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OviO, a Smart Contract Platform Bridging Liquidity Between Web2 Games and Web3, Launches Android App

By September 20, 2022 No Comments
OviO, a Smart Contract Platform Bridging Liquidity Between Web2 Games and Web3, Launches Android App

Key takeaways:

  • Liquidity connecting platform OviO has rolled out a native Android application, with iOS support reportedly coming “in the next few weeks”
  • OviO is bridging the gap between Web2 mobile games and Web3 economy, enabling gamers to buy, sell, trade, and exchange in-game currencies
  • The full launch of the OviO exchange platform is slated to take place in the third quarter of 2023

OviO aims to convert $175 billion of in-game currencies into tradeable crypto assets

OviO, a blockchain-powered ecosystem designed to facilitate in-game currency tokenization, has launched its native Android application that lets users and developers tap into the growing gaming-focused Web3 economy. The OviO team plans to release an app for iOS users in the upcoming weeks.

Aiming to give gamers more control over their in-game assets and currencies, the OviO platform uses a system of smart contracts to connect traditional Web2 mobile games with the broader Web3 economy. This introduces new utility to in-game currencies – which the OviO team estimates are worth $175 billion – enabling players to buy, sell, trade, and swap assets in OviO’s digital marketplace. 

Beyond working on exchange functionality, the OviO team is partnering with leading mobile gaming developers to give its users access to exclusive deals. The company is already working with the teams behind popular mobile games Impossible Space and Trial Extreme 4 – with an aggregate of 50 million monthly active users (MAUs) – and is looking to further expand its partnership program going forward.

OviO users can look forward to earning so-called OviO credits, which are digital tokens that can be redeemable across different games.

OviO co-founder and CEO Nir Hauer had this to stay about the company’s core mission:

 “Our mission is to offer gamers and crypto communities the best liquidity experience with our universal gaming token, which can offer our communities the holy grail of interoperability and ownership of any game asset across all games, domains, chains, and categories. Our frictionless approach means our community of gamers gain the best experience from our games, not to mention exclusive in-game content, great discounts on game-coin purchases, and better exchange rates for our most loyal users.”

According to their roadmap, the OviO team aims to airdrop OviO credits to early adopters in Q3 2022, with the subsequent token launch slated for early 2023. The full launch of the OviO Central Exchange and Game Discovery Platform is expected in the third quarter of 2023.