Next Big Crypto Big Eyes Coin, Hyped To Become the Next Ethereum or Solana

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Ethereum and Solana, since the last crypto winter, competed for the top spot, with both blockchain networks going head-to-head to win more audience, investors, traders, and community members.

Although Ethereum has always come out on top, Solana is not relenting in powering better and more scalable DeFi protocols and services. Big Eyes Coin is a new cryptocurrency that may soon be viewed by analysts and the community as the next Ethereum and Solana. While this milestone may appear hard to reach, Big Eyes Coin has already laid its roadmap to the top.

We’ll dive into Big Eyes Coin and how it could achieve the same success as Ethereum and Solana.

What Is ‘Big Eyes Coin’?

Before we look at Big Eyes Coin’s roadmap to success, it’s essential we learn a few things about the token.

Big Eyes Coin is a token designed to power the Big Eyes ecosystem, comprising NFTs, fun and gaming activities, and crypto trading. Big Eyes Coin is a cat-themed cryptocurrency dubbed to disrupt the dog-controlled meme-verse. With more liquidity controlled by Big Eyes using its native token, coupled with more featured utilities, Big Eyes Coin could become the next big thing created for the crypto community.

Can Big Eyes Coin Match Solana And Ethereum?

Ethereum and Solana have come a long way to reach their respective milestones today. While it’s going to take Big Eyes Coin a few years to reach its current status, there is a chance the Big Eyes community can make this a reality sooner than it took the aforementioned cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum has had a fair share of the crypto market’s ups and downs in 2022. However, it has also evolved—powering more scalable protocols and smart contracts compared to its early years.

Solana too was once dubbed an “Ethereum killer” because it offered a faster and more scalable network and cryptocurrency than Ethereum. With Ethereum’s recent transition to a full Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, Solana will need to power stronger and better DeFi innovations to match the DeFi leader.

This doesn’t deprive Solana of its position as a leading DeFi network and cryptocurrency. In fact, Solana partners with Alphabet (Google’s parent company) to produce Solana Android smartphones. This speaks well of its future.

Big Eyes Coin’s Roadmap To Success

Big Eyes Coin’s mission in DeFi is clear “provide high liquidity for crypto traders, and offer better innovations and incentives to its community.”

Big Eyes Coin recently announced that it had raised more than $9 million in presales and could be hitting more figures before the end of the next stage of the program. Many presale participants are already accumulating promising Big Eyes Coins as they await an already secured tier-one CEX listing taking off soon.

Big Eyes Coin is kicking off its competition in which it will distribute $250k to the participant. Information needed for the competition can be found on their official website and social media handles.

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