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Pangolin DEX Incorporates Orbs’ dTWAP Order Type, Emerges First Avalanche-based Platform to Support Orbs’ dTWAP

By February 24, 2023 No Comments
Pangolin Orbs

Key Highlights:

  • Pangolin DEX has become the first Avalanche-based platform to support Orbs’ dTWAP after announcing the official launch of its Order Type.
  • Orbs’ dTWAP will help Pangolin users devise novel trading tactics and reap the rewards of significantly minimized price impact, while they leverage other advantages.

Following efforts to influence enhanced trading efficiency, Multichain Decentralized Digital Assets Exchange Pangolin has officially incorporated Orbs’ dTWAP Order Type. Announced on twitter, the move displays an example of the close partnership between Orbs and Pangolin.

Orbs’ dTWAP Order Type is Live on Pangolin

Apparently, Pangolin DEX has become the first Avalanche-based protocol to integrate Orbs’ dTWAP. The Orbs’ dTWAP Order Type is a fully decentralized, permissionless, and composable protocol which is designed to unlock a fresh realm of possibilities for segments of Web 3.0 including DeFi, NFTs and GameFi.

Arguably, the potential of Orbs’ dTWAP is set to complement Pangolin’s ability to support the market and limit swaps. In response to Pangolin’s efficiency in the trading market, the protocol represents over $34 million in Total Value Locked, meanwhile roughly half of this is achieved in weekly trading volume. 

By means of the integration, the Pangolin DEX menu now provides users with access to the new order type. Hence, to access the new order type, users can navigate to the Pangolin DEX menu and locate it alongside the ‘Market’ and ‘Limit’ order options. They also have the privilege to switch between the available options. 

Furthermore, users have the option to customize various parameters, including setting the total duration required to execute fragmented order pieces of a significant transaction, specifying the trade size, which prompts the UI to calculate the required number of trades, and determining the trading interval between individual orders.

Orbs’ dTWAP and It’s Posies Traders to Exclusive Benefits

The new development will provide Pangolin users with the opportunity to exclusively utilize the dTWAP order type. In addition, the protocol’s decision to integrate Orbs’ dTWAP will see traders gain an advantage in devising novel trading tactics and reap the rewards of significantly minimized price impact.

Furthermore, similar to the traditional finance TWAP, dTWAP aims to limit the market impact of substantial orders. This is achieved by dividing large orders into smaller pieces, resulting in a reduced price impact irrespective of the overall liquidity. Moreover, Orbs’ dTWAP order type empowers traders to adopt a dollar-cost averaging strategy while investing in supported cryptocurrencies.

Orbs have disclosed plans to establish itself as a go-to standard for the decentralized exchange industry as its integration of dTWAP spreads across more exchanges. There’s no doubt that more sophisticated decentralized applications can be created, irrespective of fragmented liquidity with features like dTWAP. According to the announcement, other decentralized exchanges like QuickSwap and SpookySwap have unveiled plans to integrate the dTWAP order in the future.