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MaskEX is Going Hard on its Global Expansion Ambitions – Targets a 300% Workforces Growth by Q3

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It’s no longer news that MaskEX has ambitious global expansion plans. The next-generation crypto exchange is set to embark on what could be the hiring spree of the year in order to support this ambition. It aims to increase its global workforce by an impressive 300% before the end of Q3, 2023.

At the moment, MaskEX’s workforce stands at 100 employees. The company will hire extensively in the coming weeks and months to bring the total workforce to a robust team of 300 employees. Such a big move will significantly support the company’s expansion plans, especially in the MENA, CIS, and SEA regions.

A Strategic Hiring Drive

As expected, MaskEX is being strategic with its hiring drive. The exchange will focus on recruiting the best talents in the areas of marketing and communications, IT, legal, business development, and compliance. One of the prime objectives is to have a diverse and talented workforce that can competently enhance its operations worldwide.

Speaking about the company’s global expansion plans and what the remainder of 2023 holds, CEO of MaskEX, Eric Yang, said:

“We are thrilled to embark on this global expansion journey. With our innovative solutions and a growing team of exceptional talents, we are well-positioned to bring positive change to the crypto industry and make a meaningful impact on a global scale.”

MaskEX’s Global Expansion Strategy

As established already, MaskEX’s imminent hiring spree is aimed at supporting its global expansion strategy. The exchange is establishing itself in a number of new key locations. Recently, it received initial approval from Dubai’s VARA for the FMP License. Though it hasn’t started operations in the emirate, it’s waiting for final approval from the regulator to bring its innovative services to the region and add UAE citizens to its global customer base.

In preparation for the commencement of operations in the UAE, MaskEX has begun the construction of its headquarters in the city. The state-of-the-art facility is strategically located in the prestigious Mashreq Bank Headquarters in Downtown Dubai. It will open its doors to the public in August 2023.

From its Dubai headquarters and other offices, MaskEX will continue to strive to provide a cutting-edge platform for crypto trading and advanced banking capabilities.

Speaking on the company’s vision and commitment, MaskEX’s Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Ben Caselin, said:

“MaskEX’s vision is to bring the benefits of a truly interconnected financial system, enhanced with blockchain infrastructure, to countries and regions that have long been cut off from modern finance. We are particularly focused on emerging markets, where the transformative potential of our services will be more significant.”

Wrapping Up

Over the past couple of years, MaskEX has distinguished itself among cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition to providing an excellent trading platform, the company is in the advanced stages of developing an array of banking capabilities, under MaskEX Pay. Its focus is on helping users to access and utilize a blockchain-powered financial system integrated with legacy infrastructure.

MaskEX doesn’t target individual crypto traders alone. Its products and services will also cater to the needs of businesses in ever-evolving business climates. The company encourages professionals interested in exciting career opportunities in the crypto industry to join its fast-growing team. Applications can easily be submitted through MaskEX official website