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Philcoin listed on Bitmart, a Global Exchange with over 9 Million Users

By December 1, 2022 No Comments
Philcoin listed on Bitmart
Philcoin started trading on Bitmart on November 29, 2022 at 8:00 PM (UTC)

Philcoin, the native token of the Philcoin project, has been listed on one of the world’s most liquid cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitmart. 

Per a tweet, they announced the coin listing on Bitmart, a top cryptocurrency exchange used by over nine million people across the world to trade a variety of crypto assets, including derivatives. With this listing, Philcoin will now be available for trading on MEXC, Bitmart, and PancakeSwap, a DEX on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Even at the depth of the bear market from November 2021, by mid-Q4 2022, Bitmart had, on average, $223 million in trading volumes as traders and investors found opportunities in quality crypto projects of which Philcoin stands out.

When some crypto projects are sizing down stuff and slowing down on development because of the biting winter causing a liquidity crisis, Philcoin continues to build and list their tokens on reputable and secure ramps like Bitmart. By listing on the popular crypto exchange, over nine million users using Bitmart services would have an opportunity to purchase Philcoin more seamlessly. This way, the Philcoin project would reach more people, some of whom would actively donate to charities and organizations across the world.

Jerry Lopez, the CEO and founder of Philcoin, views the current state of the market and the extension of the winter as a necessary “purge”. The liquidity crunch currently facing the market, the CEO says, will filter out projects whose solutions don’t snugly fit into crypto and blockchain standards. By weeding and “pruning” unworthy projects, the crypto winter allows projects that empower users to flourish and extend their global tentacles.

This bear market is more of a purge of the projects that lack transparency and do not meet the standards and overall purpose of crypto and blockchain. I like to look at this market as a bonsai tree. The tree cannot grow without being pruned. Its leaves and branches are cut from the top to allow the bottom to grow.


It’s finally time for companies with integrity, real intentions, and human-focused ambitions to help the industry grow safely and demonstrate what they have planned for this next decade in the blockchain.

Philcoin is also building and rolling out exciting features on PHILApp, their core product and super app. Through the dApp, users can receive rewards as they chat with others, transact, and educate themselves by subscribing to quality courses taught by certified tutors or even stake PHIL for more yield and NFTs.

In the weeks ahead, Philcoin plans to release a one-in-all-social media application that rewards users based on activity.