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Kresus Partners with Paving the Way for Web3 Collecting

By September 28, 2023 No Comments

Leading app developer Kresus has entered into a strategic partnership with, a pioneering web3 community and marketplace tailored for collectors and enthusiasts. This collaboration designates Kresus as the preferred wallet solution for, offering users an enhanced and seamless web3 experience.

How Kresus and are transforming collecting, set to launch in October, has already generated substantial interest, with collectors eagerly signing up for its waitlist and securing custom usernames. The platform promises an array of features, including the ability to buy, sell, and trade collectibles, while fostering connections among collectors across various niches, spanning sports cards, comics, memorabilia, and more.

As part of this partnership, users signing up for will have the option to either create or link their Kresus wallet during registration. The Kresus wallet, renowned for its security and user-friendliness, empowers users to manage their digital assets and engage with decentralized applications on web3.

This collaboration significantly simplifies the process of acquiring cryptocurrency on by enabling users to use fiat currencies directly, eliminating the need for third-party exchanges. Payment options include debit and credit cards, bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more.

Trevor Traina, Founder and CEO of Kresus, expressed excitement about the partnership, recognizing as a game-changer for collectors worldwide. He emphasized how Kresus’s secure and user-friendly wallet will play a pivotal role in introducing collectors to the world of web3.

“We are truly excited to be part of’s journey. The platform is a godsend for passionate collectors the world over, and our secure and user-friendly Kresus wallet will play a key role in introducing collectors to the world of web3.”

—Trevor Traina, Kresus Founder and CEO

The advantages of Web3 for Collectors aims to enhance the collecting experience by leveraging the power of web3 technology. Web3 technology offers users greater control and ownership over their data and assets, harnessing the innovations of blockchain technology.

Dietrich von Behren, Co-Founder and Chief Business & Strategy Officer of, expressed confidence in the partnership, highlighting Kresus’s commitment to user security and web3 experience. He emphasized that the partnership aligns with’s goal of creating a community-driven platform for collectors, ultimately enhancing the user experience.

Radix’s Babylon upgrade: a game-changer for Web3 and DeFi

In a parallel development, decentralized ledger platform Radix Publishing celebrated the successful completion of its Babylon mainnet upgrade, marking the transition from the Olympia era to a new phase for the Radix Network.

The Babylon upgrade represents a substantial overhaul of the Radix Network mainnet, introducing the capability to deploy Scrypto-based smart contracts and a suite of innovative features. Notably, it heralds the introduction of the Radix Mobile Wallet.

CEO of RDX Works, Piers Ridyard, anticipates a new era, emphasizing that Babylon brings together the Full Stack for DeFi, creating an ecosystem where developers can intuitively build and launch secure dApps, and where users can confidently engage with them.

The Babylon upgrade introduces five new products to enhance the Radix ecosystem:

  1. Radix Mobile Wallet: Offering a secure method for managing accounts and holding various assets, including tokens and NFTs on Radix.
  2. Radix Connect: Facilitating the connection of Radix Wallet to desktop dApps via a secure peer-to-peer link using the Radix browser extension.
  3. Radix Dashboard: Serving as a comprehensive explorer for the Radix Network, enabling staking, unstaking, and claiming XRD from validators.
  4. Developer Console: Equipping developers with functionalities to deploy packages to the network, streamlining the integration of new software components.
  5. dApp Sandbox: A developer tool simplifying experimentation with dApp frontend requests to the Radix Wallet.

Babylon enhances the user experience for web3 developers, offering a self-incentivizing DeFi dApp ecosystem where impactful decentralized applications can be built and deployed at scale. Collectors and developers alike stand to benefit from these transformative advancements in the web3 and DeFi spaces.

Both Kresus and Radix’s Babylon upgrade represent significant steps forward in harnessing the potential of web3 technology, offering improved experiences for users and creators in their respective domains.