosystem team.

The Shiba Inu discord admin explained that these scammers no longer use the Ryosi Research mediums to give false credit to their scam projects. Instead, they’ve created new strategies that exploit the Shiba State and Canine Code.

In addition, DaVinci pointed out that these fraudsters added the Shiba Inu ecosystem’s official website link,, to their videos to make them look more legitimate and appealing.

Moreover, the Discord admin advised members of the SHIB community to always do their research before investing in any coin. DaVinci added that the TREAT token is yet to be launched, and any project announcing an affiliation with it is part of the trick used to defraud unsuspecting investors.

There have been questions about why Shiba Inu has yet to ban illicit tokens on ShibaSwap. DaVinci admits that ShibaSwap’s decentralized system prevents it from being a central authority that bans scam tokens. 

However, DaVinci revealed that the team will consistently disapprove and expose unethical practices used by scammers.

These frequent scams in the Shiba Inu community have led many to lean towards the new DeFi project, RCO Finance, which promises massive returns with a safer investment platform.

RCO Finance’s AI Trading Tool Steals the Spotlight in the Crypto Market

RCO Finance is changing the narrative of cryptocurrency investment with its AI trading tools, machine learning capabilities, numerous rewards, and robust security.

As a decentralized crypto trading and investment project, RCO Finance lets investors purchase assets like shares and bonds using cryptocurrency directly. With more than 120,000 tradable assets, traders can explore and take advantage of profitable investment opportunities.

One major feature that sets it apart from other DeFi projects is its integration of AI trading tools. These tools analyze financial data and identify market trends to help traders make informed decisions. 

Furthermore, RCO Finance features AI robo-advisors, eliminating the need for brokers or financial advisors.

These robo-advisors consider individual financial objectives, risk tolerance levels, and market patterns to provide investment strategies. This feature helps users enjoy an excellent trading experience.

RCO Finance’s support for Automated Market Making (AMM) helps investors offer liquidity to trading pairs and receive rewards in exchange. Moreover, AMM implements trading strategies focusing on demand and supply dynamics to adjust prices.

By investing in RCO Finance’s native token, RCOF, holders can enjoy numerous benefits, such as a massive return on investment, discounted transaction fees, governance rights, and airdrops. Moreover, RCOF’s staking mechanism allows investors to earn rewards from staking their tokens.

RCO Finance’s current presale is an excellent opportunity for investors to purchase the RCOF token. In Stage 1, the RCOF token’s price is $0.0127. Therefore, early investors can reap a massive 3,000% ROI upon its launch.

Meanwhile, as RCO Finance approaches the end of its first presale stage, the price of RCOF will reach $0.0343 in Stage 2.​

RCOF: The Best Investment Anyone Can Make Right Now!

Besides the exciting benefits RCO Finance offers, including the AI trading tool, Automated Market Making, liquidity pools, debit cards, and its ability to purchase markets, early investors should expect a 3,000% ROI, with a potential 10,000% increase when it eventually launches on exchanges. 

This is the best deal in the crypto market right now!

For more information about the RCO Finance Presale:

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