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Namada Rewards Its Community with 65 Million $NAM Tokens Airdrop Ahead of Its Mainnet Launch

By December 7, 2023 No Comments
Namada airdrop

Namada is an asset-agnostic multichain privacy blockchain that is preparing for its mainnet launch by distributing 65 million $NAM tokens to thousands of its community members who have contributed to the development and enhancement of the platform. The airdrop is called Retro Public Goods Funding or in short, RPGF. It aims to acknowledge the good deeds of builders, developers, researchers and supporters of public goods on Namada.

Namada is a blockchain platform that enables users to transact any digital asset across multiple chains with privacy and security. It leverages zero-knowledge proofs, a cryptographic technique that allows users to prove something without revealing any sensitive information, to shield the identities and balances of the transacting parties. Namada also supports interoperability with other blockchains, such as Cosmos, Ethereum and Polkadot, through the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. It is governed by the Anoma Foundation, a non-profit organization that oversees the development and innovation of the platform.

How to claim the RPGF airdrop

The RPGF airdrop will reward various segments of the Namada community, including key developers of the Zcash infrastructure, contributors to zero-knowledge protocols and cryptography solutions, decentralized privacy protocols, and zero-knowledge learning resources. On top of that, stakers of $ATOM and $OSMO tokens, voters and donors of zero-knowledge and crypto advocacy projects on Gitcoin, and participants in the Namada Trusted Setup Ceremony held last year will also receive a share of the $NAM tokens. The total count of eligible token recipients is over 200,000.

Christopher Goes, co-founder of Namada, explains the logic behind the RPGF airdrop:

“If we want to live in a flourishing world of public goods, we must design and use economic systems which support them not only in rhetoric but also in material compensation. Namada depends upon many public goods which have come before, and this RPGF drop is part of our attempt to give some ownership back to the creators and supporters of those goods and do our part in realising such a world.”

The airdrop will run from December 6, 2023 to December 28, 2024. Eligible participants can submit their Namada genesis accounts through The submitted accounts will be included in the Namada genesis block proposal with the corresponding number of $NAM tokens attributed to them.

What is Namada?

The $NAM token is the native currency of Namada, which can be used for various purposes, such as staking, governance, and paying transaction fees. Users can stake $NAM tokens to secure the Namada network, either by running their own validators or by delegating their stake to other validators. Users can also vote on the Public Goods Funding (PGF) stewards, who control the PGF treasury to fund public goods. On top of that, users can pay for any transaction involving any asset on Namada with $NAM tokens, including transactions from transparent to shielded accounts, shielded to shielded accounts, and shielded to transparent accounts.


Namada is a promising platform that aims to bring privacy and interoperability to the blockchain space. By rewarding its community with the RPGF airdrop, Namada is showing its appreciation and gratitude to the public goods that have enabled its innovation and development.