NTH’s User Data Reward Token Lists on ProBit Global

By May 11, 2022 No Comments

The token of the NTH platform which seeks to break data monopolization and reward users for their data usage has been listed on ProBit Global.

The NTH token is used to compensate for user privacy. Users get rewarded with NTH for voluntarily providing their geolocational information and uploading as much quality content of interest on the NTH platform which combines donation, advertisement, and commerce activities based on data accumulated from users.

The NTH platform taps into the power of social media platforms like Facebook which generate profits by attracting content creators frustrated by an inability to generate a fair share in line with their efforts. These content producers also often get exposed to unsolicited advertisements whose profits have been mostly monopolized by Facebook and Google.

The NTH platform aims to address the reckless use of users’ privacy to generate profits without returning compensation to the users. It wants to deal with issues like data imbalance or distortion as it contributes to improving a data transaction and donation ecosystem.

As data gathered from users is shared on the platform, rewards in NTH tokens are issued proportionately to a user’s data usage according to other users’ evaluations, its use for customized advertisements, or any other activity connected to the ecosystem.

The NTH token is also to be used as a currency for donations, investments, ads, and e-commerce transactions. It will play a key role in empowering the NTH service platform to achieve its overall goal to build a fair data reward system that decentralizes secondary copyrights and improves trust for universal human values.


The NTH token is the medium of exchange for associated services on the NTH blockchain-based data transaction platform to create an organically-linked system. It connects the NTH ecosystem as it aims to realize decentralized data capitalism for all people who produce and consume data for donations, advertisements, and related transactions to benefit.


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