Lottoday Hits 10M USDT Sale of Gaming Hub NFTs in First 10 Days, Prompts Stage 2 of Presale

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With a big leap into Web3 gaming, Lottoday has established a strong presence with a phenomenal result during Stage 1 of its presale, selling 10M USDT of Gaming Hub NFTs. This remarkable achievement prompts the start of Stage 2, offering 7.5M USDT of Gaming Hub NFTs to the public.

The overwhelming response from the gaming and blockchain community showcases Lottoday’s promising potential and strategic innovation.  It also cements its position as a pioneering force in the rapidly evolving online gaming landscape. 

Your Golden Ticket: Lottoday’s Stage 2 Presale is Now Open!

Even though the first presale sold out quickly, there’s still a chance to be part of this exciting new journey. With the success of Stage 1, Lottoday is excited to announce that Stage 2 of the presale is now available. This stage is limited to 7.5M USDT of Gaming Hub NFTs. Owners of the Gaming Hub NFTs purchased at this stage will receive a generous revenue-sharing point multiplier of 1.8x, creating substantial value and profitability.

As reported, Lottoday is offering the presale of its Gaming Hub NFTs in six stages. The stages determine the Revenue-Share Points (RSP) multiplier from Stage 1 at 2x to a sliding scale from 1.8x -1.1x for Stages 2-6. This model attempts to reward early supporters and encourages patrons to experience Lottoday’s difference in online gaming.

Innovative Fusion of Online Gaming and Blockchain Technology

Lottoday’s platform combines the blockchain and the ticket sales revenue share reward potential of online gaming. It is set to redefine the gaming industry, bringing unparalleled levels of transparency, security, and inclusivity to the table. By integrating with major blockchain systems, Lottoday not only provides a secure and trusted platform for gamers worldwide but also opens up exciting new possibilities for global participation and eases receiving rewards from the decentralized application.

Lottoday’s move to introduce Gaming Hub NFTs with a unique revenue-sharing model has created a whirlwind of excitement and interest among online gamers and blockchain enthusiasts alike. As a platform powered by blockchain, Lottoday shifts the paradigm in the gaming industry offering a borderless and decentralized solution where everyone can have fun, earn rewards, and still keep their privacy intact. 

Embrace the Future with Lottoday

The online gaming market has always been a bustling industry with enormous potential. Lottoday is a promising venture set to become the biggest Web3 gaming platform in the world. The continuous exponential growth in the online gaming industry is a leverage for Lottoday’s platform. Supporting Lottoday at an early stage means positioning yourself in an environment ripe with potential. You are not just participating in a trend – you’re helping shape the future of online gaming. 

The platform is uniquely designed to provide substantial benefits to its supporters. The Gaming Hub NFT is an ingenious utility for NFTs with an attractive revenue-sharing model, providing rewards for your support and participation. 

Stage 2 of the presale offers an excellent opportunity to be part of this exciting journey.  It’s not just about gaming but about creating a vibrant, prosperous community that benefits all, anywhere in the world. 

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