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Puppy Planet is Set to Transform Blockchain Gaming with Innovative Gaming Metaverse

By November 2, 2021 No Comments

The blockchain gaming sector is one of the fastest-growing aspects of the blockchain industry and has attracted mainstream attention. The prospect of playing games and earning tokens has drawn many gamers and helped to push the marketcap of gaming tokens to over $15 billion, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

Puppy Planet is an innovative blockchain gaming platform that intends to transform the gaming ecosystem by providing great earning opportunities for users. 

An immersive blockchain gaming ecosystem

Puppy Planet is developing a blockchain game that is visually appealing and combines the very best of DeFi and NFTs. Gamers can hatch puppy NFT pets that can be bred in farms or used on battlefields for more rewards. 

To ensure a truly decentralized gaming ecosystem, Puppy Planet is built on the ABEYCHAIN protocol. ABEYCHAIN is a blockchain protocol that features high scalability, efficiency and low transaction fees when compared to Ethereum. ABEYCHAIN was recently recognized for the momentum it has had this year by being nominated for Blockchain Solution of the Year at the upcoming Europe AIBC Awards 2021 in November. 

With this blockchain protocol as a foundation, Puppy Planet has created a sustainable gaming economy that incorporates DeFi and NFT features. The game is based on the Play-to-Earn model, where players have the freedom to play games and earn awesome NFTs that can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies.

Gaming on Puppy Planet is easy, and all that is required is to create an ABEY wallet on the ABEYCHAIN and connect to the blockchain gaming platform. Once connected, players can purchase a ‘’Mystery Box’’ that hatches a puppy with a random element and battlefield attribute.

The puppy can be taken to a farm and bred for more pets or used on the battlefield to earn gaming rewards. Players can buy, sell or trade NFT pets and use the in-game mining system to increase their portfolio. Rewards are distributed instantly to players wallets in a fair and transparent system. 

Puppy Planet to launch Public Sale of PUP tokens 

Puppy Planet has already announced the public sale of its native token PUP ahead of the launch of its gaming platform. PUP token is the utility token and allows users to get full access to all the gaming features. 

The public sale represents the first opportunity for players to get into the Puppy Planet ecosystem. Puppy Planet will issue 180 million PUP tokens and has designed a sustainable tokenomics to ensure the long term growth of its ecosystem. 

90 million tokens have been allocated as gaming rewards for the in-game mining system. In addition, 50% of the revenue generated from the official shop transactions will be re-invested in a mining pool for players’ rewards. 

Players can stake their tokens within the mining pool to earn more PUP tokens as rewards within a short payback period. As the demand for PUP tokens grows, players’ income will increase within the gaming economy. 

An exciting gaming ecosystem 

The launch of Puppy Planet will make it the first blockchain game on the ABEYCHAIN ecosystem. ABEYCHAIN is one of the fastest-growing blockchain protocols with an active community of users. 

Puppy Planet will be able to leverage this community, and there are high expectations ahead of its launch. PUP tokens will also be listed on XSWAP, the native DeFi hub of ABEYCHAIN, and holders will be able to swap their tokens with low slippage levels and transaction fees. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that the public token sale is seen as a major milestone and could herald the beginning of an amazing journey for early holders. You can learn more about Puppy Planet by clicking on the following links.