Sending TRC-20 Tokens on Guarda Wallet With 0 Gas Fee

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Gas-free TRC20

Guarda’s team has worked to improve the validators’ fees to increase the APY received while staking the TRX.

The TRX token is among the popular assets available on Guarda Wallet for staking to earn passive income. The APY of Tron is around 4%. So you can just delegate your asset to Guarda’s validator nodes.

Brief Overview of Tron

TRON (TRX) is a decentralized blockchain-based operating system launched in 2017 by the Tron Foundation. The platform was created to build a decentralized Internet and to serve as a framework for developers to create dApps. Due to its layered architecture, TRON has a higher throughput and can perform up to 2000 TPS with zero gas fees.

How Can You Make Gasless Transfers?

With Guarda, you can now earn the resources needed to send TRX and TRON-based digital assets for free. All you have to do is to stake TRX on Guarda, and they will be credited to your wallet immediately. The more you stake, the more ‘Bandwidth and Energy’ you earn for zero-fee transactions.

Zero-fee TRC-20 transactions

For the TRX token itself, bandwidth serves as a transaction fee — sending TRX to another TRX wallet. 1500 free bandwidth points are accessible daily for each account. If you stake TRX, you receive bandwidths to make gasless transactions.

For smart contracts, energy serves as a resource. This means energy is used to pay for transfers involving TRC-20 tokens, with the USDC and USDT (TRC-20) tokens being the most popular. Only by staking TRX will energy be earned.

N.B: Transaction fees will be paid in TRX if the account does not have enough resources––Energy and Bandwidth—to cover them.

Want to pay no gas fees for TRON-based transactions? Start staking your asset now!

About Guarda Wallet

Guarda is an all-in-one non-custodial crypto wallet created in 2017. Guarda allows users to buy, send, receive, exchange, and, most importantly, store cryptocurrencies. In addition, the platform allows you to stake various assets to earn passive income using Guarda’s validator nodes or others available on the ecosystem.

In terms of availability, there is no need to worry. Guarda Wallet is accessible online via the web browser of your choice or through a browser extension. You can also download the desktop version on your device using macOS or Windows. And when you are on the go, your wallet is there for you to use on Android or iOS as far as you can access the internet.