Real World Asset Bridge Joltify Finance Opens IEO ProBit Global to Tackle $1.5T Global Trade Finance Gap

By February 10, 2022 No Comments

DeFi disruptor Joltify Finance’s latest push to facilitate SME trade financing has led to a digital fundraising campaign on ProBit Global featuring JOLT tokens.

Joltify Finance is a PoS-consensus blockchain built on Cosmos and secured by 11 active validators with churning rounds filtering out and rotating nodes to maintain a high degree of decentralization and security.

The DeFi bridge taps into crypto liquidity for SMEs who face an uphill battle in the world of trade finance as interest rates for SME are significantly higher than large corporations with lower risk assessments. Furthermore, over 40% of all trade finance applications rejected originate from SMEs with a lack of collateral and KYC measures cited as the most recurring grounds for rejection.

Joltify Finance addresses a significant market need behind the current $1.5T global trade finance gap by combining DeFi staples such as stablecoins and merging liquidity from Tradfi real-world assets and funding vehicles. 

NFT serve as a digital form of underlying ownership of documents and loans, enabling real-world asset lending based on 3 core metrics: projected cash flows, the value of underlying collateral, or present cash flow

A new partnership with Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP will help the team navigate the continually evolving regulatory landscape alongside an agreement with construction company GRN Built to facilitate the growth of the SME sector through decentralized sources of financing backed by actual real-world assets. 


JOLTIFY is a unique, custom-built, Cosmos based blockchain technology that aims to bridge real world assets to the decentralized finance world. JOLTIFY is designed to amalgamate the immense amount of liquidity in the crypto world to real world financial assets. Thus creating seamless synergies between the DeFi and traditional finance world.


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