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Oasys to Partner with AltLayer for Single-Click Metaverse

By December 12, 2023 No Comments
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Oasys has announced its intention to partner with AltLayer, a decentralized interlayer for rollups, for its single-click metaverse offering. 

The partnership with AltLayer, which follows an agreement to embrace rollups generated by other parties via Oasys governance, is aimed at simplifying blockchain games and will also give users the ability to build Verses-Layer 2 rollups on Oasys. 

In a tweet on December 12, Oasys made it known that its updates for 2024 include interoperability, an improved ecosystem and good content that will be inspired by “dragon’s visionary strength.”

AltLayer will help Oasys users develop and publish new Verses with just one click using AltLayer’s easy-to-use dashboards to build Layer 2 blockchain games.  Aside from this, AltLayer promises users with no experience the ability to construct and manage customized rollups.

According to Oasys Director, Daiki Moriyama, there has been an increasing need for good gaming speed and the expectations of gamers. In Daiki’s words:

As blockchain gaming grows at a breakneck speed, the needs and expectations coming from gamers and developers continue to expand and diversify. As Oasys continues to provide stability and customizability through our proprietary Layer 2 development environment, we are also following the recent spread of Layer 2 and rollup technologies.”

Daiki added that the company is ready to introduce other solutions that will address the various requirements of gamers as well as game developers. 

Commenting on this collaboration, AltLayer CEO Dr. Yaoqi Jia said that gaming is a highly tactile application where the effectiveness of rollups can be seen in action.

Jia further asserted that currently, many on-chain games are finding it difficult to attract an increase in usage due to issues such as congestion, infrastructure problems, usability and navigation issues. Scalability becomes an issue. Therefore, AltLayer is here to help tip the scale in the favour of gamers and game developers. 

AltLayer is coming to the rescue. Developers of engaging digital experiences such as fully on-chain games (FOCGs) and autonomous worlds (AW) that are within the Oasys network can now greatly benefit from AltLayer’s RaaS services in regards to liberty, customization, velocity, and decentralization with only a few clicks. 

Altlayer CEO, Dr. Yaoqi Jia, has thrown his weight behind the project as a technical advisor throughout the partnership period on new research developments like zk Proof and fast-finality.  This is aimed at ensuring that users or Verses get the best experience out of the cutting-edge infrastructure. 

Yaoqi has previously held managerial positions at Parity and Zilliqa. She is well-grounded in blockchain-based distributed computing system security and currently has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the National University of Singapore (NUS). 

What is Altlayer? 

AltLayer was founded in 2021 and it is an infrastructure that allows game developers to highly modular application-based rollups. The platform is built on a network called “Beacon Layer” which allows AltLayer to perform tasks like organizing, implementation, and verification of activities for rollups.