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Polkadot Introduces Mandala, a Cross-Chain Game and Interoperable Metaverse

By April 21, 2023 No Comments
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Polkadot is the latest big player in the crypto space to introduce a game and interoperable metaverse to the wider crypto community. Dubbed Madala, the said metaverse is ready to go cross-chain, thanks to Polkadot’s powerful interoperability benefits.

Mandala was created as a cross-platform game and interoperable metaverse. Its entrance into this ever-evolving subsector of blockchain will be championed by the launch of the Cryptonauts NFT collection, which was created by illustrator and concept artist, Bruce Zick on the Aster network. It must be acknowledged that Mandala chose Polkadot because the core NFT functionalities it needs are Polkadot. These functionalities include staking, nesting, and the ability to send NFTs over blockchain bridges.

More about Mandala

An advanced metaverse, Mandala is a cross-chain, cross-media franchise that utilizes the best and most advanced technologies in the industry. Its NFTs are backed by AAA Unreal Engine MMO RPG + location-based AR (augmented reality) mobile game. It brings gaming, television, and graphics novels into a single platform.

It’s also on record that Mandala has established what is now the World’s first Enlightenment Simulator, powered by SingularityNet’s decentralized AGI. Sophiaverse, which is SingularityNet’s metaverse, also aids in achieving true interoperability in Mandala.

Mandala aims to turn the world into a game board. This will be achieved by bringing weaving many of the established world’s methodologies into an immersive story. Part of the objectives is to open the path to self-sovereignty and enlightenment.

Leveraging Polkadot to Open Up Imagination for Gaming

It must be acknowledged that Mandala chose Polkadot because of its inherent capabilities that support Mandala’s goals and objectives. By collaborating with the giant Web3 interoperability and decentralized blockchain, Mandala now has access to the dozens of parachains and sovereign blockchains on Polkadot’s relay chain.

Polkadot’s unrivalled interoperability means Mandala will be able to collaborate with several other projects. Thanks to Polkadot’s parachains and the network’s interoperability capacity, Mandala will also enjoy high-level shared security and scalability.

Speaking about the collaboration, Mandala CEO, Jon Shanker, said:

“Polkadot has real future-proof NFT applications, such as nesting, staking and the ability to send NFTs over bridges – plus many other innovative ways to use NFT assets. The overall cooperative and collaborative flow opens up our imagination for gaming and the mass adoption of blockchain capabilities. We are now able to do things we didn’t think possible. By joining Polkadot’s burgeoning ecosystem, we’re also able to take advantage of the best-in-class secure interoperability the network offers.”

An Emerging Web3 Rebel Alliance

As it stands, Mandala has already chosen some key Polkadot-aligned partners to form what can be termed the foundation of a Web3 ‘rebel alliance’. These carefully-chosen partnerships will help all parties navigate the cross-chain open sea.

The known partners include:

  • Aster Networkwhich offers the infrastructure to support EVM and WASM smart contracts
  • Unique Networkwhich offers sponsored transactions and bundles fungible and non-fungible tokens, splitting NFTs for partial ownership
  • Talismanwhich is a top multichain wallet for Web3 optimum experience

Speaking about the unique partnerships, Maarten Henskens, the Head of the Aster Foundation, said:

“The Mandala launch combines entertainment and blockchain innovation to showcase Astar Network’s potential. The team has created an immersive experience for collectors and aims to engage new users and explore NFT interoperability. It’s exciting to see blockchain and NFT adoption in entertainment and beyond.”

Wrapping Up

Mandala may as well change how we understand gaming, storytelling and the concept of the metaverse. By collaborating with Polkadot, the emerging metaverse has opened the way for a lot of potentially ground-breaking achievements. The Cryptonauts NFT collection (which will be the first collection on Mandala) will launch on Aster Network on 28th April 2023. Full detail of the collection and the upcoming launch can be found here.