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MoonXBT is Sending You to Qatar! Multiple Campaigns for You to Enjoy the World Cup to Fullest

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Singapore, October 20, 2022—As a feast for people all over the world, the 2022 Qatar World Cup this winter has made fans wait for 4 months and more. Finally, the feast is on the way, and many fans wish to go to Qatar to see their favorite players, some of whom are going to play their last World Cup, like Messi, C.Ronaldo and Lewandowski.

Crypto has been a good partner of sports and moreso a useful tool to support sports, especially football. Many top exchanges have established partnerships with the football industry, and MoonXBT is one of them.

This winter, MoonXBT, the leading crypto social trading platform, is utilizing blockchain technology to help football lovers to fulfill dreams and in the meantime make substantial profits from the globally expected World Cup carnival.

Sending you to Qatar… by Flight of course

MoonXBT world cup Qatar

Join the campaign now and MoonXBT will pick one lucky user and send the winner to Qatar to watch the game live at the scene. MoonXBT will offer the game ticket, the flight and hotel to make sure that the winner’s trip to Qatar is nothing but excitement. Of course, if the winner can’t go to Qatar for some reason, the prize can also be converted into cash.

To make the event and the draw absolutely fair, MoonXBT will decide the winner based on a future Ethereum hash so that no one can cheat or predict. This is also why crypto exchanges are fairer than some traditional platforms as the underlying blockchain cannot be tampered.

2022 Football Token

MoonXBT token goes live

Certainly, you have to do something to go to Qatar, like retweet, join a telegram group, but the most important is to buy MoonXBT Football Token of any amount. It is worthy because you can not only have the chance to win the prize from predictions, but also have the potential gain from the price appreciation in the secondary market of the tokens.

MoonXBT has issued 32 tokens for the 32 teams in the game and you can choose one or more tokens to buy. Holding the token means you think the team you choose can make some good performance. Once your teams eliminate other teams, you can win the token of the eliminated teams and gain profits. More importantly, you can also enjoy a return of up to 30% annualized interest by staking these tokens.

MoonXBT issued these tokens as a prediction crypto derivative for participants to engage with the World Cup at a deeper level. Notice that the tokens will only be available during the cup and they will be converted into USDT after the cup and not circulating anymore.

More plans for the sport of football

The above mentioned are not the only thing that MoonXBT is doing for football. MoonXBT is also planning to help more people in the field. For example, it is trying to donate to youth training in some developing areas so that more teenagers can keep pursuing their football dream. MoonXBT is also contacting some players and teams to achieve some further cooperation.

The World Cup will last only one month, but MoonXBT wants to build a long-time and firmer partnership with the football industry and the relevant organizations. Football brings billions of people fun and happiness, and MoonXBT also wants to bring more users benefits and profits.

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