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Meet Michael Arrington and Dr. Chandra Duggirala at the World Crypto Economic Forum

By May 11, 2022 No Comments

The World Crypto Economic Forum (WCEF) is scheduled for June 2&3rd, 2022 in San Francisco and will gather over a hundred of speakers and 2.000 attendees, entrepreneurs, crypto enthusiasts, and industry leaders for a discussion of the latest trends both in the business (Web3, DeFi, DAO, NFT, Meta, IDO, etc.) and technological worlds (everything blockchain).

It was just announced that Michael Arrington – Founder of TechCrunch, Crunchbase, and XRP Capital, named as one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people – will perform at the event. Another keynote speaker is Dr. Chandra Duggirala, Co-Founder and CEO of Portal, decentralized financial platform that blends the best of Bitcoin and Layer 2. Starting out as a doctor, Chandra found his calling through entrepreneurship. He is passionate about reducing real barriers to entrepreneurship and decentralizing finance and opportunity.

A number of notable entrepreneurs and blockchain professionals are also expected to attend, such as Vinny Lingham (Waitroom/Civic Technologies), Jonathan Nelson (HF.Capital), Nathalie Kara (Propy), Lori Corpuz (@ NFT OASIS), Miko Matsumura (Gumi Cryptos Capital), Greg Osuri (Akash Network), William Bear (Nearverse) and others. The participants will cover various aspects of the digital economy – from blockchain technology to new economic models based on tokens.

The WCEF will also include lightning talks, networking sessions with top executives, a token pitch, and a hackathon.

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