Nvidia (NVDA) Earnings Melt Faces Fetch.ai (FET), Render (RNDR), And New AI-platform To Follow

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Nvidia (NVDA) recently reported a revenue of $26 billion for the first quarter of this year. Its revenue in the last quarter was 5.3% higher than expectations and increased over the past year.

Due to its impressive growth, other AI-crypto projects have followed suit, and even a new AI stock trading platform, RCO Finance (RCOF), is set to benefit from AI crypto market movements.

Nvidia (NVDA) Stocks Record New High, Rally Other AI Projects

With Nvidia (NVDA) stocks up by 9%, other heavy hitters in the AI crypto projects industry rallied to ride the waves of Nvidia’s (NVDA) revenue spurt. 

Render (RNDR) stunned investors with its immediate surge in whale activity. It recorded a spike in market capitalization value after a major player moved 4.89 million units worth $52 million to an undisclosed wallet. 

AI crypto projects like Fetch.ai (FET), The Graph (GRT), and Bittensor (TAO) have all recorded price surges in the last 7 days within the range of 1 to 13%. 

Nvidia (NVDA) Gives Room For New AI-Powered Investment Platform

Nvidia (NVDA) leads the AI crypto projects market, which has a total market cap value of $33 billion, indicative of a 6.7% decrease in the last 24 hours. 

While Render (RNDR) and Fetch.ai (FET) make minor retests to surge even further on market charts, RCO Finance (RCOF) has the potential to surpass them all with its unique features and services.

RCO Finance (RCOF) is an AI stock trading platform that gives users access to diverse asset types, such as stocks, bonds, crypto, and even real-world assets. 

The platform promises to make these assets available and help investors earn higher returns on their investments.

The AI-powered investment would use artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to identify suitable income-generating crypto assets. The platform would scrutinize thousands of market data and develop fool-proof trade strategies. 

RCO Finance (RCOF) promises to automate the trading process by utilizing AI to execute trades based on gathered data independent of market sentiment. 

Such a procedure and strategy promise to benefit crypto investors who decide to participate in the platform’s token presale.

Enjoy 1000X Gains From RCO Finance (RCOF) Presale Tokens 

RCO Finance (RCOF) is currently in its first stage of token presale, which means the crypto asset is being sold at the lowest price it will ever be. 

Investors can buy into the platform at a discounted rate, potentially leading to higher returns when the asset is listed on major exchanges.

Each token is available for $0.0127, and there is only a limited supply at this stage. Early birds who take advantage of this discounted price can enjoy many passive income opportunities and the benefits of tokenization. 

One benefit of tokenization is governance. RCO Finance (RCOF) token holders will have a say in project governance token decisions. They will vote on the allocation of protocol upgrades, feature enhancements, or community funds. 

Token holders may also get a 40% reduction in trading fees, access exclusive bonuses, and even participate in competitions and prize draws.

What’s more, the platform allows users to easily buy stocks using crypto and own shares in top companies like Apple and Google. RCO Finance (RCOF) also promises a dividend plan for token holders. 

By investing $5000, you get 1% in dividends, $10000 gets you 2% in dividends, and you can invest up to $25000 and gain up to 6% in dividends. 

The dividends will serve as passive income for investors without actively trading the asset. That means investors can earn money in their sleep with RCOF. 

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