Lucretius Metaverse Web-based Game Lists Token on ProBit Global

By May 19, 2022 No Comments

The native currency of the fully decentralized metaverse web-based game, Lucretius, has listed on ProBit Global

The LUC token allows players entry into the entire Lucretius complex experience – the gaming, the NFT marketplace, and auction logic – as powered by Ripple’s XRPL ultra-fast and energy-efficient blockchain payment processing platform.

Lucretius connects a compelling game narrative with the metaverse and blockchain built on a prospect of attracting millions of gamers – including those that can be quickly onboarded from other mainstream platforms – and creating multiple income generation streams. 

It leverages the XRPL’s lightning-fast transactions which are executed in a mere 3-5 seconds and low transaction fees to facilitate advanced and in-game DeFi features such as staking and lending to earn interest. The project’s decentralized organization called the Lucretius Council is governed by the community of players.

The LUC token is used as a medium of exchange and to purchase items inside the Lucretius complex including NFTs and other digital assets. LUC can be staked to earn rewards, incentivizing user participation and traction in the Lucretius complex as users complete tasks, win contests, or participate in other activities within the Lucretius ecosystem. 


LUC allows users to play, invest, and become a part of the Lucretius complex. It is mirrored as a cryptocurrency that operates on the XRPL network which processes thousands of transactions simultaneously without getting congested like the Ethereum network.


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