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SBINFT Blasts Off Into The Metaverse With SBINFT Mits

By January 31, 2024 No Comments
SBINFT Blasts Off Into The Metaverse With SBINFT Mits

Key takeaways:

  • SBINFT just launched their NFT marketing platform called Mits, which their CEO Ko Jangdeok describes as a “one-stop-shop” to make creating, distributing, and managing NFT projects a total breeze.
  • Some neat features include event planning tools to throw rad virtual parties, analytics to help you optimize your strategy like a pro, and custom marketplaces to show off your collections in style. They also want to help superfans rep their faves all over social media with loyalty perks.
  • With SBINFT’s reputation as Japan’s top NFT spot since launching in 2021, this thing is primed to explode globally.

With the rise of Web3 and the metaverse, brands have recognized the opportunity presented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to engage communities and market in innovative new ways. Japanese behemoth SBINFT is playing a leading role in advancing this new frontier with the recent global launch of their NFT marketing platform – SBINFT Mits.

What is SBINFT Mits?

SBINFT Mits aims to simplify the process of entering the NFT marketing space for both individuals and major corporations. According to Ko Jangdeok, CEO of parent company SBINFT, the platform will serve as a “one-stop-shop” allowing users to streamline the creation, distribution, and management of NFT projects alongside marketing initiatives.

Some of the core capabilities available on SBINFT Mits include:

Event management tools

Brands can organize virtual or IRL experiences for NFT communities, building excitement and engagement. Think of exclusive concerts, parties, or charity events.

Analytics dashboards

Tracking metrics like mint sales, secondary market performance, and community growth will help optimize strategies. Nothing fuels success like data.

Branded marketplaces

Want your own custom NFT shop? SBINFT Mits facilitates building storefronts to showcase collections and merchandise.

Community incentives

Loyalty points programs and exclusive perks can motivate superfans to evangelize brands across social channels.

The goal is to simplify once convoluted strategies, enabling anyone from solopreneurs to Fortune 500s to establish a presence in the rapidly evolving Web3 sphere. With clicks, not code, Mits is democratizing the metaverse.

 Powering NFT pioneers

Since unveiling Mits at last summer’s WebX Summit, over 37 early adopter brands have already signed up for the platform’s beta testing. Among the trailblazers utilizing Mits are 300-year-old sake brewer Yucho and travel titan H.I.S., proving this is about more than just get-rich-quick jpegs.

Industry leaders are also flocking to SBINFT’s innovative NFT solutions. Dozens of top gaming developers will begin listing digital assets on SBINFT’s marketplace starting this January. With a reputation as Japan’s largest NFT venue since launching in 2021, their combined volume and users are massive.

SBINFT: At the center of the metaverse movement

Under Jangdeok’s visionary leadership, SBINFT has rapidly grown into one of East Asia’s foremost Web3 heavyweights since originating as SmartApp in 2018. With Mits, they aim to globalize that impact by empowering trailblazers across industries on their journey to the metaverse.

As Jangdeok boldly stated, “Positioned at the forefront, SBINFT serves as the heart of this revolution.” Considering the momentum already gained, it’s clear they’ve got all the right tools and talent in place to lead brands into a new era of digital possibilities.