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Oasys and XPLA’s Web3 Hackathon Showcases Innovation in Gaming and Blockchain Integration

By September 5, 2023 No Comments
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Key highlights

  • “Beyond Boundaries” web3 hackathon concludes successfully in Seoul.
  • 163 participants form 90 teams, with 15 finalists showcasing innovative ideas.
  • Winning projects focus on enhancing blockchain interoperability and user experiences.

Oasys and XPLA, with support from Com2uS, recently celebrated the end of their web3 hackathon, Beyond Boundaries, with a big event in Gangnam, Seoul on September 3, 2023. At this event, teams showed off their cool ideas.

The hackathon got a lot of attention. 163 people joined in, and they formed 90 teams. Afterward, 15 teams got to show their stuff at the Demo Day. Nine teams came out as winners, with three from each group.

Solving Complex Problems and Enhancing Gaming Experience

This hackathon was a project between XPLA and Oasys. They wanted to solve tough problems in web3 and make games better. The event attracted many talented people who had new ideas.

Judges picked winners based on different things like how well the ideas worked with blockchain, how creative they were, and if they could help people. The judges included experts from XPLA, Oasys, HAECHI LABS, Yooldo, Marblex, Xangle, GroundX, KDDI, Nexon, and Hashed.

Paul Kim, from XPLA, was excited. He said:

“The ideas brought forth at Beyond Boundaries will help in tightly integrating various mainnets, propelling the web3 industry and community forward. This hackathon brings us one step closer to realizing the boundless possibilities and future of web3.”

Dominic Jang, Head of Business Development at Oasys, said,

“It was indeed a great opportunity for game companies and chain operators to meet talented builders that readily are working on critical hurdles game companies and blockchain businesses face. It’s essential to tackle the hurdles to create the paths for game companies to use the blockchain technologies when deploying games.”

Three-Part Hackaton

The hackathon showcased an impressive array of innovative solutions across three distinct tracks, each pushing the boundaries of web3 technology.

Track One: Integration Solution Idea/PoC between Layer 1 Nodes

Third Place: Pandora developed a solution for obtaining desirable GameFi NFTs by combining non-fungible tokens from different L1s.

Runner-up: Loot Adventures used ERC6551 technology to turn Loot NFTs into pseudo-wallets, allowing players to equip any NFT or FT for dungeon exploration and PvP combat.

Winner: Toppin used ERC-6551 to sort profile NFTs from item NFTs, simplifying digital inventory navigation.

Track Two: Ideas for Blockchain Coding Plugin Format (module genre: game, NFT)

Third Place: Zero Protocol Team (ZPT) created a library for simplifying wallet implementation in Unity3D and HTML5 games.

Second Place: Yours aimed to simplify web3 gaming by enabling NFT issuance, authentication, synthesis, and trading in one wallet UI/UX.

Winner: LYNC developed an SDK for game developers to seamlessly integrate in-game assets into Unity and Unreal Engine.

Track Three: Ideas on Know Your Customer (KYC) UX Improvement Solution

Third Place: ARGOS offered a consolidated digital passport linking identity with blockchain wallets, simplifying KYC processes and Travel Rule compliance.

Second Place: Gameforms provided KYC authentication to customers through survey questionnaires and in-game missions.

Winner: Mines offered a comprehensive solution for managing accounts and wallets, allowing users to link their game accounts and perform KYC processes.

The judges liked projects that explored used cases of ERC-6551. Two of the teams did that to enhance interoperability and user experience.

Wrapping up

Beyond Boundaries web3 hackathon, jointly organized by Oasys and XPLA with support from Com2uS, marks a significant milestone in the advancement of web3 technology. With its focus on solving complex problems, fostering innovation, and enhancing the gaming experience, this event highlights the growing potential and collaboration within the web3 community.