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Paysenger Prepares to Launch Native Token With Ego Token Presale

By April 4, 2022 No Comments

Paysenger, a trailblazing platform on the blockchain, is prepared for the upcoming launch of its native token, EGO. The presale is scheduled to launch on April 4th on Tokensoft and is expected to take its ecosystem to the next level.

Also, EGO is breaking ground by being the first token on Tokensoft based on the BNB Chain. The native token will be used for payments as well as NFT trades on the Paysenger platform. 

The upcoming public presale of the EGO token will allow participants to buy up to 35 million EGO (3.5% of total supply) at $0.05 each. The native token is expected to have secured liquidity due to its massive audience and unique ecosystem.


EGO token is in the top 25 tokens of all time and currently has a rating of 4.70 on ICO holder. In addition, the project is highly commended by ICO Drops, one of the most trustful initial coin offering (ICO) trackers. Due to these combined recommendations, the token launch is anticipated by many investors.

Speaking on the project, Timo Trippler, an ICO adviser, said:

Paysenger adds a new dimension to communication where human attention becomes a valuable resource. We are creating a seamless way for experts and influencers to monetize their interactions. Our platform will provide a reliable financial filter and highlight the most valuable offers while rewarding users for their time and attention.”

The endorsement does not end there. Ian Scarffe, a veteran investor and consultant also acknowledged the token. He said:

“Ego’s goal is to transform the blockchain by making the technology easier to a large audience; making tech easier is key in blockchain.”


Paysenger is a communication monetization service based on blockchain technology. The platform aims to transform the blockchain by making the technology more accessible to a large audience. Ultimately, Paysenger was created to provide a culture of reward for each user’s attention. 

Paysenger has made a number of notable achievements.

Firstly, the innovative platform received the Best ICO 2022 award at the Crypto Expo 2022 conference in Dubai. Also, another event that highlighted its growing status in the Blockchain was the World Blockchain Summit in 2022. By co-hosting this renowned event, Paysenger attracted the attention of top stakeholders and influencers in the cryptocurrency industry.

The platform has definitely not rested on its oars. Although it was launched only recently, the Paysenger web app has already amassed over 100,000 users. In addition, the project raised an impressive $2 million during its strategic and seed round and has built a solid team of 85 professionals from various fields of expertise.

In the following months, Paysenger will not be slowing down. The platform aims to have its Initial Dex offering (IDO) by summer and also increase its user base to 5 million users. In addition, the Launch of the Paysenger app (mobile version) is in the works.


It is quite clear that human attention has become an extremely valuable resource. This is the basis of the existence of Paysenger. The innovative platform provides a filter for attention while preserving critical information and promoting productive interactions.

Paysenger is the next-level communication platform that allows users to monetise their influence. It offers to bridge the gap between experts or media personalities and fans through the EGO token.

Paysenger provides earning opportunities for all users regardless of influence. Simply, experts or influencers can use the communication platform to earn money from their content and communicate with the audience on a new level.

On the other hand, the audience members can directly contact their favorite influencers, tokenize responses from their idols, and earn on paid surveys from brands.

For more information on this trailblazing platform as well as it’s upcoming presale, head over to the links below: