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ProBit Global Onboards Top Gaming Guild Crypto Gaming United to Strengthen its Global P2E Network

By January 19, 2022 No Comments

As part of its commitment to the broader P2E ecosystem, ProBit Global has extended its network of GameFi partnerships to include one of the top gaming guilds in the space, Crypto Gaming United.

The CGU team will participate in an upcoming AMA on ProBit Global’s official Telegram channel on January 25, 2022, 07:00 UTC to provide updates on development. A 500 CGU prize purse will be distributed to the 10 event winners during the live Q&A session and interactive quiz.

Backed by angel investor Mark Carnegie who led the $5M seed round alongside CEO Sergei Sergienko, CGU secured an additional $2.5M in funding following a six-second closeout for its IDO held on the platform’s proprietary exchange TimeX.

CGU follows in the footsteps of other GameFi pioneers by offering scholarships, or up-front capital in the form of NFT assets such as Axies for gamers to accumulate SLP tokens in Axie Infinity.

A key differentiating factor behind CGU is its holistic approach to supporting the vast economic opportunities in the metaverse featuring training courses aimed at equipping gamers with long-term monetizable skills. The learning platform helps open up diverse economic opportunities alongside its freelance gig platform LaborX where scholarship applications can be submitted.

Additionally, a pension plan representing between 3-5% is currently undergoing testing as part of the team’s bid to increase the financial safety net for all of their onboarded users.

CGU valuation is based on an index of the entire ecosystem’s revenue and digital asset holdings, making it somewhat of a bet on the future development of the Metaverse and interlinked gaming community which includes the rollout of a future DAO.

CGU holders can earn staking rewards and governance rights along with early access to the network’s expanding number of gaming titles and features as investors continue dropping significant amounts of funding into P2E and crypto games.


Crypto Gaming United (CGU) is a platform that brings people from developing countries together to build a new virtual economy and earn a sustainable income, while learning new digital skills and engaging with the global blockchain gaming community.


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