ProBit Global Provides a Timely Buffer Ahead of Market Rebound with $100,000 in BTC for Subscribers throughout June

By June 4, 2021 No Comments

ProBit Global has officially launched a 1-month long ProBit BTC Exclusive initiative to offer a ramped up allocation of $100,000 in BTC at 50% discount, the largest total amount to date in lieu of an anticipated BTC rebound in the coming days and weeks. With the 100,000 USDT allocation cap spread across four rounds, this opportunity will accommodate traders pushed out due to decreasing asset prices with an opportunity to rebuild their holdings.

Holders and prospective traders brand new to the space will have an equal opportunity to subscribe to BTC for under $20,000.

Bitcoin’s (BTC) trading volume has begun to stabilize, signaling a potential reversal in price momentum. BTC value will likely recoup the recent drop in the short term, offering a timely entry point for an expected doubling of cryptocurrency owners by Q1 2022. ProBit Global recently hit the significant milestone of 1 million unique users, experiencing first-hand the rapidly growing crypto holder pool.

Growing global interest in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) by over 60+ international banks further legitimizes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cathie Woods, Founder and CEO of Ark Invest, an investment management firm, suggests this government stamp of approval will bring to light cryptocurrency’s advantages and potentially disruptive use-cases.

With the continued global proliferation of BTC holders and growing access to crypto education, the disproportionate benefits of a decentralized asset are poised to impact new audiences.

Institutional adoption has remained relatively steadfast and stands out as one of the most encouraging factors for bullish BTC growth. Fintech platforms such as Square and PayPal hold significant BTC holdings, with Square announcing over $200M of BTC purchases over the last two quarters behind Jack Dorsey’s adamant belief in Bitcoin’s potential to become the “native currency” used on the internet.

Despite the negative press regarding the environmental consequences of Bitcoin and other PoW cryptocurrencies, there is ample reason to believe that renewable crypto mining solutions will gain traction with time especially if backed by a sound monetary incentive.

Although BTCs volatility is often cited as a significant deterrent for interested traders, it has been steadily waning over the last ten years.

Bitcoin has proven itself globally, garnering attention from the masses for its unique use-cases that remain intact as well as the potential to transform money. ProBit Global’s BTC Exclusive aims to provide an opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to elevate their holdings as speculation points towards a potential rebound ahead.

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