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Securities Commission of Bahamas Registered FTX as Official Digital Asset Business

By October 26, 2021 No Comments

FTX is one of the largest crypto exchanges around the world. The company has been working on further expansion around the world for some time now. 

Recently, the crypto giant announced that the Securities Commission of The Bahamas has registered FTX Digital Markets as the official digital asset business in the country. The FTX Digital Markets is the subsidiary of the global FTX crypto exchange in Bahama.

The regulatory approval of the services of the company was granted under the Digital Asset Registered Bill of the Bahamas. This bill is the new digital asset-related legislation. It came into force in 2020. 

By adopting this new bill, The Bahamas established a comprehensive regulatory framework for digital asset operations. Thanks to the regulatory approval, FTX will be able to have a huge presence in the country and will further continue its global expansion and presence. 

Previously, FTX has announced that it would move its headquarters from Hong Kong to the Bahamas. Amid the increasing regulatory scrutiny on crypto trading around the world, the step comes as another chance for the company to further expand its services.

FTX has noted several times that they are committed to maintaining a close working relationship with local regulations in the country to make sure that the services that it offers to its clients are of the highest safety standards. 

The company representatives have said that it was very important for them to be in a place where they could function well, while also taking care of the safety of their clients. 

By moving its headquarters to The Bahamas, the company hopes to be closer to its future aims. FTX has noted many times that being a global leader in the industry is their ultimate goal, for which, the recent shift to The Bahamas can be a great help.

Committed at Future Growth

Being one of the largest crypto exchanges in the industry, FTX is committed to growing further around the world. The company is already offering its services to traders in different jurisdictions but its growth is not done yet. 

While FTX is best-known for its cryptocurrency trading services and giving traders access to the derivatives trading markets, there is much more about this company traders should know about. It is a very inventive and original trading platform, with numerous unique features that make it different from the rest of the exchanges. 

Launched in 2019, FTX has already managed to become one of the renowned and reputable crypto exchanges around the world. Thanks to derivatives trading, FTX allows investors to trade products that reflect the value of the underlying asset. 

This includes contracts or tokens that represent the price of a certain asset. Among the available assets at FXT are Options, Futures, Leveraged Tokens, and many others. 

The company is known for offering clients numerous high-quality and innovative services. The team behind FTX is full of professional traders who have been in the market for a long time now. 

Thus, they know what traders are looking for. The company has worked with numerous software developers over the years to create a platform perfect for traders. Beginners at FTX can take advantage of automated trading, which can be very helpful for market analysis. 

Automated trading offers investors the ability to analyze the market in a much simpler and easier way. There are numerous trading robots available for crypto, which can not only analyze the market but also trade cryptocurrencies for you. 

This way, even if you have a regular full-time job, you should still be able to trade cryptocurrencies with FTX and continue making profits. 

There are the best third-party trading bots available at FTX, all of which are very well-known around the world. Numerous traders are using these trading bots to make profits in the market and all of them are very well-tested and checked before being offered to traders. 

What Does FTX Have to Offer?

Although being a new company with just a little over 2 years in the market, FTX has managed to become one of the best-known names in the crypto industry. One of the main reasons for this is that FTX offers traders of any interest services that they might like and enjoy. 

There is a native FTX token, which is called FTT. Due to its dedication to quality services, in a very short time, FFT has managed to become one of the top 50 cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap. It is listed on numerous popular crypto exchanges, which include Binance, CoinEx, and many others. 

The services of the company are available globally, except in a few countries, such as Cuba, Syria, Iran, and a few others. The trading services of the exchange are available for US traders as well, with a special, FTX.US platform created for American crypto traders. 

However, due to the local regulations in the USA, the number of digital assets available on FTX.US is a bit limited. 

One of the things that make FTX a true market leader in the effort that it has put into the development of its services. The team behind FTX are professional traders with years of experience in the market. 

These people know what exactly crypto traders are looking for in crypto exchanges. With its intuitive and high-quality trading platform and numerous trading assets, it is one of the best places for crypto traders.